Previously on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Sarah: Where's the metal? Who are you?

Ed Winston: My name's Winston.

Derek: I talked to your mom. She found something in the desert. Sounds like it has something to do with those dots she's been after.

John: Is it real this time?

Derek: Well, the bullet in her leg sounds real. You stay, I'll go. You made your call. This is what living with it means.

John Henry: I detected this audio transmission on an unsecured line.

Man 1: Got a breach, man shot out at Heat and Air.

Man 2: Well, you know the drill. Shut the place down.


Man: Authorities are still trying to determine the cause of the blast which killed all 32 employees of the Desert Canyon Heat and Air plant earlier this week. A vigil is scheduled for today in Charm Acres, the desert enclave that served as a town for the workers and their families. Area schools and many of the town local businesses will be closed in observ...

Cameron: Native Americans believe that when their pictures are taken their souls are stolen and locked in the photograph forever.

Derek : I think you're safe.

John: God, I hate funerals.

Sarah: I hate Skynet.

John: Look, this sounded easy when we talked about it on the way up here, but now that I see all these people....

Sarah: Just find somebody to talk to, John.

John: Mom, everybody who knew anything about the factory is already dead.

Sarah: Well, I'm not.

John: Yeah, well, I guess you're lucky.

Sarah: I'd feel luckier if we could find somebody here who knew what was going on out there.

Derek: You'd never guess he had it in him.

Sarah: No. I see it.

John: That seat taken?

Zoe McCarthy: Are you gonna say annoying things?

John: Annoying things?

Zoe: "I can't believe it's happening". "It comes in waves". "I just feel numb".

John: No, I will try not to say those things. I'm John.

Zoe: Zoe. Yeah. So you know somebody in Charm Acres, John? Or are you just a sucker for a small-town, homey vigil?

John: My mom worked at the factory so she, uh, you know, came to pay her respects.

Zoe: So you got dragged along.

John: Little drag, also some push. Seemed like the right thing to do.

Zoe: Stupid thing to do. If you had a choice. Did you have a choice? Funeral crasher. Stupid funeral crasher. Am I crazy or is that girl creepily staring at us?

John: That would be my sister.

Zoe: I don't like that.

John: No. No reason to.

Zoe: That's my mom. My dad worked at the factory.

John: Sorry.

Zoe: I picked out his suit this morning. You know, to bury him in? I picked a gray one. Henry said I should've picked black. He looked better in gray, though. Speak of the Henry devil.

Henry: They're about to do the candle lighting.

John: Hi, I'm John. Is that your boyfriend?

Zoe: You know, he keeps applying for the job. I'm just not hiring. It was nice to meet you, John.

Mourner: Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning hush...

Walsh: Excuse me.

Diana Winston: He hated having his picture taken. You wouldn't know it by looking at him there, but he did.

Sarah: Excuse me, I'll leave you to...

Diana: No, no, no. It's okay. It's actually refreshing to see an unfamiliar face. Everybody here, all I see are the people that they've lost. All I see is what's missing.

Sarah: I'm Sarah.

Diana: Diana. Winston. So did you know my husband, Sarah?

Diana: Gene used to project old movies on his garage door. Every Saturday night during the summer there'd be couples out in the driveway with their beers and popcorn watching "Casablanca" or "Out of the Past" or "His Girl Friday". I just went for the free beer.

Sarah: I've been to a lot of places for that.

Diana: I can't remember the last movie that Ed and I saw together. Or when. I used to just leave his dinner in the fridge for whenever he came home.

Sarah: It wasn't the easiest place to work. I was only there for a few months, but long enough to figure that out.

Diana: I can't tell you how many times I wanted to make a call or write a letter to those people and ask them what kind of security they had Ed doing that kept him out of the house seven days a week. But you never do that.

Sarah: No one does that.

Diana: Not here.

Walsh: Yes, ma'am.

Weaver: Do you have him, Mr. Walsh?

Walsh: No, ma'am. He's proven a bit harder to locate than I had anticipated.

Weaver: You assured me it'd be a very simple job.

Walsh: I know, ma'am. Everyone I've spoken to thinks that he's dead. Died in the explosion at the factory.

Weaver: I can tell you he isn't. He didn't.

Walsh: I've got a good lead on him, ma'am.

Weaver: I hope so, Mr. Walsh.

Ellison: I must have missed the memo about wearing plaid today.

Murch: Oh, yeah. Don't worry, it's not a company policy. It's just something a few of us do. Paying homage, you know?

Ellison: To whom?

