Previously on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Sarah: Whatever happened flipped a switch.

John: You're gonna kill me.

Cameron: I'm fixed now. Everything's perfect.

John: I'm not sure you can control it.

Cameron: I won't let that happen.

John: I lived in Mexico. That's where we're going.

Cameron: I can get her to tell me the truth.

John: Stay away from her.

Riley: I don't think I can do this any more. What if I want out?

Jesse: There is no out. You are here to keep John Connor away from her.

John: Riley.


Cameron: You shouldn't nest in the chimney. You're migratory. You need to find a mate. That's a window, bird. What am I going to do with you? A bird in a chimney is a fire hazard. I'm not supposed to kill you. But you can't stay here. Go.

Sarah: I was wondering when we'd see you again.

Riley: They make you rest a couple days.

Sarah: Does it help?

Riley: Not really. Is there any more somewhere?

Sarah: Yeah. Downstairs, under the sink.

Riley: Hi. I just needed a minute alone. I'm sorry.

John: Did she say something?

Riley: She asked me about it. To be nice, I think.

John: Well, it's nobody's business.

Riley: Well, it shouldn't have happened here. Or not at all.

John: It's in the past.

Riley: People don't forget about the past.

John: I'm not saying forget it. I'm saying it's in the past.

Derek: The sight's off.

Jesse: Give me.

Derek: It's nice being able to waste bullets on apples.

Jesse: Yeah, it's nice being able to waste apples.

Derek: April 21st, 2011. I never asked you for Judgement Day. Your Judgement Day.

Jesse: You're right about the sight.

Derek: April 21st, 2011. That's mine. What's yours?

Jesse: Whenever mine is, it might not be anymore. So don't fret about it, love. We'll know it when it happens.

Derek: I want you to help me with something.

Jesse: Didn't I just help you with something this morning in the shower?

Derek: There's a guy, he's got some information I need.

Jesse: So ask him.

Derek: Not that kind of guy. Not that kind of information.

Jesse: Skynet. I'm not here to stop the war, sweetie. I'm here to win it.

Derek: John Connor.

Jesse: John Connor.

Derek: You know, you keep saying that but... I don't know what it means. I'm the one living with him.

Jesse: How's that working out for you? Is metal alive and well? Sarah running you around?

Derek: I'm here. I'm asking you. Either help me with my plan or show me some progress on yours.

Jesse: Okay. What do you need?

Sarah: There was a stack of research here, on that lawyer. The one who set up the drone shell company.

Cameron: Derek took it.

Sarah: When?

Cameron: While you were gone.

Sarah: So he's chasing it down?

Cameron: I don't know.

Sarah: He should keep me in the loop. It's my loop.

Cameron: You've been distracted.

Sarah: I was kidnapped.

Cameron: Which is distracting.

Sarah: Talk to me about Riley. What happened the day she tried to kill herself?

Cameron: She was very upset. John could tell. She had a bruise on her face.

Sarah: Who gave her the bruise?

Cameron: John thought it was her foster dad. She said it was a door.

Sarah: Liar. Then what?

Cameron: Riley cut her wrists like this. She almost bled to death.

Sarah: Do you think it was her foster dad?

Cameron: It's hard to say. We don't know much about Riley.

Sarah: We should know more.

Cameron: I know where she lives. I'll go talk to her foster parents.

Sarah: I'll go. My loop.

Cameron: I killed a bird.

John: Not the one in the chimney?

Cameron: I thought you should know.

John: A bird did that?

Cameron: No, I did that. Look. The bird experienced an involuntary movement of my fingers. It was fragile.

John: Wiggle your fingers. Yeah, there's damage, but it's buried pretty deep in there.

Cameron: I don't know how it happened.

John: It was probably during a fight. You're not designed to fight other machines. All right, look, maybe I could swap this out. But it's not like we just have spare parts lying around. You're supposed to burn the endos.

Cameron: Not all of them.

John: Says who?

Cameron: You.

John: What, future me?

Cameron: Future you.

John: Yeah, why doesn't that surprise me?

Cameron: I have damage to my hand and now you're able to fix it. Future John has better information than you do.

Riley: Jesse, she's gonna kill me.

Jesse: What? Who?

Riley: Her. Cameron.

Jesse: What happened? What did it do?

Riley: I saw something, the metal.

Jesse: The metal?

Riley: She cut her wrist.

Jesse: Why did it cut itself?

Riley: I don't know, but I saw the metal and she knows that I saw it.

Jesse: Sweetie, if she knew you saw, you'd be dead.

