Summer talks girly!

Summer Glau reveals her beauty secrets in the "Girl Crush Spotlight" column of Glo:

Her Inspiration
“When I first came to L.A., I had an idea of what I wanted to do.” Initially, Glau “really wanted to be a period film actress.” Her favorite leading lady? “Rita Hayworth.”
A Sci-Fi Career
Glau’s career took quite an unexpected direction, however. “Science fiction creates amazing roles for women. Growing up, my mother read me a lot of science fiction — Lord of the Rings, Madeleine L’Engle books — and I feel like they shaped my imagination, which really helped me as an actress. You have to be able to escape into that world. “
Her New Role
Glau’s latest project is NBC’s new superhero drama, The Cape, in which she’ll play secretive investigator Orwell. “I gravitate toward roles that empower women in the story. I love that [Orwell is] empowered,” Glau says. “She’s hard to define. Even for me as the actress, there are still so many unanswered questions. I’ve played a lot of powerful girl characters, but I feel like Orwell is on the brink of becoming a woman."
On Getting Older
Becoming a woman is one thing, but aging itself isn’t exactly celebrated by most Hollywood actresses. “I’m not apologizing for my age,” Glau says. “I really try to appreciate [my age]. Sometimes my heart beats a little faster when I think of all the things I still want to do. [But] something that’s nice about growing up is people will listen to you more.”
Her Changing Style
With age, of course, comes wisdom. “I think it’s probably true for most girls: As you get older, you start to know who you are and you get more confident about what works for you and what doesn’t,” Glau says. “I feel more comfortable communicating what’s right for me. I feel more confident about knowing myself.”
Balancing Work & Life
When it comes to balancing a hectic schedule, “the first essential is definitely getting enough water,” Glau says. “Sleep is the second thing. I’ve gotten more and more protective of my sleep as I get older. I just make myself get it in.”
Essential Beauty Product
Glau puts the focus on skin care by using Epicuren products. “They use it for me on [the set of The Cape] as well. That whole line keeps my skin hydrated and fresh.”
Her 2011 Goals
As for New Year’s resolutions, Glau has a couple: “I am going to read more books instead of just scripts. My second is to take my vitamins.”

Girl Crush Spotligh

You can also find Summer and Izabella Miko in the "Hair Highlights" column :

Hair Highlights

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Summer Glau red carpet interview

A Summer Glau interview, from the cape premiere party

Interview with Summer Glau from The Cape premiere party held at The Music Box Theatre on January 4, 2011 in Hollywood. Summer talks about how proud she is of the show and that there is a character for everyone. She walked the red carpet with The Cape creator Tom Wheeler and her co-stars James Frain, David Lyons, Vinnie Jones, Mena Suvari, Keith David, Ryan Wynott, Dorian Missick, and Martin Klebba.




Many thanks to comicscontinuum for the video interview

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The Cape - Episode 1.03 - Kozmo - Promotional Photos

The Cape - Episode 1.03 - Kozmo - Promotional Photos

NBC released promo and behind the scenes photos for episode 3 "Kozmo” which
will air on January 17. Warning : Summer Glau in a white leotard!

All Summer Glau picts in the Photos of The Cape thread

Bonus : Summer Glau offers an inside look at the mysterious Orwell in this new clip


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Summer Glau wants to see your villain

Start brainstorming Summer Glau want you to create the ultimate villain
Enter a contest for a chance to have your badass villain appear on the show.
more info

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Premiere party for The Cape

Premiere party for The Cape

NBC held a special premiere party for The Cape and we have some new photos of Summer Glau.


James Frain, actress Summer Glau, and actor David Lyons arrive at the premiere of NBC's the CapeJames Frain, actress Summer Glau, and actor David Lyons arrive at the premiere of NBC's the CapeJames Frain, actress Summer Glau, and actor David Lyons arrive at the premiere of NBC's the Cape


We will get more soon check the gallery or the appreciation thread for new updates
Update more HQ and a video with interviews


NBC's 'The Cape' Premiere, Los Angeles David Lyons, Summer Glau, James Frain, Mena Suvari and many other cast members chat with Access about why they love working on the new NBC superhero show, "The Cape." Plus, why do they think fans will tune in each week for the show? Summer Glau talks about the show, her character and that episode 8 (Beauty and the Lich) will reveal some of Orwell's back story.


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The Cape Photoshoot

A new video of the behind the scene photoshoot.
Screencaps in the gallery
(Also check out the new design of our gallery)


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