Murch: Weaver. Lachlan Weaver. Today's the anniversary of his death.

Ellison: Did you know him?

Murch: Yeah, he was... He was a great guy. You know, he was a genius. He was funny as hell. They both were, you know, back then.

Weaver: Good morning, Mr. Ellison. Mr. Murch.

Ellison: Ms. Weaver.

Weaver: Beautiful day, isn't it?

Minister: I'm going to say a few words about my friend Gene Miller but before I do, I wanna take this opportunity to thank everyone at Desert Heat and Air's parent company, The Kaliba Group for their generous donations to this service. And not just for the beautiful flowers you see around our chapel but also for the generosity and kindness they've extended to the families in this very difficult time.

Diana: Is this all it costs to buy us? Flowers and a few kind words? Where is anybody from the company? Have any of you seen anybody from the company? Has anybody ever seen anybody from the company? No. You have not.

Mourner: Diana.

Diana: Stop it.

Minister: Let us pray. Let us pray.

Diana: The first six years of our marriage we lived in nine states. Ed was in the military so when he got the chance to settle down you know, the nice company car, the big house, the even bigger salary I pushed him to take that job. Head of security for Desert Canyon Heat and Air. Come on, what kind of heat-and-air factory needs that kind of security? What did you do there?

Sarah: Me? Um. ,.. Coffee and sandwich cart. Waitress on wheels. I never knew what went on there.

Diana: No one does. Ed never said a damn thing about it, and every time I'd ask, he'd shut me down. So I stopped asking. We all did.

Sarah: None of this is your fault.

Diana: Ed was a decent man. Whatever went on there, he was a decent man.

Sarah: Decent people can get caught up in things.

Diana: I found these when I was going through Ed's things. I've never seen them before in my life. This one goes to a storage locker.

Sarah: You don't have a storage locker, do you?

Diana: No. I've been meaning to go there. But then I get scared. So I tell myself, some doors are better left unopened.

Sarah: Not this one.

Derek: Looks like you could use a lift.

Walsh: What's that?

Derek: A lift. You want one?

Walsh: Oh, yeah, sure.

Derek: Yeah?

Walsh: Uh, great, thanks. Appreciate it.

Derek: Condolences.

Walsh: It's not my funeral, but thanks. I'm an OSHA investigator. Looking into the explosion.

Derek: Hmm. Big change from being a cop.

Walsh: Yeah. Twenty-three years, Baltimore. Fourth Precinct. Pikesville. You a local?

Derek: My wife worked up at the plant. She, uh... She knew a lot of these people.

Walsh: My condolences.

Derek: So, what do you think?

Walsh: About what?

Derek: What happened.

Walsh: I think it's too early to tell.

Derek: Would you, even if you knew?

Walsh: Tell?

Derek: Yeah.

Walsh: No.

Derek: You know, people say it wasn't an accident.

Walsh: Is that right?

Derek: They say something was going on there other than heating and air conditioning.

Walsh: Something as in what, exactly?

Derek: That's what I'm asking you.

Walsh: Suppose you knew something was going on up there, what would you do?

Derek: Absolutely nothing.

Walsh: Absolutely nothing.

Derek: That's what I said.

Walsh: Thanks for the ride.

Derek: No problem.

Walsh: I think I'm gonna walk the rest of the way.

Derek: No problem. Good luck with your investigation.

Diana: Empty.

Sarah: Empty.

Diana: I did not know that man. I loved him, but I didn't know him.

Sarah: Sometimes that's for the best.

Diana: He called me. Ed did. Three days ago, for the last time. He must have dialed by accident.

Winston: My name is Winston. I install air conditioning, all right? Please don hurt me. I have a wife. What happened to him, Sarah?

Zoe: I can't die here. Somebody tell me I'm not gonna die here.

Henry: You won't die here.

Zoe: I hate these people. I don't relate to any of them.

Henry: Great. Thanks, Zoe.

Zoe: Hey, what if we just kept driving? Got on the highway and didn't stop till we hit somewhere amazing. The Grand Canyon.

John: I went there when I was a kid. My mom and I took mules down into the canyon.

Zoe: Sounds cool.

John: It would have been if my mule wasn't completely schizo. He ate my spare shirt.

Zoe: I've never been. Got a postcard from there once.

Henry: Seriously, if you start talking about Mike Thompson, I'm getting out of the car.

John: Boyfriend?

Zoe: Ex. And he was a good guy. Until he ditched me.

John: What happened?

