Arrow Exclusive Footage: Sparks Starts To Fly

In the second season premiere of Arrow titled 'City of Heroes' that aired last wednesday, the characters played by Stephen Amell and Summer Glau were engaged in a uncompromising fight for control of Queen Consolidated. Their first meeting took place in a tense atmosphere, even if Isabel Rochev ultimately told to Oliver Queen: "You aren't at all what people say about you".
And now it seems sparks starts to fly between Oliver and Isabel. At least if we judge by this teaser video from episode 2x04 'Crucible' of Arrow, inwhich  Summer Glau's Isabel Rochev is surprised and almost embarrassed to see blood on Oliver's face (shortly after a fight with thugs as The Arrow). Seing Summer Glau's face express Isabel's embarrassment with such subtlety, is a sight to behold.

Exclusif Footage: Sparks starts to fly between Oliver Queen and Isabel RochevExclusif Footage: Sparks starts to fly between Oliver Queen and Isabel RochevExclusif Footage: Sparks starts to fly between Oliver Queen and Isabel Rochev

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Let me remind you of what Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said about Summer Glau in a recent interview
With Summer there’s a lot of banter, and jousting, and sparks flying, and anger, and yelling… it’s sort of a fun, different dynamic than we’ve ever had on the show.
Will those sparks mean romance? It's going be really interesting to see which way the Isabel and Oliver relationship is heading.
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12 Oct 2013
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 12 Oct 2013, 04:05 GMT [Entry]

Olicity shippers will mostly focus on the fact that Isabel Rochev's remarks provides an opportunity for Felicity to touch Olivers' face wink

  Message #2 | robbo | 12 Oct 2013, 04:16 GMT [Entry]

I just wonder Isabel looks a little bit smitten, just maybe with the eye contact, is she falling in love with Oliver, or maybe its just a plot to get inside his head, and drain his resources of his company, deep down I wonder if she knows who the hood is and is just abiding her time, to make the right move, its like a game of chess, all the while its gonna be a very interesting relationship.

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne_ | 12 Oct 2013, 04:33 GMT [Entry]

When I used the word "embarrassed" in the News, I meant "smitten" , of course wink

  Message #4 | REG | 12 Oct 2013, 06:25 GMT [Entry]

hmm... this season looks to be very interesting.

  Message #5 | meanoldmoe | 13 Oct 2013, 16:22 GMT [Entry]

I think eventually  Isabel with have a "respect" for Oliver...not so much romance tho !!
As for Felicity...not she has a major crush on will be interesting if she and Oliver were to hook up !!

  Message #6 | chrisdvanne_ | 14 Oct 2013, 00:46 GMT [Entry]

//I think eventually Isabel with have a "respect" for Oliver...not so much romance tho !! //
I think it could go both ways, depending on the response of the fans to Isabel and Oliver chemistry.
Arrow exec producers have a record of taking in account fans imput (unlike Josh Friedman), hence the numerous Olicity moments last season and in the season 2 opener.
But Olicity has no future and the shippers should not have high expectations or they might be disappointed.

  Message #7 | robbo | 14 Oct 2013, 02:28 GMT [Entry]

I think a lot of the Arrow followers have expectations, of a little bit of romance for Oliver with whom unfortunately its anybody`s guess, or as they say its all work and no play for Oliver, but I do like the banter between Isabel and Oliver, its kinda sweet in a fun way sort of taking things slowly, getting the feel of each other, might be a who is in charge of this powerful relationship, time will tell. smile

  Message #8 | meanoldmoe | 19 Nov 2013, 05:21 GMT [Entry]

*Sigh* ...well looks like Isabel had her way with Oliver wink
I have a funny feeling she did it to get at in she let Felicity know who the boss is and that she can have any man she wants

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