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Alphas Season 3: Syfy decision this week

Added by chrisdvanne on Jan 07, 2013 | 7 COMMENTS

Syfy is supposed to decide about Alphas season 3 this week, according to a comment from Alphas's producer Gail Berman at last Sunday's TCA Winter Press Tour following the panel for her new NBC drama 'Deception'.
Last time we had news about Alphas renewal/cancellation was when Ryan Cartwright, who plays Gary in Alphas, tweeted that he assumed the serie was cancelled, before deleting his tweet a few hours later, after apparently being informed that the network are “still deliberating“.
We’ll let you know as soon as Syfy's decision happens.
Alphas Season 3: Syfy decision this week
Gail Berman is the founder of BermanBraun, producer of Alphas.
Source : the futon critic

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Total comments: 7

  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 2013 Jan 07, 03:25 GMT

I hope Syfy will continue the serie for a third season. Because Summer Glau was awesome as Skylar Adams of course but also because the serie deserves it.
As a Syfy-produced original series, i think they did quite well, why not keep it going?

  Message #2 | Jay | 2013 Jan 07, 13:25 GMT

I hope Alphas gets a third season as well. I found myself completely drawn into the story as the 2nd season progressed on and it can only get better with the cliff hanger they left it on.

  Message #3 | chrisdvanne | 2013 Jan 07, 19:27 GMT

They've been deciding within the next week for at least 3 months, since Erin Way (who plays Kat in Alphas) first mentioned Thanksgiving.

I'm afraid Syfy is just postponing the inevitable and by that i mean the cancellation. Just my two cent.

  Message #4 | Alex | 2013 Jan 08, 03:23 GMT

I sent an email to the people at Syfy. Not sure how it will help but here is the text of the email (

I am a fan of this show and I have read that a decision is expected this week regarding Season 3 (a continuation). I sincerely hope that you choose to continue it as I believe it offers a combination of excellent story telling, a great production team, and a really good cast. I have to disclose that I am a fan of Summer Glau but the same is true for David Strathairn and the other members of the cast. Or at least, I have become a fan of all of them because of this excellent program.

I noticed after the first SDCC that the producers and writers all sort of echoed some significant comments made by Josh Friedman, the show runner for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I only raised this point because while TSCC was cancelled after only two seasons, I believe the general consensus is that now, it was perhaps the last, best hope for the Terminator franchise that currently appears to be on thin ice. Also, it was a very influential show. Several examples of time travel shows and similarly shows or upcoming feature films all seem to be making use of the idea of robots and their interactions with people.

I think Alphas has really good bones and it has great potential to be a very profitable and influential series that will not only benefit your network materially but it will enhance your reputation thus drawing more viewers and the interest of the best and the brightest amongst the creative folk who are so essential to what you do.

I sincerely hope you plan to keep this show running and that you achieve every success. I and many other fans will be extremely grateful.

  Message #5 | robbo | 2013 Jan 08, 03:40 GMT

i do hope alphas gets a third season, it has got potential to get even better than season two, which was excellent with summer glau being in a few extra episodes, and the cliffhanger which it left us on gave us a few ifs and buts for season 3, alphas does deserve a chance hopefully with summer glau as a regular in the show, cant wait. smile

  Message #6 | chrisdvanne | 2013 Jan 08, 10:39 GMT

Great comment Alex.
Showing Syfy how and why Alphas can be profitable (not only money-wise) IS the way to showcase the serie.
Syfy has been criticised lately for the lack of creation and scripted series in their schedule; surely it's their strategy but keeping one well written scripted serie, produced internally, while the exception, could benefit their image.

Also i like the subtile Summer Glau ads, i could not have done better :-)

  Message #7 | terminatorpotter87 | 2013 Jan 13, 11:28 GMT

Has Syfy said anything yet about if they are bringing Alphas back for a third season or not?

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