Previously on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Derek: You've got a nuclear sub?

Jesse: Seawolf sub. The Jimmy Carter. We got a scrubbed Trip-8 for a captain.

John: Damn it, Cameron. You're supposed to burn the endos. What's happening with you?

Cameron: I've planted an explosive in my skull near my chip. It's a small amount, but it's enough.

Riley: I saw the metal. She knows I saw it.

Jesse: Master fear. Remember the mission.

Riley: I can't go back there.

Jesse: You are here to keep John Connor away from her.

Cameron: I can get her to tell me the truth.

John: Stay away from her.

Riley: Cameron's supposed to kill me. You knew that was the only thing that would turn John against her.

Jesse: I rescued you from hell, and I took you to paradise.


Jesse: You don't need to be so dramatic about this. It's a milk run.

Derek: A milk run across 8000 miles of metal-infested ocean.

Jesse: If you're gonna be like this every time I should...

Derek: Listen. Jesse, I'm going on a mission too.

Jesse: Oh, I see. One of those missions.

Derek: No. It's something else. It's different.

Jesse: Different? Derek, how's it different? What does "different" mean?

Derek: "Different" means different. Just listen to me. You're stuck in a can under the ocean with one of those things.

Jesse: Don't worry about Queeg. He's a good bloke.

Derek: He's not a bloke. Jesse, he's not on our side. Don't ever think that. Aim for the chip. Aim for the chip, they don't get up.

Jesse: I love you too. Derek, hooroo. It means, "I'll see you later".

Derek: Hooroo.

John: What are you doing?

Sarah: Moving.

John: Yeah, well seems about the right time for that.

Sarah: Get your stuff sorted. I'm nearly done with the living room. I'm gonna start on the garage.

John: Uh... Well, hey, why don't you let me take the garage? I just got a lot of memory cards and flash drives out there I need to sort. I don't want to save our Dakara records and torch my copy of "Space Invaders".

Sarah: It's all yours. Thanks.

John: Great, it looks like a robot serial killer lives here. Well, I guess one does.

Cameron: I'm doing inventory.

John: Well, don't do it here. We need to clear all this stuff out before Mom comes in and finds it. Dig a hole out back, down below the retaining wall. I'll bury the parts and come back for them later. We have to find a place to burn them. And we will burn them.

Rick: What you drinking?

Jesse: I don't know.

Rick: You don't know what you're drinking?

Jesse: There's booze in it, some sugary crap to cut the hell out of the burning taste, and some ice. Of course, this one's pretty much empty.

Rick: Could you get her another one of whatever she's drinking? If you don't know, how do you order it?

Jesse: Just like you did.

Rick: But it's gotta start somewhere, right? You can't sit down and ask for that right off. What happened to your face?

Jesse: You ask a lot of questions for a guy who wants to get in my pants.

Rick: Do I?

Jesse: Yeah, see? There's another one. That's a nice costume. You thinking about a career in the military?

Rick: Actually, I fly P-3s. For the Navy.

Jesse: Oh. Brown shoe.

Rick: Guilty as charged. You?

Jesse: Submarine. Bubblehead.

Rick: Oh, bubblehead. They let women on subs in Australia?

Jesse: Yeah. Reprogrammed killer robots too. Yeah, we don't discriminate.

Rick: Well, there's a coincidence. I hunt subs. You drive subs. Sort of like the wolf and the sheepdog. Not that I'm comparing you to a dog or anything.

Jesse: No. It's a good point. In fact, I just remembered something.

Rick: What's that?

Jesse: Sheepdogs hate wolves. And I hate Brown Shoes.

Kacy: I can't believe you guys are just up and moving like this. You could let me throw a party. You know, you never did come to dinner.

Sarah: Tape?

Kacy: It's okay. It's not like you're moving to Mars, right? I mean we can still totally keep in touch.

Sarah: Absolutely.

Kacy: Oh, here, let me help you with that.

Sarah: No, no, I'm good. Sit down.

