Scan: Esquire Magazine, Czech edition

19 Nov 2011
Fermi 7 Comments

Esquire Magazine, Czech edition, published in January 2011 a special issue dedicated to 'The Best of 2010'; inside the magazine is a one page article with a picture of Summer Glau as Cameron in TSCC.

Here's the HQ scan of the page and the translation of the article, made with the help of our Czech member ogy86.

Summer Glau in Esquire Magazine, Czech edition - January 2011

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Best of 2010

Nice Joke from Summer Glau

A guy was driving his truck on a highway, he estimated the height of the load incorrectly and found himself stucked under a low bridge. After a while a police car arrives and one of police officers approach the cabin, where the angry driver is sitting and he asks: are you stuck?
The driver respond: No, you prick, I was transporting the bridge and I ran out of gas.

THIS AMERICAN BEAUTY is not only a successful actress, but also a dancer. Her career has benefited from both those things. She was not only a ballet dancer, but also a flamenco and tango dancer. Already as a teenager she performed in many great performances but when she injured her leg during dancing. She proceeded an acting career instead. She acquired her first television role in the now classic series by Joss Whedon – Angel, where she already from the start showed her acting talent. Shortly afterwards Whedon cast her in his new epic sci-fi series Firefly as the very traumatized River Tam. When the series was canceled, she appeared in well-known series such as Cold Case, CSI and 4400. She played Crystal Burns in The Unit season two. In Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles, she plays the role of Cameron Phillips, infiltrator Terminator girl, that was sent back from the future to protect John Connor and Sarah Connor against Skynet. She won a Saturn Award for this role and was nominated for a Scream Award. She is so physically gifted that she has no problem to appear even in stunt scenes. Just watch out for this girl!

*Esquire does not guarantee that this joke will entertain everyone.

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  Message #1 | FordStaff | 20 Nov 2011, 05:25 GMT

Hey now, I do not think they were targeting Summer with that comment. Not every joke can stick a landing with all of the population, that is all they were saying.

  Message #2 | Blazius | 20 Nov 2011, 07:24 GMT

I wasn't serious of course.

I just wanted to point out that I find it pointless to write that there, because that should be trivial to everybody who reads the article. Or does it have a specific meaning other than what it says?

  Message #3 | Blazius | 20 Nov 2011, 04:35 GMT

"Esquire does not guarantee that this joke will entertain everyone."

They dare to say that Summer does not have a good sense of humor?!?!?!!? angry angry angry angry

OK, I'm a bit overreacting maybe biggrin

But I don't get why it was necessary to put there.

  Message #4 | chrisdvanne | 19 Nov 2011, 18:36 GMT

Thanks for the exclusive Scans and thanks to Ogy86 for helping translating the article!

  Message #5 | Fermi | 19 Nov 2011, 19:51 GMT

Thank you Ogy86.

  Message #6 | Blazius | 20 Nov 2011, 00:16 GMT

Thanks for the scans and the translation.

Awesome article cool !

  Message #7 | chrisdvanne | 20 Nov 2011, 02:09 GMT

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