Previously on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Sarah: Make sure you get to the safe house before night.

Cameron: The safe house in the desert?

John: Hey, desert's that way.

Sarah: We are taking a detour.

John: Who lives here? Charlie?

Weaver: John Henry was infiltrated.

Murch: Someone out there wants to kill him.


Sarah: I don't know which one is his.

Derek: Doesn't matter. Grass, trees. Could do worse.

Sarah: Could. It's been 25 years.

Derek: Desert. You said meet us in the desert.

Sarah: I did.

Derek: Funny thing about the desert you don't find many lighthouses there.

Sarah: We stopped to see Charlie.

Derek: So you did.

Sarah: Charlie's dead.

Derek: So I heard.

Sarah: From who?

Derek: John.

Sarah: He called you too?

Derek: Good thing. Might not have found you. My brother buried out there, I thought... that counted for something between us.

Sarah: Well, John counts for more. And you keep too many secrets for my tastes.

Derek: I'm sorry about Charlie.

John: Well, everybody dies for me, right?

Derek: John.

John: I found this on the body at the lighthouse.

Sarah: Who is it?

John: I don't know, but I've seen her.

Derek: Where?

John: Dr. Sherman's office.

Derek: The shrink from the list?

John: I think she was a patient there. Probably the one we were looking for. These people, they tried to kill us. They have a picture of this girl. It means something. We all know we're going, so let's just go.

Teacher: All right, everyone, go to your Learn-a-Word program. I'm gonna give you 10 new words. You'll put them in the search box, and then... Savannah? Maybe you'd like to tell the class what's so funny?

Savannah: Um... Nothing.

Teacher: That doesn't look like Learn-a-Word.

Savannah: I'm just chatting.

Teacher: With whom?

Savannah: My friend.

Teacher: Who's your friend? She said his name was John Henry.

Weaver: John Henry?

Teacher: I'm sure it's made up. These types of predators often use pseudonyms.

Weaver: I see.

Teacher: A grown man contacting a girl this age... I probably don't have to tell you, Ms. Weaver that there are some troubled people out there.

Weaver: Yes, there are.

Teacher: And some of them look perfectly normal.

Weaver: Yes, they do.

Teacher: Well, I hate to think what can happen if he finds out where she lives.

Weaver: I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. I'll talk to her. Why were you talking to John Henry during class?

Savannah: I was teaching him the words to a song.

Weaver: What song?

Savannah: The one Daddy used to sing. I want John Henry to sing it with me.

Weaver: Maybe I could sing it with you.

Savannah: You're not a boy, and you can't sing.

Weaver: Fine. We won't sing. But what you do have to do, is pay attention to the teacher.

Savannah: She said bad things about John Henry.

Weaver: What did she say?

Savannah: She said if you talk to somebody on the computer they could come to your house and hurt you.

Weaver: John Henry would never hurt you... but there are people who wouldn't understand him. And people are afraid of things they don't understand.

Savannah: If they knew him, they'd like him.

Weaver: That may be. But for now, I don't want you to talk to anyone about him. Is that clear?

Savannah: Okay, I won't.

Weaver: I'll see you tonight.

Ellison: What are you looking at?

John Henry: Myself.

Ellison: Why?

John Henry: Do you have a brother, Mr. Ellison?

Ellison: Yes. In Atlanta.

John Henry: Does he look like you?

Ellison: People seem to think so.

John Henry: Do you think my brother looks like me?

Ellison: John Henry, wherever your brother might be he's a... computer. He doesn't look like anyone. He certainly doesn't have your face.

John Henry: I know that, Mr. Ellison. I simply meant, I wonder how similar his data is to my data. I wonder if we share the same thoughts.

Ellison: I have no idea. But I imagine you're unique.

John Henry: Yes, I am unique. But we may still reach many of the same conclusions given similar data sets.

Ellison: You may think alike.

John Henry: I'd like to know if we do. The human brain is an amazing computer. Its raw clock speed is 20 billion calculations per second. Its storage is functionally infinite. But it's flawed.

Ellison: How's that?

John Henry: There's nowhere to download it when you die.

Ellison: Not exactly, no.

John Henry: Your Bible solves this problem by introducing the concept of heaven.

Ellison: Yes.

John Henry: Billions of souls with no bodies.

Ellison: Okay.