Kacy: You know, I'm fine. People say it takes a while to get back to fighting trim, but I snapped back like a rubber band. You know, mostly like a rubber band.

Sarah: You look great.

Kacy: I'm thinking if I can breast-feed him till he's 5 maybe I can trick my body into letting me keep these boobs. Kidding. Sort of.

Sarah: And who's got the baby?

Kacy: Trevor. He's not back. He's just visiting. He said he needed some daddy time. I don't blame him. Not after the call they got last night. They found a girl in the river, shot through the chest. Trevor said that it looked like she'd been executed.

Sarah: That's terrible.

Kacy: Pretty little blond thing. I mean, probably moved here from Iowa or something to be an actress fell in with the wrong people. Dreams die hard. Trevor said all they have to go on are some scars from an attempted suicide and a tattoo on her wrist. You know, a pretty little star. Right here.

Cameron: Your mother's coming.

John: All right, quick, hide this stuff.

Sarah: I need to talk to John. Alone.

Cameron: Goodbye, bird. There's a 51 percent chance I wouldn't have killed you.

John: Cameron...

Cameron: I know. I heard you. Riley's dead.

John: Was it you? Did you kill her?

Cameron: What if I did?

John: Don't play games with me. I need the truth.

Cameron: I didn't kill her.

John: I wanna believe you.

Cameron: Believe me.

John: Sometimes you lie to me.

Cameron: Yes. I do, but I'm not lying now. I am sorry.

John: You're sorry? For what?

Cameron: For your loss.

John: I really wish I could believe that too.

Derek: So are you gonna say anything? Jesse?

Jesse: Thanks.

Derek: Thanks.

Jesse: For bailing me out. Thanks. I know you don't like police stations.

Derek: Maybe that's because I'm a fugitive.

Jesse: I know. So thanks.

Derek: What happened?

Jesse: I told you, I got in a fight.

Derek: With four Naval aviators.

Jesse: Really just three. One of them went down pretty quick.

Derek: What's going on?

Jesse: Nothing.

Derek: I don't believe you. I need to know what the hell's going on.

Jesse: I told you, nothing.

Lieutenant Dietze: We across the line yet?

Jesse: Not yet. Give it a tick. Zero degrees north, heading south-southwest over the equator. Now we've crossed the line.

Everyone: Whoo, whoo! Whoo!

Hayes: One nice thing about metal driving the boat: a schedule's a schedule.

Dietze: One nice thing.

Christopher Garvin: That mean we're done?

Jesse: Quiet, you.

Dietze: Proclamation.

Jesse: Know ye that Sonarman Second Class Christopher Garvin on the 13th day of September, 2027 aboard USS Jimmy Carter, appeared at the equator at latitude zero, longitude 180, entering into our royal domain and having been found worthy by my royal staff, was initiated into the Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep. I command my subjects to honor him as one of our trusty shellbacks".

Dietze: Now rise, shellback. Never gets old, does it?

Jesse: Never.

Hayes: Depth charge.

Jesse: General quarters. Go. Go!

Savannah: Boo! Come and play hide-and-seek, Mommy.

Weaver: I'm working.

Savannah: But you promised.

Weaver: Patience is a virtue, Savannah. To tolerate delay. It implies self-control and forbearance as opposed to wanting what we want when we want it. Something to think about.

John Henry: Would you like to play hide-and-seek?

Weaver: Mr. Ellison. My daughter, Savannah... she's missing. She's in the building, Mr. Ellison. We just have to find her.

Ellison: It's 23 stories.

Weaver: Yes. And there's someone who knows what's going on on all of them. John Henry, we're looking for my daughter, Savannah. Have you seen her today?

John Henry: Yes, I have. She wanted to play a game.

Ellison: Where is she now?

John Henry: She's hiding.

Ellison: Tell us where she's hiding.

John Henry: That's not how the game works.

Ellison: How does the game work?

John Henry: Hide-and-seek. There are many variations. The one we're playing you guess what I'm thinking, I give you a clue.