Zoe: He was just like the rest of us. His mom worked at the plant. Mike was just a normal, funny guy. He liked watching Monty Python movies and playing lacrosse.

John: What happened to him?

Zoe: Apparently, his mom had violated some confidentiality agreement or something at the plant. They just up and left in the middle of the night. Mike never said a word about it. I woke up one morning and he was just gone. A few months later, I got a postcard from the Grand Canyon.

Henry: He was a real prize.

Zoe: Shut up, Henry.

Henry: Why don't you think about somebody besides yourself for once, huh? You're not the only person who's lost someone.

Cameron: Zoe's not in love with you.

Henry: What?

Cameron: She doesn't love you the way you love her.

Henry: Get out of the car.

Zoe: What?

Henry: I want them out.

Zoe: Henry, just go. Go.

John: Are you gonna go?

Henry: No. Hey, what...? What are you doing?

John: Get out.

Zoe: Make a right up here.

Henry: What the hell is going on?

Zoe: Look, I can't deal with another funeral, Henry. Not right now. Hey, do you wanna see something really messed up? One day you'll be out here, and they're lying there like that, dead. And the next day, they're gone.

Cameron: Like Mike.

Zoe: Yeah, like Mike.

John: What's killing them?

Henry: Idiots with guns.

Cameron: No bullet wounds.

Zoe: What are you, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman?

John: Maybe it's the water.

Cameron: You'd think people would've picked up on that.

Zoe: They always did wanna be rich. That's what Henry said. His mom wanted the good things. Be careful what you wish for, huh?

John: What do you mean?

Zoe: Insurance money. The company's agreed to pay. We're all rich. Woo-hoo.

John: What did Henry's father do at the plant anyway?

Zoe: He went to work in the morning, came home at night, didn't talk about it. Same as everybody else that worked there.

John: I don't get it. What's so secret about heating and air conditioning?

Zoe: The secret is it wasn't heating and air conditioning.

John: What was it?

Zoe: Some kind of government project. That's what I think. There's some smart people around here. Real smart.

John: So you think, what, that somebody sabotaged the plant and killed all these people? Your father?

Zoe: It wasn't an accident, John. Moo.

Sarah: The guy who shot me was either a serial killer or a true believer. His wife thinks he was murdered.

Derek: She's right. But nothing about the, uh, thing you think you saw? The drone or whatever?

Sarah: I don't think I saw it. I saw it. Who's he?

Derek: Looking for something. I figure the best way to find out what it is, is to let him find it.

Sarah: He made you. He'll try and lose you, but he doesn't know me. I'll handle it.

Derek: Always do.

Sarah: Skynet's here, Reese. I can feel it.

Derek: Hm.

Sarah: What?

Derek: You called me Reese again. That's what you used to call him, isn't it? Kyle? Maybe you should try to let him go.

Sarah: Maybe you should.

John: Is Henry gonna be okay?

Zoe: Henry smokes a lot of weed.

John: You know, my father died before I was even born.

Zoe: Yeah, well, my father's a pile of ashes somewhere, so I guess we're screwed.

John: I thought you picked out a gray suit to bury him in.

Zoe: Why am I even talking to you? You don't know me. You don't know what I'm going through. Stop trying to make it seem like you're some kind of sensitivity expert. You don't know anything.

Cameron: She's not crying.

John: She's not doing a lot of things.

Weaver: Mr. Ellison. Come in. You've changed your tie. Is that plaid?

Ellison: Yes, um. I went home at lunch. I hope you don't mind. I spoke to Mr. Murch and he spoke of...

Weaver: Lachlan's death.

Ellison: My sympathies.

Weaver: Yes. Thank you.

Ellison: I remember when my father died. He was a... He was a tough man. We didn't get along. Even so, it took me a long time to come to terms with his passing. I threw myself into work so I wouldn't have to.

Weaver: Was this recent?

Ellison: Recent enough.

Weaver: Then you understand.

Ellison: I do. So how does Savannah do with this?

Weaver: "Do"?

Ellison: How is she dealing with her father's death?

Weaver: Dr. Sherman was very helpful in that regard.

Ellison: Now he's gone too.

Weaver: Children are nothing if not resilient.

Ellison: I'm surprised she's not here.

Weaver: Why?

Ellison: Being the anniversary, I mean.

Weaver: Yes, I guess that is surprising. Dr. Sherman felt it was important for a child to maintain a regular routine. Today's not the day for excitement. Would you excuse me, Mr. Ellison? I'm feeling emotional.

Ellison: Yes. Of course.