Riley: I can't go back there.

Jesse: I wonder what's wrong with it. Has it been acting strange?

Riley: Strange? Everything she does is strange. Did you not hear me? I can't go back there.

Jesse: Of course you can, dear. You put one foot in front of the other and master your fear. Remember the mission.

Riley: There's gotta be another way.

Jesse: Trust me, there is only one way. I won't let Cameron hurt you. I won't let anyone hurt you.

Aaron: Here's one from my private stash. Kay doesn't buy the kind with sugar or caffeine. But what's the point?

Sarah: I hear you. It must have been a shock, what happened to Riley.

Aaron: What's John say?

Sarah: Getting anything out of that boy is like pulling teeth. But he did say that she seemed upset that day and she had a bruise on her face.

Aaron: Bruise?

Sarah: I'm a patient person but I swear, there have been times... Kids, they know how to push your buttons. I'm just saying, if someone was to lose their temper, get physical...

Aaron: You know, if by "someone" you mean me...

Sarah: These things do happen.

Aaron: These things do happen, but not the way you're thinking. Not... Not by a long shot. That girl assaulted my wife. Went absolutely nuts. Started yelling about the world burning up and bleached skulls or some such nonsense.

Sarah: She said that?

Aaron: I wanted to report it. Kay wouldn't let me. Now I wish I had, with you coming here, accusing us.

Sarah: I'm not accusing anybody.

Aaron: First, your kid drops out of school, then so does she. Next thing, we've got a guidance counselor at our door. Even she thinks John's a bad influence.

Sarah: A guidance counselor?

Aaron: She had a lot to say about you and your family. I was willing to dismiss it as gossip until I met you.

Sarah: Do you have her name?

Aaron: Keep John away from Riley. She's been through enough.

John: Okay, clench your fist. And, okay, now fingers straight. Okay. Are you feeling any different?

Cameron: Yes.

John: Are you all fixed?

Cameron: I don't know.

John: Well, just try not to kill any more birds.

Cameron: You're ahead of schedule.

John: With what?

Cameron: What you need to learn.

Sarah: I know it's just recon, Derek, but I can't have you running off like that. I gotta go. Ms. Wilson, thanks for coming.

Jesse: Ms. Baum. So your family's moved around a lot, I take it?

Sarah: Unfortunately, my job requires it. It's been difficult on John. Hard to make friends.

Jesse: I can imagine.

Sarah: That's why I was so happy when Riley first came home with him. I didn't realize she was so troubled.

Jesse: Foster kids like these, it's hard to tell. A lot of them come from broken homes, abuse.

Sarah: Where did she come from?

Jesse: An orphan out of Riverside. Her parents died in a fire in a meth lab. It's tragic.

Sarah: I met her foster dad. He said you'd talked to him about us.

Jesse: I was curious about why it happened in your home. In your bathroom.

Sarah: I have no idea. My main concern is that the girl get help.

Jesse: Of course.

Sarah: I've only known her a short while, but I've grown fond of her.

Jesse: It's funny. She thinks you don't like her.

Sarah: That's not the case.

Jesse: So you're the one who took her to the hospital afterwards?

Sarah: No. I was out of town.

Jesse: So there was no adult supervision in the household at the time?

Sarah: John's uncle. He stays with us sometimes.

Jesse: Yeah, Riley's mentioned the uncle. Uncle Derek.John's uncle on his father's side.

Sarah: We're not involved if that's what you're getting at.

Jesse: I'm not getting at anything. I'm just trying to paint a picture. Do you think it's wise to have an unattached adult male hanging around a pretty teenage girl who's obviously so desperate for attention?

Sarah: What, did she say something about him?

Jesse: She might have. If she did, it's confidential.

Sarah: Ms. Wilson, look. John's a good kid. Whatever's going on with this girl, he's trying to be her friend. He's trying to help her.

Jesse: Like by taking her to Mexico?

Sarah: Mexico?

Jesse: Riley said she and John took a trip to Mexico. I don't have to tell you that transporting a minor across the border without her parents' permission is a federal offense.

Sarah: I didn't know. Obviously, I will talk to my son.

Jesse: Ms. Baum, I'm not out to get anyone here. My sense is that you're a decent person and hard-working mom. I'm a big believer in keeping your own house in order. So why don't I let you handle this our way? For now.

Sarah: I'd appreciate that.

Jesse: Consider it done.

Nurse: Keep taking the antibiotics.

Riley: That's it?

Nurse: Why? Is there something else you need, sweetie?

Riley: No.