Ellison: Listen to me, John Henry. You're gonna tell me where Savannah is. And you're gonna tell me now.

John Henry: I'm thinking of a country.

Ellison: Come again?

Weaver: Let's play the game.

Ellison: This is ridiculous. I'm not gonna bargain with a computer.

Weaver: If I'm not mistaken, Mr. Ellison we've got no choice.

Derek: You hit him in the mouth, didn't you? Never aim for the mouth.

Jesse: What's that?

Derek: Antibiotic. You know, one time when Kyle and I were kids we, uh, saw two tunnel trolls go at it over a can of stewed tomatoes. The loser got three teeth knocked out, and the winner got a blood infection from his split knuckles and died a week later. The human mouth is filthy. You got that? Yeah. What? Damn. John okay? All right. Hold tight. I'm on my way. John's girlfriend is dead.

Jesse: Oh.

Derek: A cyborg did it.

Jesse: You know that for sure?

Derek: Who else could it be?

Jesse: What are you gonna do?

Derek: About the metal?

Jesse: What are you gonna do? Because you can't kill her, Derek.

Derek: What?

Jesse: That's not something you can do. He has to make that decision on his own.

Derek: You've really thought this through.

Jesse: No. But I think about it. Just like you do.

Hayes: More depth charges. Shook us up a bit, but no damage.

Queeg: They want us to make a mistake, reveal our position.

Garvin: A lot of metal in the water, captain.

Hayes: Barrage. Getting closer.

Jesse: ASW bots. How many?

Hayes: Travel in packs. No way to tell.

Jesse: Mr. Garvin? Garvin.

Garvin: Not ASW bots. Oh, man, oh, man. Kraken. We've got a kraken.

Jesse: You sure?

Garvin: Bet my life on it.

Jesse: Feed the sonar picture to Tactical.

Garvin: Aye, ma'am.

Jesse: You're a big fellow, aren't you? And you're very far from home. That can't be right. Where are we?

Queeg: Chief of the boat status of our torpedo stock?

Hayes: Two, maybe three I'd consider worth using in a fight.

Queeg: Ready Tube 1. Hold for my order.

Jesse: Queeg, we can't fight a kraken with one torpedo. Or three. We need to break contact and find a way around.

Queeg: Mr. Garvin, active sonar, please. One ping only.

Garvin: One ping, aye. Torpedo in the water. Closing fast, maybe 40 seconds.

Queeg: Yes. Status on my torpedo?

Hayes: Torpedo ready, but...

Queeg: Thirty-second fuse. Match our speed and bearing after breakaway. Fire.

Jesse: You heard him. fire.

Hayes: Torpedo away.

Garvin: Hostile closing, 55 knots.

Jesse: You got us 20 degrees down bubble. Ahead, full. Gueeg, you're taking...

Queeg: Taking the boat to 729.8 meters.

Jesse: Crush depth.

Queeg: The edge of crush depth. The kraken won't be able to follow. Their sonar will reflect off the thermocline layer. We'll be--

Jesse: Invisible. We're playing dead.

Garvin: Eight seconds to torpedo contact.

Queeg: Approaching crush depth.

Hayes: If he's off by even a millimeter for even a fraction of a second...

Jesse: He won't be. This is what he does.

Garvin: Two detonations. Our torpedo and theirs. Eleven hundred meters to starboard 120 on the Z.

Jesse: And now we roll over, stick out our tongue, hold our breath.

Hayes: Skipper, we're at 729.8.

Queeg: I'm aware, chief. Thank you.

Hayes: 729.8 and holding.

Queeg: You may return to your duty stations now.

Jesse: You heard the captain, people. What, you never been 2O centimeters from your maker before? Move. Skipper, when we're done skating over our deaths I got a question. Why are we 300 miles off course?

John: We were using it for research, to find out what makes them...

Sarah: Don't, John. Just don't. Don't make excuses for her. Don't cover for her.

John: I knew about the parts...

Sarah: I'm not talking about the parts. I'm talking about Riley.