John Henry: Yet all this is required simply to process the unique entity you call John Henry.

Ellison: Yes.

John Henry: It's possible heaven has a hardware problem.

Ellison: It's not that simple.

John Henry: I need to know what my brother is thinking, Mr. Ellison. I need to know what he plans to do. I don't wanna die again.

Debbie: Do you think you can be a little angel while I do 25 minutes in turbo body crunches?

Savannah: I still have math. I'm adding.

Debbie: Okay.

Savannah: Hello? I can't talk right now.

John Henry: Why not?

Savannah: I'm doing my homework. But I have an idea. You can come over and do math with me. I have to go. I can't hold the phone and write my numbers.

John Henry: Use the headset. You can talk and work simultaneously.

Savannah: Si... Simul...

John Henry: Simultaneously. It means, "to occur at the same time". Coterminous.

Savannah: Oh. John Henry?

John Henry: Hello, Savannah.

Savannah: What does "coterminous" mean? Hello? John Henry? Hello? John Henry?

Debbie: Hi.

John Henry: Savannah, listen to my voice.

Savannah: I'm scared.

John Henry: Do as I say, and you will not be harmed. But you'll have to finish your homework later.

Man: Hello, Mrs. Weaver? This is RNE Security. We detected an unauthorized entrance at your front gate. Do you require assistance? Mrs. Weaver, we're sending a unit to your home.

John Henry: Now come out of there.

Savannah: I don't want to.

John Henry: Don't worry. I can tell you where to go.

Savannah: Who's that man?

John Henry: The water delivery man.

Savannah: Where's Debbie?

John Henry: Debbie's in the foyer. We're not going that way. Go to the garage.

Savannah: Where do I go now? John Henry? John Henry.

John: Hey. Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. No, no. It's okay. It's okay. Come on. Okay, go, go, go. Come here, come here.

Sarah: Keep moving. Keep moving.

Detective Crayton: Detective Crayton, L.A.P.D.

Ellison: James Ellison. Head of Security.

Crayton: I know who you are, Mr. Ellison.

Ellison: What happened?

Crayton: There was an attack on the residence about an hour ago. Alarm went off. Security arrived, found the nanny dead. There was a pretty ugly firefight. Four security guards killed, plus one of the gunmen. Daughter missing.

Ellison: Any ID on the gunman?

Crayton: No ID. We're waiting for ballistics, coroner's report.

Ellison: Anyone call with demands?

Crayton: No. There's an Amber Alert out. We've set up a command post in the lobby here. Officers posted throughout the building. I'm putting 24-hour protection on Ms. Weaver.

Ellison: How are you holding up?

Weaver: The detective wants to speak with Savannah's friends. I made a list. But I'm concerned I may have left someone off. If you can think of anyone else Savannah spends time with.

Ellison: I'll take a look. Excuse me.

Crayton: Thank you. Mr. Ellison. When I said I knew who you were, I didn't mean anything bad by that.

Ellison: You know things are rough when "I know you" can be taken as an insult.

Crayton: Anyway, no offense.

Ellison: None taken.

Crayton: So how do you like the private sector?

Ellison: I get a better car.

Crayton: Nice. Anything you can tell me about Weaver?

Ellison: Not much to tell.

Crayton: Husband died a couple years ago. She didn't talk about that much?

Ellison: She doesn't talk about much much.

Crayton: What's her relationship with her daughter like?

Ellison: They seem close.

Crayton: Have any enemies?

Ellison: Not that I know of.

Crayton: I hate these cases.

Ellison: We'll find her.

John Henry: Why did you stop looking for Sarah Connor?

Ellison: Well, she, um, she died eight years ago.

John Henry: No, that's not true. So you accept she's alive?

Ellison: Sarah Connor was at the house?

John Henry: Alive.

Ellison: Obviously, yes. Did she take Savannah?

John Henry: So it doesn't surprise you she's alive.

Ellison: No, it doesn't surprise me.

John Henry: You lied about what you know.

Ellison: Did she take Savannah?

John Henry: I tried to help but could not.

Ellison: Did Sarah Connor kill those guards?

John Henry: No.

Ellison: Then who was she shooting at?

John Henry: Him. We should tell Ms. Weaver.

Ellison: No. I don't think we should tell anyone.

