Arrow 2.08 The Scientist Preview

The CW has released a preview for next weeks episode of Arrow 'The Scientist'. In episode 2.08 of Arrow, Summer Glau is reprising her role as Isabel Rochev and, judging from the promotional photos released previously, she seems upset with Oliver. Former Glee actor Grant Gustin also makes its first appearance as Barry Allen (The Flash).
Arrow 2.08 'The Scientist' is the first episode of a two-part mid-season finale and will air on December 4 at 8/7c, be sure to tune in to The CW. Meanwhile, check out the extented promo below (unfortunately, Summer Glau is not featured).
Here's the official description for Arrow 2.08 'The Scientist':
BARRY ALLEN COMES TO STARLING CITY — A seemingly impossible robbery at Queen Consolidated’s Applied Sciences Division brings Central City police scientist Barry Allen (guest star Grant Gustin) to town. Citing a similar case back home, Barry offers to help Oliver (Stephen Amell) and team with the investigation. Oliver senses there is more to Barry than meets the eye, but he’s distracted by the similarities between this current case and something that happened on the island. Meanwhile, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) takes a liking to Barry, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Oliver. Sin (guest star Bex Taylor-Klaus) asks Roy (Colton Haynes) for help when a friend of hers goes missing. Roy is surprised when Thea (Willa Holland) not only encourages him to help, but joins the search. Unfortunately, Sin’s friend is connected to Brother Blood (guest star Kevin Alejandro), and their search ultimately gets one of them seriously injured. Michael Schultz directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kresiberg and teleplay by Andrew Kreisberg & Geoff Johns (#208).
Check out the promo photos for this ’The Scientist’ in a previous News.
21 Nov 2013
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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne_ | 21 Nov 2013, 10:03 GMT [Entry]

Arrow 2.08 'The Scientist' is the first episode of a two-part mid-season finale

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne_ | 01 Dec 2013, 22:38 GMT [Entry]

It looks like you're right about the cliffhanger, judging from a preview for this episode:

It’s a great one and it ends with the kind of cliffhanger that will leave the audience wishing for a time travel device to get to part two.

  Message #3 | Metal | 23 Nov 2013, 22:48 GMT [Entry]

First time I heard about mid-season finale, I was sorta like o.O wtf finale, NO! xD when I heard the promo, but anyways I am all ok now and calm or rather excited to see the new episode. :P

I haven't commented on Oliver+Isabel=***xxx*** but honestly when Summer replied to "I... don't have alot of time" with "I'll be quick" was one of the most sexy things I've ever heard. I mean it was so fun and original and the same time you could equally sense all the sexual tension and energy going around. That was awesome, I think it is better even than Olicity's delight and I WANT MORE! PLS! biggrin

Ohh on a side note, Malcolm Merlyn's reappearance was like WOW and I am still unsure what happens to Moyra and will Merlyn die again? Also I somehow had the feeling that Thea's gonna be an "outlaw" child the moment I heard the secret her mother had. Still makes no spoil of it, on contraire, I am also excited how this will go on. Not to forget the island, that's awesome too, the Slade story so far is striking and all so sad too. He is really so nice n fun guy, can't even say character as Mano made so lively. No lesser than Felicity or any other on that show like mr Dresden f.e. ^^. The guys and girls on this show are amazing from the actors to the staff behind them, they pay so much attention to all the details and every new ep. makes it even more hooked on it.

But yeah Summer Glau is really great in this role, kinda makes a whole new level on top of the classical business coldhearted office "bitch" thus playing a driven successful and intelligent lady but also adding some more emotions, deep feelings and personality which are also hidden most of the time by this cold calm official business persona that she plays in front of the society. It's really so great and impressive. And yet you see her other side which is more like her true side when she isn't looked upon, that she isn't just another ruthless and emotionless greedy business woman. I love it that her character is what she is and that in addition to that(being motivated and hardworking) we see that her success had it's price when it arrived, she is has gone trough more than one would give her credit for. The loneliness she has to bear, the high targets she has given herself ("I have given up alot, which means that if I don't succeed, then what was the point") because of these sacrifices she had to make in order to be able to succeed. Really adds more to her character and her personality. I hope they won't sac the level of quality with which they run her. I know we can barely hope for a happy ending, but does it gets any better than what we have atm? Well if yes I have no patience left in my pants(not even in my spare ones neither) to see it!
(I didn't meant anything dirty by that btw.... ah well.)

On another side note, Felicity seems really touched, almost hurt, by the fact that Oliver slept Isabel, but is it because that he picked her over her or because he picked exactly her, or both? I still can't figure the real reason, the writers did their job well at keeping you wondering and trowing a bone at the Olicity and pretty much all of the arrow lovers out there. :P

So next one here we wait.
I bet they will let us hang with a giant cliffhanger at the end since this is a mid season FINALE, but we'll see.

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