Nurse: Because we really could use the room.

Cameron: What are you doing?

John: I'm looking up a restaurant address.

Cameron: Are you hungry?

John: Yeah, but, uh, this is actually for Derek. That Kaliba lawyer he's been tracking. The guy's got a booth reserved there.

Cameron: Not an ideal location for Derek to acquire his target. It's underground and, according to this, crowded with friendly people. Hard to dispose of the body.

John: I don't think that's gonna be necessary. Derek's just gonna follow him and grab him and press him about Kaliba.

Cameron: To see if it's connected to Skynet?

John: Exactly.

Cameron: It's going to be necessary. I'll make you a sandwich.

John: Wait, why?

Cameron: You're hungry.

John: Why don't we let hungry be my problem?

Cameron: Sometimes it's nice to have help.

John: How's the hand?

Cameron: Not a problem.

John: Aren't you supposed to be really good at self-repair?

Cameron: Yes.

John: But sometimes it's nice to have help.

Cameron: Yes.

John: Well, I'll make my own sandwich.

Working Girl: This one taken?

Derek: No.

Girl: You buying?

Derek: Nope.

Girl: I could, uh, introduce you to Davey.

Derek: I'm here for business, not pleasure, thanks.

Girl: My mistake. That one, huh? What's he do, anyway?

Derek: Lawyer.

Girl: Ha.

Derek: He ever buy you a drink?

Girl: Once or twice.

Derek: How'd the muscle feel about that?

Girl: They very much enjoy the show. It's nice having an audience.

Man: Excuse me, sir?

Ko Samuels: Yeah? Okay. Come on.

John: Yeah, so you're coming over later, right? Yeah, we'll just watch a movie or something. Hmm. Okay, I'll see you soon.

Sarah: I just had an interesting conversation with a guidance counselor from your old school.

John: Oh, I, uh, forgot to send in that quarterly homeschooling thing.

Sarah: Actually, that didn't come up. The main topic of conversation was Riley.

John: What about her?

Sarah: She has a lot to say about you and me and Derek. And Mexico.

John: A school counselor told you this?

Sarah: All those things. From a stranger's lips to my own ears, John.

John: No, that doesn't make any sense.

Sarah: And I talked to her foster dad. I would've talked to him longer, but he asked me to leave. He thinks we're the reason she tried to kill herself.

John: Because of Mexico?

Sarah: Because Riley had a violent breakdown about bleached skulls and the end of the world.

John: I haven't told her anything.

Sarah: I don't believe you.

John: Well, I swear to God I've said nothing. I'll talk to her.

Sarah: It might be too late for that.

John: Well, what do you want me to do?

Sarah: I want you to prepare yourself for what's gonna happen when Cameron finds out.

John: Cameron. Do you think it's possible for me to know something future John doesn't know?

Cameron: That's hard to know. It seems unlikely.

John: Do you think it's possible for me to know something you don't know?

Cameron: Are you asking me if future John kept secrets from me? I'm sure he did.

Riley: Is John here?

Sarah: Yeah. You owe him an explanation for all the things you said.

Riley: What I've said?

Sarah: To your foster dad, to your guidance counselor.

Riley: Guidance counselor?

Sarah: You're a terrible liar. You don't owe me. It's him who put his trust in you.

John: People know things, Riley. True things. They know about Mexico.

Riley: John, why would I spill my guts to my foster dad? Or to a guidance counselor? I've never said anything to anyone, I swear. What would I even say? Could we go somewhere more private, please?

Sarah: You expecting someone else?

John: No. It's someone with a clipboard.

Sarah: May I help you?

Molly: Hi there. I'm Molly Malloy. I'm with the Department of Child and family Services.

Sarah: How can I help you?

Molly: Well, I was hoping that I could speak with you about Riley Dawson. She's not here, is she?

John: No, she's not.

Molly: Are you John?

John: Yes.

Sarah: What's this regarding?

Molly: Would it be easier if I came in for a quick chat? Thank you.

Cameron: This is your fault.

Riley: What's my fault?

Cameron: You're the reason that person is here.

Riley: You're John's sister. You can't keep me here.

Cameron: They don't always like the way I do things.

Molly: I've heard you keep guns in the home which, of course, is every American's right.

Sarah: For security. We were robbed.

Molly: Have you ever carried a weapon outside of the house?

Can I ask again what this is about?

Molly: I'm clearing up a few details about what environment you've got for kids like Riley or even John here. I did a little search and couldn't find a concealed-weapons permit in your name.

John: Check the state of New Mexico.

