New promo video for episode 1.04 "Scales on a train".

21 Jan 2011
chrisdvanne 1 Comments

Episode 1.04 - 'Scales on a train" airs on Monday, January 24th at 9pm.
Synopsis : A tip about stolen money from the Cape prompts Scales to confront his business partner Peter Fleming at a costume party on a train.
Meanwhile, the Cape and Orwell learn Max's gang is planning a heist aboard the train, and Dana and Trip are taunted.

Source : tvonthebrain

Update : Chuck, The Cape & Harrys Law Promo

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  Message #1 | chrisdvanne | 21 Jan 2011, 16:40 GMT

Chuck, The Cape & Harrys Law Promo
Orwell : "Grab the cape! We have work to do."
No more damsel in distress. Looks like Orwell is in charge now.

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