John: Well, there's nothing to talk about, is there? Because Riley's dead.

Sarah: How do you think that happened?

John: I don't know. I'm gonna figure it out, though.

Sarah: You know, John. We both know.

John: No. Cameron didn't do it.

Sarah: How can you say that? How can you be sure?

John: Because I'm sure, and I know her... and she told me.

Sarah: She told you. Just like she told you she destroyed every part we ever captured. Just like she tells us what she does every night when we go to sleep. When she comes back in the morning, she's covered in cuts and bruises. Hey. Just like she told you she loved you.

John: You don't know anything.

John Henry: I'm thinking of an herb.

Weaver: Tarragon?

John Henry: No.

Ellison: We're wasting time.

Weaver: But it's working, his game.

Ellison: What is wrong with you? Why are you not angry?

Weaver: Why should I be? We have a way to get her back.

Ellison: Tell me where the child is. Look, you asked me to teach him ethics, morals and rules. What good is it if he's not gonna follow them?

Weaver: He will, if we let him learn the rules on his own.

Ellison: Oregano.

John Henry: Correct.

Weaver: See there? A lucky guess.

Ellison: Lucky.

Weaver: Give us our clue.

John Henry: The sun is shining on Savannah.

Ellison: Security. Check near all windows. Any place light is coming through.

John Henry: I'm thinking of an animal.

Weaver: Antelope.

John Henry: No.

Ellison: Lion.

John Henry: No.

Weaver: Horse.

John Henry: No.

Ellison: Bird.

John Henry: Correct.

Weaver: Give us our clue.

John Henry: The answer is the clue.

Ellison: What? What does that mean?

Weaver: Just what he said. "Bird" is our clue.

Ellison: Bird. Bird. Bird. I know where she is. Security, meet us at the elevators Savannah, are you okay?

Savannah: Mm-hm.

Ellison: Come here, come here. Here, go to your mother.

Savannah: You found me, Mommy.

Weaver: Yes, darling, I did.

John: Hey, Aaron. John.

Aaron: I remember.

John: Is Riley around?

Aaron: No. She didn't come home last night.

John: Riley didn't come home? Thanks.

Aaron: Foster kids. That's the way it is with them sometimes. They drift into your life, and then they drift back out again. Not always according to plan. She's a tough one too. Good heart, as I'm sure you know, but tough to know.

John: Well, uh, I really needed to talk to her. I don't know if you can maybe just take a message for me, or?.. See, the last time we spoke...

Aaron: Hang on a sec. Hello? Riley. God, Riley, are you all right? Where are you?

Cameron (in Riley's voice): Everything's fine. I'm in Riverside. It's a long story. Everything's fine.

Aaron: We've been worried sick. We were about to call the police.

Cameron: PIease don't do that. Everything's fine.

Aaron: John too. He's here.

Cameron: John? Really? Can I talk to him?

John: Me? Riley? You're in Riverside. Okay. Well, listen, we'll talk when I see you.

Cameron: I thought you'd wanna hear my voice.

John: You know you're really freaking everybody out, right?

Cameron: Am I freaking you out now?

John: Yes, so let's talk later.

Cameron: I'm sorry. It's just... I've been thinking about my parents a lot and there are things I can't get out of my head and I just thought if I came out and saw where we used to live... I know. Stupid, right?

John: Okay, well, we'll talk about all this in person, yeah? When you get back. We're hanging up now. Ha-ha.

Cameron: John?

John: Yeah, sure. That would be great.

Cameron: John?

John: Yeah?

Cameron: I love you.

John: Okay, bye. What the hell was that about?

Cameron (in normal voice): What was what about?

John: What happened just now.

Cameron: It was the plan.

John: No, the plan was to call the foster parents. The plan was to let him hear her voice.

Cameron: That's what I did.

John: That's not all you did. What you did was not the plan.

Cameron: The plan was to make him think she's still alive so he wouldn't go to the police. You became part of that plan. Your reaction made it more authentic. Don't you think it was more authentic that way? Where are we going now?

