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Happy Birthday to Wiki of Awesomeness

Summer Glau Chronicles (later Wiki of Awesomeness )was created Feb 8 2010, 10:56 AM EST and celebrate one year anniversary today.
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The Cape 1.06 "Goggles and Hicks" Ratings : Bad news

Yesterday’s Losers (excluding repeats):
The Cape (NBC), Chuck (NBC)

The Cape dropped 13% to a 1.3 rating and 4.56 millions viewers.

The numbers will be discussed in the Ratings and Audience Thread on the forum

Source : Pifeedback

Date: 08 Feb 2011 | Comments (4)

The Cape 1x07 - Promo Video

NBC has released the promo video for next Monday episode called "The Lich, Part 1".

A GHOST FROM THE PAST THREATENS PALM CITY AND PUTS ORWELL IN DANGER : Orphaned since birth, Conrad Chandler, the heir of one of Palm City’s founders, exacts revenge on the public and threatens to paralyze and control the city. Vince and Max alert Marty of the impending danger to the city, which backfires on The Cape. Meanwhile, the Secretary of Prisons, Patrick Portman, aids Orwell in her search for the lone heir. Orwell locates Conrad through Netta, his mysterious caretaker, but soon discovers his deeply disturbing past and finds herself in danger.


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The Cape 1.06 Goggles and Hicks - Promo Pics

NBC has released promo pictures from 1.06 Goggles and Hicks. Screencaps for the episode coming soon.

Check the Gallery for all the pictures.
We hope you liked the show and will join the discussion in our episode thread.

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The Cape - Episode 6 Goggles and Hicks 9/8c on NBC tonight

Don't miss The Cape - Episode 6 Goggles and Hicks 9/8c on NBC tonight

Previous episodes are available at Amazon :
Scales [HD]
TheCape - Pilot [HD]

Martin Klebba had this to say about the episode:

"Six is good its called ‘Goggles and Hicks,’ which is great insofar as we have Pruitt Taylor Vince as Goggles, and one of my really close friends Chad Lindberg as Hicks.

They’ve been hired by Chess to destroy The Cape, but at the same time these guys are really into their digital stuff and are very smart.

So Summer Glau as Orwell faces a big job. This is a big job for her to try to overcome these guys, because they always seem one step ahead of her."

Source Monster and Critics

Date: 07 Feb 2011 | Comments (1)

Video Promo : The Cape/Chuck/Harry's Law -- Awesome Monday


Here's NBC video promo for its Monday's shows. Next Monday episode of The Cape being 1.06 "Goggles and Hicks"
The Wiki of Awesomeness could not miss this Awesome Monday promo :)



Date: 05 Feb 2011 | Comments (1)

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