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A new Fancast interview with Summer Glau and a new The Cape promo

In a new interview with Matt Webb Mitovich at,  Summer Glau talks about here role in Chuck "I’m the dangerous, icy kind”, the Firefly reunion and The Cape. She mention that the Cape probably will have a Monday slot. The Cape start airing Jan 2011 (no confirmed date yet).


“It’s a cop drama with a lot of other fun, exciting elements to it,” she tells Fancast. “It’s about Palm City, which is run rampant with crime, so the city is thinking about hiring a private corporation to take over the police. There’s a cop (played by David Lyons) that gets framed for causing these crimes, so he goes into hiding to figure out a way to expose the truth. In exile, he gets trained by this band of thieves on how to be The Cape. I play a blogger who seems to have a lot of inside information on what goes on with these crimes.”
As for her character’s interaction with The Cape, Glau reveals that they don’t get along in the beginning, but she turns out to be his best ally. “She shares his passion to stop this crime wave,” she says, and she also shares that her character gets to kick butt. “I got to do a lot of action, and I had a blast doing it,” she says.

New promo trailer for NBC's upcoming drama series The Cape. This video was part of the NBC Spring Preview Special. The Cape will air with a 2 hours special on January 9, 2011. Summer Glau is not featured in this trailer. Maybe the aerial silk acrobat at 0:18 is Orwell. Too hard to tell, what do you think?

 UPDATE: The woman performing aerial silk is indeed Summer Glau


15 Nov 2010
Total comments: 3
  Message #1 | Fermi | 17 Nov 2010, 00:29 GMT

I have not seen that movie. Seems cool Adam Baldwin is a good actor

  Message #2 | KrelleK | 16 Nov 2010, 15:36 GMT

oooohhh pretty girl on the ropes. biggrin so pretty biggrin

now that I think about does any of you have an idea why Summer did not play in the Poseidon Adventures where Adam also stared in as a Sea Marshal Mike Rogo(changing the poseidon story a little, so it is a terrorist attack instead of a big earthquake induced wave, that should not even be that big out on the open ocean, that is responsible for the ship making a 180 rolling, and stay like that)

  Message #3 | Fermi | 15 Nov 2010, 18:49 GMT

here is the screen caps of the aerial silk acrobat. I think it is too blurry to tell who it is,
Summer mentioned in the interview earlier that she spends time in disguise and keeping an eye on Vince, it would not be impossible that Orwell is at the circus

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