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Agency headshot photo

Added by chrisdvanne on Nov 14, 2012 | 6 COMMENTS

We have acquired a rare document, a glamour agency headshot photo of Summer Glau.

This type of 8x10" photo is usually sent out by the actor’s talent agent to get them a job on a TV show or movie. But the photo didn't came alone: Summer Glau's resume was stapled to the back of it! A resume consists of Film & TV credits, Theatre, Special Skills, Training. Depending on the experience of the actor, some resumes will be more thorough than others. The only contact info is management and agencies. No personal contact info!
Summer said many times in interviews that she took on public speaking courses (she admitted herself she was a very shy girl) in order to be able to express herself in front of other people; her resume gives details on the type of course she took on and with whom. 
Given the rarity of the documents, both the agency photo and the resume have not been retouched, hence the staple marks on the photo or the ring binder marks on the resume.

Agency PhotosSummer Glau Agency Photos

[Agency Photos]


Side note : this photo and the accompagnying resume have been bought on ebay from a seller specialised in agency photos of actors.

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Total comments: 6

  Message #1 | Fermi | 2012 Nov 14, 22:08 GMT

Thank you Chrisdvanne for getting us this awesome photo of Summer Glau and this rare document containing so much new info about her early career.
Great Work!

  Message #2 | chrisdvanne | 2012 Nov 14, 22:09 GMT

You'll notice Summer Glau is listed as "Series regular" in TSCC and not "Lead".

Also, a lock is conveniently placed to hide her mole.

  Message #3 | Charley_Dixon | 2012 Nov 15, 01:31 GMT

Wow, that's great! Thank you Chrisdvanne!

  Message #4 | Choupy | 2012 Nov 15, 01:49 GMT

Yes, Thank You Chrisdvanne


  Message #5 | robbo | 2012 Nov 15, 03:58 GMT

excellent work chrisdvanne, great early footage of summer glau, she looks really cute, nice job. smile

  Message #6 | KevinInEngland | 2012 Nov 24, 06:07 GMT

It's a good picture, not straight on.
The resume doesn't say whether THEATRE was dance or acting.
As well as an early dancing career, which in itself must have been very hectic at times, she has been very very busy with all the other things. I hope she realizes as time goes by that nobody can do what they did when they were younger and need more rest and sleep.
For those of you who were disappointed that she was the only female to go to the 10-year-Firefly Reunion, I saw a film tonight and watched it because Jewel Staite was in it. I then sent this twitter;

@JewelStaite I noticed Miracle in Manhattan on Christmas/24 - WOW, you're in it. So is Lauren Holly. Nice to see you, you're enchanting. I liked the part that you played impeccably. I know you're got lots of fans from the Firefly days, so I'll copy this to some of them; @the1russter @meanoldmoe @ogy86 @RoxyBisquaint @LaurenHolly @TheRosieMac

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