Summer talks The Cape

A new video interview where Summer talks about her role as Orwell in the cape.

The NBC superhero show is nearly here and past the loop we have have Summer Glau talking about her character in the new television series The Cape....



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New sneak peek with Orwell

There is a new sneak peek with Orwell online. Enjoy



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Summer Glau wishing happy holiday

NBC has released a short clip of Summer Glau wishing happy holiday and introducing a new sneak peek of The Cape. Many of the clips have made it online before, but at the very least, the introduction is new.


Summer's Holiday Sneak PeekSummer's Holiday Sneak PeekSummer's Holiday Sneak PeekSummer's Holiday Sneak Peek

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Merry Christmas

Summer Glau wiki wish you all a Merry Christmas
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The Tarot

NBC have divided the pilot into two parts so the second episode is called the Tarot 

The pictures in our last post was from Tarot not Bluebeard

And here’s the description for Episode 2, which is called "Tarot…”

WHEN ARK CORPORATION THREATENS TO PRIVATIZE PALM CITY’S PRISONS, THE CAPE MUST FIND A WAY TO STOP THEM BEFORE THINGS TURN DEADLY — The Cape (David Lyons) must battle Chess (James Frain) and his latest accomplice Cain — a/k/a Chef (guest star Raza Jaffrey) — as they try to take down the Patrick Portman (guest star Richard Schiff), the Secretary for the Bureau of Prisons, in an attempt to take over Palm City’s jails. After narrowly escaping death, The Cape must rely on Orwell (Summer Glau), Max Malini (Keith David) and the circus gang to nurse him back to health and then help him save Patrick before it is too late. Also starring are Vinnie Jones (as Scales), Martin Klebba (Rollo), Dorian Missick (Marty), Izabella Mike (Raia) and Anil Kumar (Ruvi)

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New Summer Glau interview

IGN had an interesting talk with Summer Glau about her character Orwell.

Read the interview here:IGN
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