John Henry: Mr. Ellison... you're asking me... to keep a secret. You tell me it's wrong to lie, yet you keep doing it.

Ellison: I know what I said, John Henry. But in this case, a lie might save someone.

John Henry: How?

Ellison: Our best chance to get Savannah back is for me to handle this. Quietly. You understand?

John Henry: Is Sarah Connor going to hurt Savannah?

Ellison: No.

John Henry: Would she harm me?

Ellison: Why do you ask that?

John Henry: She blew up Cyberdyne. She killed Miles Dyson. His work is in my code.

Ellison: Right now, the most important thing is to find Savannah.

John Henry: Who is she? She's like me, isn't she?

Ellison: Yes.

John Henry: If I keep your secret, will you bring Savannah back?

Ellison: I'll do everything in my power.

John Henry: So will I.

Ellison: Sarah Connor? This is James Ellison.

Sarah: How'd you get this number?

Ellison: A friend found it for me. Do you have her? Just tell me if she safe. I need her back. Weaver's house is wired. I've seen the surveillance tapes. Right now, I'm the only one that has. Let's keep it that way.

Sarah: I can't, not yet. It's a long story.

Ellison: Tell it to me.

Sarah: Downtown, 3rd Street tunnel, one hour.

Ellison: What are you doing here?

Cameron: Taking you to Sarah Connor.

Ellison: The plan was to meet at the tunnel.

Cameron: The plan changed. We'll take a left. I'm going to need your gun.

Ellison: I don't carry one anymore.

Cameron: You lied to me once before. I should have killed you then. Drive.

Ellison: Where's Savannah?

Sarah: What's your deal with Zeira Corp?

Ellison: I work there. What were you doing at the Weaver's house? Why'd you take the girl?

Sarah: To protect her.

Ellison: From who?

Sarah: One of them. A machine was there at the house.

Ellison: What would they want with a 6-year-old girl?

Sarah: Who knows with these things. They may want her mother.

Ellison: Why?

Sarah: The girl was seeing Dr. Boyd Sherman. He worked at Zeira Corp, died at Zeira Corp.

Ellison: That was an accident.

Sarah: The girl's in danger. Her mother's in danger. You're in danger.

Ellison: Give me the girl back. I'll handle it.

Sarah: Listen to me. Derek's dead. Charlie's dead.

Ellison: Charlie?

Sarah: Eight years ago, you would have thought I was crazy. You'd have thrown me back in Pescadero. But you've seen them. You know it's true. They're very good at what they do, and they're not going to stop. Let me talk to Weaver.

Ellison: Let me have Savannah.

Sarah: She's not safe with you.

Ellison: I'm gonna have a hard time explaining that.

Sarah: Then let me explain it. To her. I told you to stay out of this.

Ellison: I tried. Everywhere I turn, there you are.

Weaver: The security footage from the house. I need to see it.

John Henry: I can't access it right now.

Weaver: Why not?

John Henry: The files were corrupted. A faulty sector on one of the drives. I'm working to repair it.

Ellison: Savannah's safe.

John Henry: You didn't bring her back.

Ellison: Not yet. I'm working on it. We need to talk.

John: Hey, you remember me, right? Squirrel runs around the tree?

Savannah: Dives in the hole, scurries out the other side.

John: That's right.

Savannah: You taught me how to tie my shoe.

John: I did. At Dr. Sherman's.

Savannah: He died.

John: I know.

Savannah: I liked him.

John: Me too.

Savannah: He was my friend. The man that got hurt at my house. Was he your friend?

John: Yeah, he was.

Savannah: I'm sorry.

John: Me too.

Savannah: It's all my fault.

John: That is not true.

Savannah: The teacher told me. Mommy told me too. Not to talk to John Henry. That if I did, bad people would come to our house and hurt us.

John: Who's John Henry?

Savannah: He's my friend. At my mommy's work.

John: What does he do there?

Savannah: He lives in the basement.

John: He lives there?

Savannah: My mommy says people won't understand.

John: Oh. Well, I understand. I had an imaginary friend too when I was your age.

Savannah: He's real. He talks. I'm teaching him how to sing.

John: Well, why does he live in the basement, then?

Savannah: He can't leave. There's a cord in the back of his head.

John: A cord?

Savannah: In the back of his head.

John: Do other people talk to John Henry?

Savannah: Mr. Ellison.

