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Press release episode 1.08 The Lich, part 2


02/21/2011 (09:00PM - 10:00PM) (Monday) : THE CAPE MUST RELY ON DANA TO HELP RESCUE ORWELL FROM THE LICH--The Cape (David Lyons), Max (Keith David) and Rollo (Martin Klebba) are forced to rely on Dana’s (Jennifer Ferrin) legal connections to help them discover The Lich’s whereabouts. Heavily entranced by Conrad Chandler’s (The Lich) potent serum, Orwell (Summer Glau) struggles to fight off the physiological and mental effects of the strong dose. Meanwhile, Netta’s (guest star Illeana Douglas) strange loyalty to The Lich is clarified. In a sedated, weak state, Orwell drifts between reality and fantasy sequences, which slowly reveal her history and past.

Also starring James Frain (Peter Fleming), Ryan Wynott (Trip), Anil Kumar (Ruvi), Vinnie Jones (Scales) and Izabella Miko (Raia).

Source: NBC

Date: 04 Feb 2011 | Comments (2)

NBC cut back order for The Cape

Sad News NBC just cut the order from 13 to 10.

Date: 02 Feb 2011 | Comments (4)

Gallery Update The Dice

Gallery Update The Dice

Episode 5 The Dice Screencaps (1280X720) added to the Summer Glau fanfusion gallery.
We hope you liked the show and will join the discussion in our episode thread
 The episode is available on Amazon Dice

Date: 02 Feb 2011 | Comments (2)

Summer Glau on 'The Cape'

Crave online had a talk with Summer Glau about her return to TV:

CraveOnline: What cool stuff is coming up for Orwell? 

Summer Glau: Oh my God, these last two episodes have been such a blessing for me in my career. I don’t want to say who I was working with but I was working with some actors that I really admire and really push me to be my best. What I hope for as an actor is that there are moments in my work day where I get completely swept up in her story, I’m not thinking about anything else. I’m not thinking about what else I have to do. I’m just there. It’s a high that you get when you’re really working with people that inspire you. I just had a blast. I can’t say who they are. I want it to be a surprise but it was really special.

Also they talk about Orwell hideout and Summers own lair and how it inspire her work.
Date: 01 Feb 2011 | Comments (6)

The Cape 1.05 "Dice" Ratings : No good news

The Cape fell to a series low 1.5 rating and 5.343 million viewers

The numbers will be discussed in the Ratings and Audience Thread on the forum

Date: 01 Feb 2011 | Comments (3)

Promo Video - The Cape 1.06

NBC released the promo video for next Monday episode called "Goggles and Hicks".
Determined to finally kill The Cape, Peter Fleming hires a tech-savvy team, including Goggles (guest star Pruitt Taylor Vince) and Hicks (guest star Chad Lindberg), to track and destroy The Cape. Meanwhile, Orwell faces digital challenges against the teams’ strong expertise.

Date: 01 Feb 2011 | Comments (1)

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