Weaver: Victoria?

Victoria: Ms. Weaver?

Weaver: Find my daughter and bring her to me.

John: You know, there are times, and I'd have to say that this is one of them where it seems every logical step we take leads to the most bizarre place.

Derek: You mean crashing that poor guy's wake and eating his widow's shrimp skewers?

John: Yeah, Derek. I mean that. What's the point?

Derek: You know what the point is. Your mom thinks that factory was linked to Skynet.

John: Yeah. And you think she's nuts.

Derek: Doesn't mean I think she's wrong.

Cameron: She hasn't looked at her father's picture since we've been here. Not once. Neither has her mother.

Derek: Yeah. And?

Cameron: If you had a photo of Kyle Reese, you'd look at it, wouldn't you? Maybe there's something I don't understand.

John: He's not dead.

Derek: That's a big leap.

John: Let me repeat what she said. If you had a photo of your brother, would you not look at it?

Derek: He's not dead.

Cameron: We should find him before he is.

Zoe: What are you doing in my parents' room?

John: Your father's alive, isn't he?

Zoe: Get out. Let me go.

John: Zoe, I know you're scared. You wanna protect him. But you don't know what's been going on.

Zoe: Get away.

John: Let me help you.

Zoe: You can't.

John: Yes, I can.

Zoe: No.

Sarah: Derek?

Derek: Hey. Where are you?

Sarah: In a garage.

Derek: Garage? Where?

Sarah: It's a long story. Where are you?

Derek: We're at a wake. A fake wake.

Sarah: The whole place was wired. Every house in the neighborhood. Every move anyone ever made was being watched.

Derek: Skynet work camp. This is how they were set up. People working for the machines monitored by other people working for the machines.

Stella McCarthy: Who are you people?

Sarah: I need to know what they were building. I need to know who owned it, and I need to know right now.

Stella: I don't... How would I know?

Sarah: Because the tunnel led to your garage. That's how.

Stella: My husband's garage. Look, we don't know you people. From all we know you could be responsible for this. You could be some terrorist organization.

Sarah: We're some kind of terrorist organization. Believe me, if someone hadn't blown up that plant, I would. Now, where is your husband?

Stella: He's dead.

John: No. He's not dead. Yet.

Zoe: Wait. Wait, please. He's innocent. He is. John, you have to believe me.

John: No, I don't have to.

Zoe: I was with him when he got news everyone was dead. He freaked out. He was trying to figure out what to do, and he didn't know what to do. He was scared. Like we all are.

John: What were they building at the plant?

Stella: Nobody knows.

Sarah: How can you not know? How can any of you not know? How can you sleepwalk through your lives?

John: Just tell us what they were building at the plant.

Stella: Just stop it. He told us he was gonna play dead. He told us everybody died, that he should've died and it would be better if that's what everybody thought. That's what he said. You think I'm sad, that I am pathetic. That I just sleepwalked through all of this. Well, maybe you're right. Maybe I looked the other way. We all did. Every one of us. Maybe that's not what you think you would do but that's what most people do.

Zoe: Mom, you don't owe them...

Stella: There's no plant now. No plant. No Charm Acres. But it is a lot of insurance money. Enough for my family to get lost and start over. So I didn't ask any questions. Why would I start now, when we are so close?

Cameron: Look at this. I pulled this from the archives.

Zoe: Mike?. Daddy?

Sarah: You may not like asking questions but me, once I get started, I can't stop.

John: Mom. I think I know where he might be.

Diana: Hey. Excuse me. I've been watching you. You wanna know what I see?

Sarah: What do you see, Diana?

Diana: Ed would say, you don't smell right.

Sarah: Well, I guess Ed would know.

Diana: Look, I deserve the truth. I opened up to you.

Sarah: Sometimes it's better not to ask too many questions.

Weaver: You're crying.

Savannah: No.

Weaver: Yes, you are. Come here. I want to tell you something. I remember when my father died. He was a tough man. We didn't get along. Even so, it took me a long time to come to terms with his passing. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Savannah: I miss Daddy.

Weaver: What do you miss about him?

Savannah: He used to read me stories.

Weaver: I can read you a story.

Savannah: He did it better.

Weaver: You know, any time you want to see your father, we have videos.

Savannah: It's not the same.

Weaver: Why?

Savannah: I can't sit on his lap.

Weaver: Come, sit on my lap.

Savannah: Your lap is cold.

Weaver: I know.

Sarah: Where are we, John? What is this place?

John: I don't know.