Alphas - Interview with Summer Glau

24 Aug 2012
chrisdvanne 4 Comments

Summer Glau as Skylar Adams in Alphas

Steve Eramo got the chance to interview Summer Glau on the set of Alphas, for website SciFi and TV Talk; Summer talks about her role as tech whiz Skylar Adams in season one and its evolution in the second season of Alphas, including her change of look.

She also evoke her experience on Joss Whedon's Angel, Firefly and Josh Friedman's Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles.


Here are excerpts from the Alphas part of the interview :

“What else stands out for me about that episode [s01ep07 'Catch & Release]? Oh, the fact that I was playing a very hard-edged punk character with tattoos. I had never done anything like that before and I really enjoyed that. I also liked getting to work with a child. Coincidentally, the real name of the little girl who played my daughter is also Skylar. I just loved having that child energy on-set. It was really fun.”
“Although my character is wearing some of the same things that she did in season one, we’ve gone ahead and changed her overall look. She’s living in Alphaville now, which is a game-changer for her. So you’re going to see a different look to Skylar this time around because she wants to blend in. It’s always a surprise with her, and it’s going to be interesting to see how she reacts to being part of a community. Skylar has always been alone, on the run and hiding, so this is quite a different scenario and it’s going to be, I think, an exciting episode for the viewers.”
Author Stephen Eramo also told the Summer Glau Wiki that Summer Glau "was an absolute delight to speak with".
Read the complete interview : 'Summer Glau - An Extraordinary Summer' at SciFi and TV Talk.


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  Message #1 | KevinInEngland | 25 Aug 2012, 01:42 GMT

It's a shame that not many people comment here. I can't say much more, even after reading her interview. I'll wait until somebody in the US watches it and see what they say &/or display.

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 25 Aug 2012, 08:47 GMT

I we thank you for taking the time to comment here smile

If the Summer Glau Wiki receives a lot of visitors, not many leave a comment here, indeed.

Also i must say that the Wiki is by nature split into the News module, the Blog module and the Forum, which allows Fermi, Charley and I to offer more but also "splits" the opportunities to comment accordingly.

Social medias like Twitter or on Facebook also drag a lot of fans activity and maybe they have the feeling to participate actively to the life of the fandom. Whereas the core of the fandom are the fansites imo while these social medias are often echo chambers only.

  Message #3 | Alex | 25 Aug 2012, 18:00 GMT

Thanks for posting this interview. I am always impressed with how well Summer speaks. I realize that the interview is a transcript of a recorded conversation, and perhaps it was edited, but the writer's use of commas and the basic pattern of her speech suggests to me that she is articulate and a very clear thinker. She has the ability to speak simply and effectively. She has a point of view and she expresses it well.

In her other sessions with the press, and the last SDCC comes to mind, she only speaks when it was appropriate unlike Adam Baldwin who seemed to be very nervous and was blurting things out and going on at length while not saying a whole lot. I like Baldwin but if he doesn't talk to much, that is fine by me.

Summer is a gifted communicator whether in speech, in performance, or just being part of a panel. Her gestures, facial expressions, her interest, and her general behaviour suggest to me that she is always engaged and focussed. That takes insight, awareness, and it means that she is thinking. It is perhaps trite to bring this up again as I have done so perhaps too frequently but both Whedon and Friedman have made direct reference to how interesting Summer is to watch: Whedon referring to the juxtaposition of vulnerability and strength; Friedman to how interesting she is to watch even in repose. Summer communicates very well.

  Message #4 | robbo | 28 Aug 2012, 02:04 GMT

thanks for posting this interview its great to hear her voice she is such a gifted actress with a smooth and delicate esssence about her nice to see her talking about her experience on past shows such as firefly and tscc which to me are so sadly missed by the army of fans that have grown over the years that have brought summer to great success and the loyalty will never go away so fingers crossed more success will follow with her role in alphas as skylar adams as a leading role hopefully in season three god bless whedon and friedman for giving summer the chance to show the talent of a brilliant actress which we already have seen to great affect happy

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