Molly: Hmm. Well, out-of-state permits aren't valid in California.

John: True, but we have 60 days to file an ownership report with the DOJ.

Molly: Sharp kid. I'll be on the lookout for that.

Cameron: What am I going to do with you?

Riley: I don't understand. I don't know what you mean.

Cameron: Children and family Services respond to complaints. Are you a complainer?

Riley: No. No, I never told them anything. What would I even tell them?

Cameron: You don't belong here. John isn't right for you and you're not right for him. He can't see that.

Riley: Stop. Please. You're freaking me out.

Cameron: You're unreliable. I don't know what you do.

Riley: I'm just John's girlfriend. That's it.

Cameron: You can't be John's girlfriend. You're a threat. You can't stay here anymore but I can't let you leave.

Riley: You're John's sister.

Cameron: What am I going to do with you?

Riley: Nothing. You can't do anything to me because you're John's sister. Get it through your head. You're just his sister.

John: Riley, come with me. All right. Ahem. You go wait outside for me, okay? Were you gonna kill her?

Cameron: I don't know what I was going to do.

John: What do you mean you did not know what you're gonna do? Since when do you not know what you're gonna do?

Cameron: I don't know. I should've killed her. She's a threat to you.

John: That is not your decision to make.

Cameron: It's usually not a decision.

John: Well, obviously, it is this time. And it's not yours. What's happening with you?

Cameron: I don't know.

Riley: I didn't make that call.

John: I know that. I believe you, really. Riley, is there anything you wanna tell me?

Riley: About what?

John: About anything. Is there anything you wanna tell me?

Riley: John...

John: Because today is the day. Today is the day where you tell me whatever it is you might wanna tell me. Today.

Riley: No. But is there anything that you wanna tell me, John? Because you're right. I think today is the day.

John: No.

Derek: You're late. Where have you been?

Jesse: I was hungry, and I hate room service. What's all this?

Derek: Recon on our guy. He's got security 24/7. Two 12-hour shifts. Four guys total, armed. The place he's staying at is up in the hills. High walls, lots of cameras, guys with guns.

Jesse: We should take this slow.

Derek: No. No slow. He's chartered a flight out of the country. We'll grab him on the way to the airport. A moving target with a precise window. The roads there are narrow and isolated.

Jesse: I'm not sure I can do this.

Derek: What do you mean, you're not sure you can do this? You're in.

Jesse: I'm out of practice. You've got your people.

Derek: My people seem distracted. What about you? Twenty-thirty tonight. Bring a vehicle so you can block the road. You pin down the guards. I'll snatch up the lawyer.

Jesse: Derek.

John: Look, she didn't rat us out. She trusted someone. They sold her out.

Sarah: Who?

John: She won't tell me who.

Sarah: This is not good, John. This could mean a lot of very bad things.

Riley: I know, Jesse. I know.

Jesse: Let go. What the hell are you doing?

Riley: What are you doing?

Jesse: I don't know what you're talking about. Just calm down.

Riley: You wanted him to care about me.

Jesse: Of course.

Riley: To like me.

Jesse: Of course.

Riley: Even to love me.

Jesse: Of course, sweetie. We talked about it a thousand times. That was the plan.

Riley: But that wasn't enough, right? And you knew it wasn't enough. She's supposed to kill me, right? That's it. That's the real plan.

Jesse: That's absurd.

Riley: No, it's not. You knew that was the only thing that would turn John against her. She's supposed to kill me. You called the DCFS. You called my foster parents. You called my school. How could you do that to me? I trusted you. I loved you.

Jesse: I rescued you from hell and I took you to paradise! I gave you a purpose. A chance to be a hero. You know how few people get a chance for their lives to mean something? For their deaths to mean something? I made you matter.

Riley: Stop! Stop!

Jesse: You could've been beautiful but you're just a coward.

John: I can't find her.

Cameron: If she's out there, she'll call you. Eventually. She always does.

John: Cameron, did you...?

Cameron: You know I didn't.

John: What have you been doing? You've been out here for hours.

Cameron: Making something. For you.

John: What is it?

Cameron: You tried to fix me twice now. It's not working.

John: And?

Cameron: I'm not capable of self-termination.

John: Suicide.

Cameron: I can't kill myself, but you can.

John: Why would I wanna kill you?

Cameron: You might have to someday. I've planted an explosive in my skull near my chip. It's a small amount, but it's enough.

John: Enough?

Cameron: All you have to do is hit the switch.

John: What would future John do now?

Cameron: Future John doesn't live here, you do.