What He Beheld - Summer Glau Wiki

Episode Number:09


Original Air Date: March 3, 2008

: Josh Friedman (Developer)
Ian B. Goldberg (staff writer)

Director: Mike Rohl

Special Guest(s):
Luis Chaves (Morris)
Craig Fairbrass (Sarkissian ?)
Ryan Kelley (Young Derek Reese)

Episode Synopsis

Negotiation for the Turk proves tougher than expected with a mysterious businessman. Agent Ellison and an HRT team try to take down Cromartie posing as FBI agent Robert Kester. Derek takes John out for his birthday. Cameron's fate is left unknown, as the first season comes to a close.

Plot Danglers

Sarah and Cameron go to an internet café looking for Sarkissian. He told them to meet him at table nineteen.
Sarah receives and instant message asking about buying The Turk. Sarkissian tells her bring $500,000 to a local mall food court. Sarkissian logs off. Cameron notes they don't have that money. Sarah says they will soon.

Cameron analyzes diamonds from Derek's safe house. They have half the cash they need.

At a museum, John is depressed because he thinks Sarah is going to forget his birthday. John explains birthdays are a big deal to humans. Cameron notices the man from Carlos' house watching the group.

Cameron closes the trunk of a luxury car at school. Morris thinks she's joking when she says she killed the owner and put him in the trunk. John says they need to get home immediately. Morris asks Cameron to the prom and she says yes, not understanding what a prom is.

Cameron and John hide the car in the garage. Someone is watching. Sarah closes the trunk and Cameron says the man didn't have any information. Derek walks in and says he lost Sarkissian. The dead man's cell phone rings, Cameron answers with his voice. A voice on the other end expects the man to meet somewhere. Sarah says they can't stay in the house. The girl from Carlos' knocks on the door. She's covered in blood.

The girl drives them to the internet café. Derek, Sarah, Cameron and John muscle their way inside. The man at the front desk alerts Sarkissian. Sarkissian locks himself in a room. Cameron then destroys the wall to get at him.

John checks the office to see if The Turk is hidden there. Instead, he finds a little girl doing her homework.

When Cameron breaks through, Sarkissian has slipped through another door. Sarah looks at security feeds on a monitor and sees Sarkissian take John. She chases them into the street and Sarkissian presses a gun into John's neck.

Derek walks out with the little girl at gun point. Sarkissian says that isn't his daughter. Derek whispers to the girl, then springs up and shoots Sarkissian in the head, killing him.

Sarah comforts the little girl. She says Sarkissian wasn't her father. John strips Sarkissian's hard drive out of his computer.

The girl drops them back off at their house. Cameron waits behind and asks if she needs to kill her because of what she's seen. The girl doesn't answer. Cameron loads a gun, and hands it to the girl.

John returns to work on the computer. He gives Sarah photos he found of other people looking to buy The Turk. Sarah tells John to take a break so they can go celebrate his birthday. She sent Cameron to get the cake. John goes to shut the machine down and finds one more photo.

It's a photo of the internet café cashier's passport. Sarkissian's name is on the paperwork. The man Derek killed in the alley was not Sarkissian.

Cameron climbs in the car. She notices Sarkissian walking away. She starts the engine and the car explodes.

Best Moments

Cameron displaying human emotion (a smile) to the teacher in the museum
Morris asking Cameron to the prom

Best Quotes

Cameron: It's the day you were born.

John: Pretty memorable for a mother, right?

Cameron: But it was 16 years ago.

John: No, a birthday's like a holiday. Like once a year, every year, people just kind of... celebrate you, I guess. And you get presents and you eat cake and... it's fun. It's supposed to be. Last year, mom got me a flak jacket.

Cameron: That's a tight present.

Cameron: Do I have a birthday?

John: I don't know. Were you born?

Cameron: I was built.

John: Well, then, maybe you have like a built day.

Morris: Wait, Cameron. Hey, um. There's something I... kind of need to ask you. Um, you think maybe you might wanna go to the prom with me?

John: Just say yes!

Cameron: Yes!

Episode Trivia

The poser Sarkissian did his homework before going to Carlos' house. He pointed out the ancient sword with the inscription (roughly translated) "Six Young Heroes". Carlos explained that the sward was made in honor to six young solders who vainly died defending a fort.