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Arrow Spoiler: Summer Is Not Deathstroke's Daughter Rose Wilson

Added by chrisdvanne on Apr 15, 2014 | 3 COMMENTS

KsiteTV attented an early screening of this week's episode of Arrow, titled "The Man Under The Hood", which airs this Wednesday, April 16 at 8/7c on The CW. Luckily for us fans, one of the five things they reveal about the episode concerns Summer Glau's character Isabel Rochev.
Here's what they have to say:
We learn more about Isabel Rochev. If anyone has questions about what is up with Summer Glau's Isabel Rochev, some of those questions are answered this week. You'll have to see if they stick to Isabel's background in the comics or not, but we can tell you one thing that's for sure: She is not Rose Wilson, as some have speculated.
Arrow: Summer Glau Is Not Deathstroke's Daughter Rose Wilson
Arrow: Summer Glau
Is Not Rose Wilson
You will remember that we learned in last week's episode, titled "Deathstroke", that Isabel Rochev was working with Slade Wilson/Deathstroke but her real motives for seeking revenge on Oliver Queen remained vague.
A few days after the episode aired on The CW, very spoilery images showing Summer Glau wearing her villain costume on set of Arrow surfaced online. Comic book fans have made the point that Summer's costume very much resembled the costume of a DC Comics character named the Ravager, also known as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke's daughter.
And now KsiteTV's impressions of “The Man Under The Hood” shed a new light on Summer Glau's true role on Arrow. 
It seems you will have to watch this weeks episode of Arrow and the following episodes to find out what Arrow's creators will do with Summer Glau's character. Leave a comment with your thoughts below and/or in the dedicated forum thread titled " Summer Glau's true identity on Arrow".

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Total comments: 3

  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 2014 Apr 15, 01:04 GMT

Laurel Brown, blogger at, saw the next two episodes of Arrow and I asked her about Summer Glau's character on Arrow:

Question: Will Summer Glau live up to her title as the queen of sci-fi in the upcoming episodes of Arrow? #AboutTime

Laurel Brown: She certainly does her darnedest!

  Message #2 | Metal | 2014 Apr 16, 23:21 GMT

I guess that sounds promising, at least. biggrin

For all that means then is that Summer won't lose an eye, but if Summer is not Rose Wilson/Ravager then who or what does she has to be then? It'sd a fact that Isabel loves to wear masks, something that she hasn't done so far on the show, so maybe that would her first. However, her motives are still not known, and whether she meant someone else and not Slade by the "father"? I guess she meant Oliver's father.

  Message #3 | Metal | 2014 Apr 20, 13:06 GMT

Yet I wonder if the sins of the father aren't the only things that follows perhaps. If Isabel's love for Oliver's father won't inherit him as well. Then we will have this incredible love/hate relation, which will be awesome. She already slept with him, so clearly it's safe to say she isn't totally indifferent to him. Yes, it could be for her to gain his trust in order to take over the family business, but unless the writers are stuttering, it seemed to me that she really didn't needed that one to succeed. Yet every little bit helps, but imagine the complicated emotional outburst if I am right on this one. With the Mirakuru, Isabel will probably be torn between loving him and tearing him to pieces. Doesn't this sounds cool. wink

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