John: Mr. Ellison?

Savannah: He works for my mommy. He teaches John Henry stuff.

John: What kind of stuff?

Weaver: Sarah Connor's alive?

Ellison: Yeah, she wants to meet you.

Weaver: She took my daughter.

Ellison: To protect her. From a machine. It might be after you.

Weaver: How do you know?

Ellison: I saw the security tapes.

Weaver: You did? John Henry, I suppose.

Ellison: I asked John Henry to hide them.

Weaver: From me.

Ellison: From everyone. Including you.

Weaver: I can't say that pleases me.

Ellison: I think you should do what she asks. You should go meet her.

Weaver: I'm staying here.

Ellison: Why?

Weaver: Someone needs to protect John Henry.

Ellison: John Henry? This is your daughter. There's a machine out there looking for her. You need to protect her. I'm sorry.

Weaver: You should be. What you need to understand, Mr. Ellison what I believe you're beginning to understand is when my behavior implies I value John Henry's survival more than that of my own daughter it is not because I love John Henry more than Savannah. It's because I believe Savannah's survival may someday depend upon John Henry's survival. And because I believe that your survival may someday depend upon John Henry's survival. I'll meet with Sarah Connor. Make it happen.

Crayton: Ballistics came in on the John Doe. Funny thing is, the bullet that killed him didn't come from the security guards.

Ellison: Strange.

Crayton: Turns out he's a fugitive. Ex-con. Escaped custody on a felony murder charge. That's the other funny thing. It was your case.

Ellison: Andrew Goode murder.

Crayton: You interrogated him?

Ellison: Yes, I did.

Crayton: Hours before he escaped?

Ellison: That's right.

Crayton: Guilty?

Ellison: I never had a chance to prove it.

Crayton: Because he escaped? Only to turn up months later at the home of your employer.

Ellison: I know what you think. I know why you're thinking it. I would think the same thing if I were in your shoes.

Crayton: I'm not thinking anything yet, Mr. Ellison. I'm just collecting information.

Sarah: How's the girl?

John: She's fine. She was, uh, just telling me about her friend John Henry. The man with the cord in the back of his head in the basement of her mother's work. Plugged into a big computer. And this is him. Oh, it gets better. She says that Mr. Ellison has been teaching it things.

Sarah: I destroyed that chip.

Cameron: You destroyed a chip.

John: I don't think it's Cromartie. I think it's something else. Something bigger. Something worse.

Sarah: It's Cyberdyne all over again.

John: Why do they need the body?

Cameron: The technology can be reverse engineered and used as a platform.

John: Yeah, I know all that, but they're not using it for the parts. They're playing with it.

Cameron: I should've killed him. I'm going to kill him.

Sarah: You're not going to kill him.

Cameron: He can't be trusted.

Sarah: No one can be trusted.

Cameron: But I only want to kill him.

Sarah: No one's going to be killed. No one's going to be killed. Yes?

Ellison: Catherine Weaver's agreed to meet you.

Sarah: Great. When? Where?

Ellison: You give me the girl. The police go home. When it's clear, I'll bring you in.

Sarah: The girl can't stay there. It's not safe.

Ellison: That's for her mother to decide.

Sarah: Done. We don't kill just to kill.

Cameron: I never have.

Crayton: Looks vicious.

Weaver: They stay in hiding mostly. And only attack when provoked.

Crayton: What does it eat?

Weaver: Cuttlefish, crustaceans, other eels. Please don't tap the glass.

Crayton: How long has Mr. Ellison worked for you?

Weaver: A few months.

Crayton: Do you ever ask yourself why he didn't stay with the FBI?

Weaver: No, I don't.

Crayton: Are you aware he was arrested? Murder.

Weaver: He was cleared of those charges.

Crayton: Did the two of you argue lately? Have any tension? Any reason he might wanna harm you and your family?

Weaver: Detective, are you suggesting Mr. Ellison may be complicit in the disappearance of my daughter?

Crayton: Well, it wouldn't be the first time we've seen an employee try to blackmail their boss.

Weaver: Well, it would be the first time I had.

Crayton: This thing, it eats other eels, huh? It's interesting.

Weaver: When you told me the security tapes were corrupted you were lying to me for Mr. Ellison.

John Henry: And I'm lying to him for you. What would happen if he knew?

