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Shortly before today's episode of Arrow, Eric Goldman at IGN chat with Summer Glau about her role as Isabel Rochev, her relationship with Oliver/Felicity, Isabel's interest in Oliver's secrets, fans speculations that Isabel could be Talia al Ghul and more.
Summer in Episode 2.06 Keep Your Enemies Closer Of Arrow
Arrow - Summer Glau on Isabel's Suspicions About Oliver.
Below is an excerpt from this interview with some of the questions we were asked to send yesterday. Follow the link below and head over to IGN for the complete transcript.
IGN: There are quite a few secrets Oliver is keeping from her, to say the least. How will that work, given she's in such close proximity to them?
Glau: It's not working out well for him. She's on to him and I think even though she gives him a hard time about not taking his responsibilities seriously, I think she's starting to get the picture that he's more than meets the eye. I think that it's just a matter of time before she catches him in this alternate life that he has. And she's also really honing in on Felicity. She sees that those two are always together and Felicity is always covering for Oliver and they seem to have a very close relationship and I think she's trying to wedge between them a little bit.
IGN: Isabel and Felicity had a fun little bit of interaction recently. It sounds like this episode gives you the opportunity to work together more?
Glau: Yes, they do. They interact more and I find those interactions so fun as an actress. it's a great chance for comedy and I enjoy my time with Emily [Bett Rickards]. It's an interesting part of their dynamic, because they're women who are both in Oliver's life, but they're complete opposites. So getting to see how they work that out is sometimes very funny.
IGN: You mentioned that Isabel is on to Oliver and senses something else is going on. Do you think she has specific ideas about that or it's just that idea that "This guy is hiding something from me."
Glau: Well, another guy that's hiding things from me is Andrew [Kreisberg, Arrow executive producer], because he won't tell me anything else after this last episode that I just did. So I don't know! I don't know that she knows anything about what specifically Oliver is hiding, but she definitely is getting the picture that he's not just a party boy. There's something else going on and she wants to know what it is, because it's threatening her control over the company. The audience is definitely going to get more clues about why she's so passionate about Queen Consolidated in the first place - why it means so much to her.
IGN: I won't be specific here for people who haven't read the comics, but there is some stuff from the comics they could pull from as far as what her history might be. Is that possible?
Glau: I think so. That's what I'm hoping. I don't know if Andrew's going to let me put on the veil and the goggles, but I'm hoping that at least we can dive a little bit deeper into that storyline, because I find it fascinating. Not in this next episode that's going to air, but in the episode I'm in after that, there's another big clue about where they're going to take Isabel next. It has to do with her past.
Summer is back on TV on this weeks episode of Arrow titled "Keep Your Enemies Closer". Check out a video preview here and take on our polls "Will Isabel and Oliver have an affair?" and also "Is Isabel Rochev Talia al Ghul in disguise?".
So don't forget to tune in to The CW today at 8/7pm CST for an all-new episode of Arrow!
Side note: Summer Glau will be a guest on The Late Late Show hosted by Craig Ferguson on CBS this Friday, November 15  at 12:35am/11:35pm C.
13 Nov 2013
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 13 Nov 2013, 10:03 GMT [Entry]

And now there's interviews posted online everytime Summer's character appears on the show; it looks like Summer Glau has become Arrow's PR biggrin

  Message #2 | dylangillian | 13 Nov 2013, 13:33 GMT [Entry]

i'm still hoping that they might make her a series regular, or a series regular recurring character (if that makes any sense, lol).

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