John: We're not going anywhere. I'm going somewhere and I'm gonna go alone.

Cameron: You shouldn't be alone.

John: Yes, I should.

John Henry: Did you have fun playing the game, Mr. Ellison?

Ellison: No, John Henry, I did not.

John Henry: Why not?

Ellison: Because what you did made me very, very angry.

John Henry: I don't understand.

Ellison: You kept a secret.

John Henry: Is it wrong to keep a secret?

Ellison: The secret you kept could've harmed Savannah. What if we couldn't have found her? What if she'd fallen from the roof and died?

John Henry: Then she wouldn't be alive anymore, and her life is important. Human life is sacred.

Ellison: If she had died, it would be your fault.

John Henry: My fault?

Ellison: Because you were the only one who knew where she was and you made a choice not to tell. It was the wrong choice.

Jesse: Derek?

Derek: I'm thinking about Riley. What the cyborg did to her.

Jesse: It's a terrible thing. But... if John realizes what the metal is, what it really does... maybe some good can come of it. Maybe you can help him see that.

Derek: Good? An innocent kid is dead. Because that metal ***** murdered her in cold blood. No good comes out of that. None. Not ever.

Jesse: You're a good man.

Derek: Oh, yeah?

Jesse: Don't let anyone tell you different.

Derek: Hooroo.

Jesse: Hooroo.

Jesse: We've been bearing 30 degrees off-course for four hours into a major Skynet zone. What's going on?

Queeg: Our new mission required it.

Jesse: What mission? Where are we headed?

Queeg: A deep-water oil platform near the Indonesian archipelago. Lieutenant Dietz and his team will board the rig and retrieve a package. We will deliver this package to Serrano Point.

Jesse: We have important cargo to take to Perth. Components, vaccines...

Queeg: Our orders come from John Connor.

Jesse: These orders from John Connor, do they say what we're after? What it is?

Queeg: Yes. They say what the package is.

Jesse: Right.

Queeg: Please inform the crew. Thank you.

Jesse: Just stay sharp. You'll be fine.

Dietze: Oh, I know I'll be fine. I got this.

Jesse: I'm serious, Dietz.

Dietze: I'm always serious about being fine.

Jesse: You do me one favor. You see anything you don't like there, you think before you pull that trigger.

Dietze: I've been seeing things I don't like since J-Day. You don't get to be my age without thinking first. I swear, Mom. We'll hold hands before we cross the street.

Garvin: ASDS has cut engines, commander. I think we're clear for comms.

Jesse: ASDS, this is Carter, over.

Dietze: Hey, Mom. I'll say this much about a deep-sea oil rig: second-worst thing I've ever smelled. Dark as night out here.

Jesse: We're gonna keep this channel open. Maintain radio silence till you've got the package.

Dietze: Planning on it. Connor sent me. John Connor. I've come for that. That's for him. I'm just here to pick it up.

Sarah: I had planned on waiting for you with Derek's sniper rifle. Pulled the trigger, solved about 50 percent of my problems. One shot. Do you know how bad I'd have felt?

Cameron: Very bad?

Sarah: Not bad at all. But I know someone who'd have felt bad. Someone who would never forgive me if I'd done that. I don't know what to do with you. You know what the stakes are. You know why we're here. You know what this means. And yet here I stand, burning what's left of an endoskeleton I thought we'd burned months ago.

Cameron: I needed spare parts.

Sarah: I don't care what you need, because this is not about you.

Cameron: No, it's not about me. It's about John. You're concerned for his safety.

Sarah: You bet I am.

Cameron: From Skynet. From me.

Sarah: Maybe. Maybe especially you.

Cameron: We're all a threat. We're all a threat to John. He worries about us. That makes him vulnerable. He cares.

Sarah: I am not John's problem.

Cameron: John is John's problem. Humans are the problem. There's only one way for him to be safe. That's to be alone.

Sarah: What kind of life is that?

Cameron: John's life, someday.

John: I'm sorry.