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Arrow 2.18 Preview - Summer kicks ass

Arrow 2.18 Preview - Summer kicks ass

The CW has released a preview for next weeks episode of Arrow titled 'Deathstroke'. In episode 2.18, airing on April 2nd, Summer Glau's character Isabel Rochev makes a much-awaited return and, judging by the promo trailer, we're finally going to see Isabel Rochev kick ass in Arrow.
In the extended promo video below, you can catch a first glimpse of Summer Glau standing in front of an angry-looking Oliver at 0:06  and then the two of them getting into some serious fighting at at 0:17 (or see the blurry screen caps featuring Summer's stunt double).




Arrow 2.18 Preview - Summer Glau kicks assArrow 2.18 Preview - Summer Glau kicks assArrow 2.18 Preview - Summer Glau kicks assArrow 2.18 Preview - Summer Glau kicks ass

Here's the official description for Arrow 2.18 'Deathstroke':
OLIVER’S WORLD STARTS TO CRUMBLE — Slade (Manu Bennett) makes his move against Oliver (Stephen Amell) and the repercussions are enormous. While Oliver scrambles to protect his family, a key player in his team starts to question Oliver’s decisions. Meanwhile, Isabel (guest star Summer Glau) makes her move to take Queen Consolidated away from Oliver. Guy Bee directed the episode written by Marc Guggenheim & Drew Z. Greenberg (#218).
Is Isabel Rochev working with Slade Wilson/Deathstroke? Guess you will have to watch next weeks episode to find out! Meanwhile, check out the promo photos for Arrow 2.18 'Deathstroke' released recently. 
Next week’s “Deathstroke” really qualifies as must-watch TV. It will air on Wednesday, April 2 at 8/7c, so be sure to tune in to The CW. 
27 Mar 2014
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 27 Mar 2014, 03:59 GMT [Entry]

I wasn't convinced Isabel Rochev worked with/for Slade. I was wrong!

And now I understand why Isabel Rochev was wearing pants in the promos photos and not a skin-tight dress biggrin

  Message #2 | robbo | 27 Mar 2014, 04:09 GMT [Entry]

No way surely she wouldn"t steep that low. I would never have seen that coming Isabel"s involvement with Slade. wishful thinking I wanted Isabel sort of maybe with team Arrow!

  Message #3 | PurpleHayes | 27 Mar 2014, 04:43 GMT [Entry]

This is the amazing news I have been waiting for. Isabel can do a spin kick! Fantastic! I knew she had to be more than just a pretty face and a business mind! I don't mind if she's Team Arrow or Team Slade Wilson or whatever else, although I think the more villain she is the more interesting she will be and how about that for a new kind of role for Summer. All I want to know now is HOW can she spin kick? Why did she learn? Who taught her? Oliver Queen said 'most people fail to see the real me', well now I want to know about the real Isabel Rochev!

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne_ | 27 Mar 2014, 11:31 GMT [Entry]

You will note Summer Glau scenes take place in Queen Consolidated boardroom...once again. This is a not a surprise since Isabel Rochev was introduced as Oliver's business associates but I wouldn't mind seeing Isabel in other places. In this regard, episode 2.06 "Keep your Enemies Closer" taking place partially in Russia was fun.

Since we know Summer Glau will be in more than one episode (possibly episodes 2.19 and 2.21), I guess we will have to wait a little more to find out about Isabel's story.

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