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Vick's Chip

Episode Number: 08


Original Air Date: March 3, 2008

: Daniel T. Thomsen

Director: J. Miller Tobin

Special Guest(s):

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Episode Synopsis

John and Derek are at odds when John disagrees with Derek's suspicions about Cameron, while Sarah attempts to reacquire the Turk. Agent Ellison discovers that someone is impersonating an FBI agent, and Sarah, John, Cameron, and Derek work together to disable Skynet's future surveillance network.

Plot Danglers

In the kitchen, Derek places the T-888 memory chip on the table. Cameron lied about destroying it. Derek argues that Cameron can't be trusted. John asks if the chip can be hacked, after Cameron says that it contains important info on what the T-888 was doing and who it met.

Cameron admits to John that she lies to him when the mission requires it. They pick up a top of the line computer from a warehouse.

At school, a student tells Cameron a cop is looking for John. Cameron stands outside the principal's and scans Kester, he's a positive match for Cromartie. Cameron grabs Morris and sends him in to see Kester. Kester scans Morris, and leaves when it's not a match to John. She follows after Kester, and then John appears. She pulls him aside, says everythings fine and leaves. Morris tells John everything that happened, and then John chases after Cameron, because she lied to him.

John sets up the computers and activates the chip. The monitor displays video of a woman in the video calls the T-888 "Vick" and he appears to have been married to her.
John looking over the video. Suddenly, John's cell phone begins looking for an internet connection. Cameron warns that Vick is trying to reactivate. John scrambles to shut everything down. Cameron says Vick was unable to do anything, and they need to be careful.

Cameron lies on the bed. John takes a box cutter and cuts into her scalp to access her memory chip. John wants to use Cameron's chip to give her access to the ARTIE system, and she can stop it. John peels back her scalp and removes the chip.

Derek and John sit near a traffic light control box, John hacks away and helps Cameron's chip do what she needs to do. Cameron successfully shuts down the network. Derek grabs Cameron's chip and warns John that one day one of these machines will kill him.

Back home, John slides Cameron's chip back in. She reactivates.

Best Moments

Cameron and Morris outsmarting Cromartie

Best Quotes

John: So how often do you lie?

Cameron: When the mission requires it.

John: Do you lie to me?

Cameron: Sometimes.

John: About important things?

Cameron: Yes. Important things.

Cameron: Thank you. I had two slices. Do I look fat?

Episode Trivia

The Song at the end The Man Comes Around is by Johnny Cash which Cash is also known as The Man in Black and both Terminators wore all black clothing when the song was playing.






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