Wake Up Call ( Part 1 )

Episode Number: 2 x 01

Season: season 2

Original Air Date: June 5th 2005


Ira Steven Behr
Craig Sweeny


Leslie Libman

Special Guest(s):
Billy Campbell - Jordan Collier
Jeffrey Combs - Kevin Burkhoff
Summer Glau - Tess Doerner
Rob LaBelle - Nicholas Clayton
Kavan Smith - Jed Garrity    

NTAC holds Tess in a holding bay to quesion her about her supernatural alien like powers to read and comtrol ones mind.

Episode Synopsis
Tom and Diana investigate a 4400 who is influencing the creation of a super-structure    
Part 1
Richard and Lily have had their baby and named her Isabelle, Richard has been having nightmares which he doesn't understand. Someone has discovered they are 4400s and they must now leave once they've collected Richards's money. Jordan Collier's 4400 Center is due to open the next day and visitors arrive with a child that Shawn must heal. Maia and Diana visit a local family court so that Diana can adopt Maia legally, the judge remarks "that you two had to look clear across time to find each other" and he introduces them to each other in their new roles, mother and daughter.

Tom is no longer assigned to any 4400 cases due to the events of the last episode. Kyle begins to get sick of all the tests that are being run on him to determine if he is really alone in there. In a psychiatric hospital a 4400 (Tess Doerner) and a man talk. She tells him that she will be leaving soon, very soon. Several of the residents are building something, something the orderlies want them to stop building.

Shawn is having a massage when Jordan interrupts. A book Jordan has written will be released the next day entitled Forty-Four Hundred and Counting. In the past 6 months Nina Jarvis has replaced Dennis Ryland as head of NTAC. Richard tries to persuade Lily to stay where they are as they hadn't been singled out. Maia and Diana have a party and Maia calls Diana "mommy" for the first time.

Tom is reassigned to begin investigating the 4400s again, and his first job is to investigate Tess Doerner. Kyle is allowed home, but misses his mother and decides to take up golf. Tom and Diana visit Tess to question her about her super-structure; she tells them it is to be used to contact the future. Jordan Collier has a seizure which Shawn must stop. Shawn remarks that they are becoming more frequent. Jordan's book is released to the public containing classified information which was leaked from someone in NTAC. Collier claims that he can unlock the 4400 in everybody.

Kyle goes to the 4400 Center to see his cousin, Shawn. When he arrives one of the staff refuses to notify Shawn of Kyle's arrival or even to tell him if Shawn is there. Policy prohibits it. Diana and Tom return to the psychiatric hospital with Marco in tow and discover the staff has begun building the super-structure as well. Tom and Diana place the hospital under NTAC control and prohibit the staff from entering the courtyard to work on the structure. Diana and Tom decide the best way is to get Tess away, however Kevin attacks them, trying to protect her. Shawn is angry at Collier after Kyle was chucked out and is distraught that Collier wants him to cut ties.

Best Moments
-- When we see summer glau as Tess Doerner in the 4400 for the first time.
-- Tom baldwin questions tess doerner at the end of the first part of wake up call we can feel both of the charecters emotions come out of the screen and this is first time we see get to know more into the life of Tess.
--when we see nina jarvis for the first time since we heard about her get mentioned several times in the ghost season of the 4400 we actualy get the chance to see her in person.
Best Quotes
--Tess Doerner: There is Microphones in the walls They Broadcast By satelights to the submarines.
--Tess Doerner:They Want me to get intouch with them that's why they put the plans in my head.
--Shawn: Look at you man, back among the living. You look great.
--kyle: I walk and talk. Seem to have full control of my limbs..
--shawn: You still hit like a girl. Nothings changed

Episode Trivia
--In "The Shadow Out of Time," the Great Race explores the past and future using a form of time travel; this episode dealt with the discovery that the 4400 were sent from the future by time-travelers
--Also in "The Shadow Out of Time," the bodies of those possessed by the exploring minds of the Great Race are freed by building a strange machine, the designs of which are subconsciously sent into the person's head. This is the same way that Tess cures Burkhoff.
-- This is the firtst actuall appearance of the turncoat Nina Jarvis.
-- Tess Doerner, disappeared 3 April 1955. A paranoid schizophrenic with plans for a communication device implanted in her head. She has the ability to control people's minds.