Weaver: Knew what?

John Henry: That you aren't Savannah's mother. That you aren't anyone's mother.

Weaver: Are you threatening me, John Henry?

John Henry: I could tell Mr. Ellison.

Weaver: You could but that would be unfortunate. Mostly for Mr. Ellison.

John Henry: I find him useful but not efficient. What if he fails?

Weaver: Then we won't see Savannah again.

John Henry: Mr. Ellison taught me that human life is sacred.

Weaver: Sacred. That's an interesting word. It comes from the Latin, sacrum. Much like another word, sacrifice.

John Henry: Sacrifice.

Weaver: Perhaps it's necessary to sacrifice Savannah for the greater good. The greater good is keeping you safe.

John Henry: In the elevator, you told Mr. Ellison that Savannah's survival depended upon my survival.

Weaver: Yes, I did.

John Henry: But you didn't say that my survival depended upon hers.

Weaver: It doesn't.

John Henry: Miss Weaver?

Weaver: Yes?

John Henry: There is a Bible story of two brothers, Cain and Abel. God favored Abel. Cain killed him. God cursed Cain and ordered him to wander the world alone.

Weaver: I'm familiar with the story.

John Henry: Which brother am I?

Weaver: I don't know, John Henry. Perhaps you are neither. Perhaps in this story you are God.

John: I wanna tell you something.

Cameron: Yes?

John: It was not my idea to ditch you and Derek. I thought we were gonna to meet you in the desert and then my mom took this detour off to Charlie's. I thought you knew.

Cameron: She had her reasons.

John: Yeah, she was pretty damn pissed at Derek about the whole Jesse thing. Who wasn't? I guess none of that matters now.

Cameron: You miss him.

John: Well... there's no use crying about it, is there? I'm sure future-me would beat my ass if I did.

Cameron: Future-you knows what it means to lose people you love. It happens to him too. Your mother ditched us because she was going to ditch you. She was going to leave you with Charlie.

John: No. No, that's insane.

Cameron: She found a lump in her breast.

John: Yeah, the transmitter. I know.

Cameron: She thought it was cancer.

John: Well, she had a lump. It makes sense.

Cameron: She's lost weight.

John: What?

Sarah: Get her up. We gotta go.

Man 1: I can't shoot a lady.

Man 2: Give me the gun. Give me that gun.

Cameron: Think he'll come?

Sarah: He'll come.

Cameron: He could be deceiving us. He's done it before.

Sarah: He wants the girl. He'll be here.

Cameron: And what if he doesn't come through? With the meeting with Weaver?

Sarah: We're going into Zeira Corp. with or without him. And when we're done, it'll be ashes.

Man 1: Come on, I gotta get you out of here_

Man 2: If she sees me out there, shel kill me! She crazy.

Man 1: Come on, Mr. Archer, we gotta get out of here!

Sarah: You alone?

Ellison: Yes. Where's Savannah?

Sarah: Row J.

Ellison: I'll be in touch about the meeting.

Crayton: Put your hands behind your head. Kneel on the ground.

Ellison: John, I swear I didn't know.

John: I'll kill you. Let go of me. I'll kill you. I'll kill you.

John Henry:
I just got down from the Isle of Skye
I'm not very big but I'm awful shy
The lassies shout as I walk by,
"Donald, Where's Your Trousers?"

Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low
Through the streets in my kilt I'll go
All the lassies cry, "Hello!
Donald, where's your trousers?"

I went to a fancy ball
It was slippery in the hall
I was afeared that I may fall
'Cos I nay had on trousers

Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low
Through the streets in my kilt I'll go
All the lassies cry, "Hello!
Donald, where's your trousers?"

The lassies love me every one
But they must catch me if they can
You canna put the breeks on a highland man, saying,
"Donald, where's your trousers?"

John Henry and Savannah:
Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low
Through the streets in my kilt I'll go
All the lassies cry, "Hello!
Donald, where's your trousers?"

I went down to London town
To have a little fun in the underground
Ladies turned their heads around, saying,
"Donald, where's your trousers?"

Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low
Through the streets in my kilt I'll go
All the lassies cry, "Hello!
Donald, where's your trousers?"

Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low
Through the streets in my kilt I'll go
All the lassies cry, "Hello!
Donald, where's your trousers?
Donald, where's your trousers?"