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Arrow Concept Art: Deathstroke's little helper Ravager

Concept artist Andy Poon,who created the design concepts for The CW's Arrow, recently released illustrations that showed early designs for Ravager (Summer Glau) and Arsenal (Colton Haynes) costumes.
Summer Glau debuted her Ravager costume at the end of the second season of Arrow, when Isabel Rochev was revealed to be working for Slade Wilson/Deathstroke and that her motivation to take over Queen Consolidated came from Robert Queen choosing his family over her.
Check out the costume designs for Summer Glau's Ravager and Colton Haynes's Arsenal, as well as Andy Poon's comment on the Ravager costume he designed for Summer Glau.
Ravager! Played by the cult fan favorite Summer Glau. She appeared in the season finale of season 2. This design was really fun to do as usual. I had to again do some further research on who she is, what she is like, how she looks to get a better core idea of what elements I must have in order for her to still read as Ravager in the Arrow-verse. The easy part was that Deathstroke has already been established, so she is essentially an extension of him but sleeker and sexier. We decided to have her abit more stealth and subtle than Deathstroke so shes only in black and abit or orange and without the blue. The make is the trickiest part for this character because they actually want to show part of her face unlike Deathstroke, so it naturally goes into a more superhero realm than the realistic side. Summer Glau's face also has a really strong structure, therefore framing her face without making her look too masculine was abit challenging.
Go Deathstroke army!!

Arrow Concept Art: Ravager costume

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“Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 P.M. ET/PT on The CW with season 3 set to premiere on October 8.
09 Sep 2014
Total comments: 4
  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 09 Sep 2014, 13:41 GMT

Summer is not very lucky. Either she plays on short-lived series, or the costume designer and writers spoil her character when she plays in a successful show such as Arrow.

  Message #2 | Metal | 09 Sep 2014, 21:54 GMT

Yep, I was hoping to see more of her too.
Taking aside that like any Summer Glau fan I am madly obsessed with her and always want more of her on screen.

But Summer could've give a lot more to the show, she is great on so many levels, as physical appearance (yeah tho she too used a stunt double in Arrow), but she is awesome as a drama actress (yeah and I don't mean her "regular" role of a mental nut case... only :P) she is really gifted and really good at expressing her emotions in anything she does, including being "emotionless" as Cameron, something that the average movie jerk "expert" simply overlooks and goes and goes for the cliches like Pachino, Deniro and etc...

Anyways, I was excitingly imagining how in the 3rd season, Oliver would be poor, miserable and nearly homeless (as the writers and execs have hinted numerous times about his devastating dilemmas and the dramatic change in his life... yet in the trailers so far I can't see anything to much of that... ) and Isabel as yet again borderline character between good and evil, at which point would become visible whether she is indeed evil, and if so - to finally be unmasked.

But nah, (with all my respect to all the Olicity shippers) all we see is Oliver slaver with Felicity nothing that much promising so far, tho I am telling you I might be awfully wrong at this moment, but still aside or in addition to flipping Summer off the show, the writers also seems to me that are gonna sack Caity Lotz as well or reduce her appearance time which would be a big ass blow for me as she grew on me as the Black Canary and the Sara character and her story with Oliver really seemed to be cool and going somewhere. But this went from actually being meant to be together even past Laurel to suddenly - "ohh you gotta find someone better".


So Arrow execs are back to having Oliver as Rich from The Bold and the Beautiful. He mandatory has to go through all the main female characters till his tragic untimely death.... after few 100 years in which he will have like 50 children and they can also acquire the rights for All my children too. xD

I just don't see a valid reason for this and I thought that the Arrow writers were there because they respected their audience and crap like that, but with these relationship swingers it kinda contradict itself.

  Message #3 | Metal | 09 Sep 2014, 21:56 GMT

And the whole Olicity thing is really stupid imo, who came up with the idea anyway. And WHY is it ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY that Felicity has to fall for the main character, as if he is the center of the world indeed. It's just kid-like. Ehat's next, Theliver, why not? ;D
I don't hate Felicity, I actually miss her character the way it was in the beginning.

But even if Olicity happens I have the doubt it will be shortlived as the Olivara or Saliver was. But I may be wrong, which seems to me as a lose - lose situation for the show.

And strangely, as a big Katie Cassidy fan, I would love to see her kicking ass and pumped up as the other Black Canary, but yet if it is on the expense of Caity Lotz, it kinda take out of the show, but if otherwise it would be great with 2 Canarys so I really don't know what to expect from the show yet, but if my doubts confirms - I might be joining the bored bench crew.

Arrow for me was and is the great characters that built the show and who grew along with it.
If they all now vanish and/or mellow like Felicity, who was the exact hi-tech mastermind in it's rightful place where she shined great, and are no more and/or replaced with lesser such the disappointment will be imminent for me, tho that's not necessarily bad for the show with such examples as True Blood, which is produced again by the CW. But I was never a fan of True Blood anyways, where as from s/o who thought that Arrow would be another dull series about some rich miserable looser to s/o who was amazed and excited ever after the few episodes I saw after I started watching it. Yes, bcs of Summer tho I was determined to follow it, eventho I knew her character wouldn't last in the show.

I would like to mention the rest of the literally :P short lived guest starts like Ben Browder who I admire greatly just like Summer and who I felt appeared for far too short like her. I woulda like to more of those guys, as well as Kelly Hu and Katrina Law. And what in the hell happened to the story between Moira and Isabel? They just left a major part of the plot sink like Titanik, or should we say like the Queen's Gambit.

Anyways as an Arrow fan too... even if this turns out to be a bad season I guess there's still hope in it, if not the 4th one might be better eventually. biggrin

  Message #4 | Metal | 09 Sep 2014, 22:22 GMT

But as a Summer fan I cannot pitty we weredeprived from more of the awesomeness that she brought to the Isabel's character. However as this is more or less over with, we are only left to be looking ahead for a new roles as awesome. 

We have Sequestered, but I would really love to see Summer in something like Falling Skies. Evenhtou the show has it's critics, I am so far in love with it and every season has been awesome so far. She already played a post-apocalyptic resistance soldier as well as a perfect copy terrorizer of her own self. Her skills will fit the show perfectly, if even for a short while too. Not that many characters there can be proud of surviving really long there. Which is a constant part of this show's essence, but it still is able to go on. A lot better than GoT as well if you ask me. On which - yay Lena Headey will be once again naked. xD   

But anyways on new shows and Summer wtf happened with Jeff100, or I've missed something?   

Truth is there aren't really that many good shows out there, as almost all of the time. I wonder whether Summer may consider more VO for VG, tho I love her best in live action rather than cgi, which reminds me of Avatar. Ooh Josh, don't be a jerk and cast Summer as the young Sigourney already. 

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