Previously on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Sarah: What does this mean to you? I keep seeing it in my dreams, John.
It means something.

Cameron: Weirdo. Kook. Nut. I've been reading the dictionary. I don't

Sarah: Whatever happened with the explosion flipped a switch.

Cameron: You don't know what you are about to do. I love you, John, and
you love me.

John: And your name is?

Riley: It's Riley. What's the matter? Never brought a girl home before?

John: No.

Cameron: Riley climbed out John's window.

Sarah: Now is not the time for this.

John: Well, when is the time?

Cameron: You bring danger into Riley's life.

John: I'm gonna keep seeing Riley even if everyone thinks it's a bad idea.

Cameron: I understand that it's a bad idea.

John: So don't worry about it and be happy you're a machine.

Cameron: I'm a machine. I can't be happy.


Sarah: Anything yet?

John: I've dumped about 50,000 websites. There are hundreds of companies
with three dots in the logo.

Sarah: Organic fruit, candles, dog collars, baby wipes, ice cream.

John: Nothing screams Skynet like baby wipes and ice cream.

Sarah: Keep looking.

John: It is something you saw in a dream.

Sarah: And written in blood on the wall so it means something. Will you
just keep looking?

John: Tomorrow. I'm beat.

Sarah: You never sleep. Make yourself useful.

John: Most efficient killing machine ever invented. You got her doing
laundry. You do never sleep.

Cameron: One glazed. One rainbow sprinkle. One cinnamon twist.

Eric: You never forget, do you?

Cameron: No. I don't.

Eric: So how was Mexico? Did you get to see your buddy down there?

Cameron: Where's the rest of him? He was gone when we got there.

Eric: After you went all that way? Bummer.

Cameron: Yes, it was a bummer.

Eric: Is your brother still seeing that crazy blond?

Cameron: Yes. It's become a problem. She snuck out the window one night
and left the alarm off. We got robbed.

Eric: No way. Did you catch who did it?

Cameron: Everything worked out fine.

Eric: That's a pretty Zen attitude.

Cameron: The robbed that smiles steals something from the thief.

Eric: You read Othello?

Cameron: You asked me to.

Eric: Did you like it?

Cameron: It was more violent than I expected.

Eric: I should've warned you.

Cameron: No. Everything worked out fine. You're not eating your doughnuts.

Eric: Oh.... Later.

Cameron: Do you have "A History of California Field Artillery"? I'm
interested in the ancient muzzle-loading rifles used during the Modoc
Indian War.

Eric: Uh, in the California room. I have a big week. Paper due on Thursday.
Peter the Great's war with the Turks and the technological modernization of
Imperial Russia. It's better than it sounds. What are you looking at?

Cameron: Him. I know him.

Eric: Not unless you're about, oh, 110 years old. That photo's from 1920.
See? December 31 st, 1920.

Cameron: What was he doing in 1920? What is this picture from?

Eric: Famous New Year's Eve speakeasy fire, during Prohibition.
Forty-three people died. There were rumors someone threw a Molotov
cocktail through the door. Lots of rivalries between the different
speakeasy clubs.

Cameron: I need to know what happened to him.

John: Hello.

Riley: John? Can you come get me?

John: Where? What's wrong?

Riley: 341 Groue Way in Van Nuys. Can you please just come?

Eric: Most periodicals from the '20s haven't been transferred to digital,
so this could take a while. But fire that big, there's always survivor
stories. Like with the Titanic. You know, there's only one Titanic
survivor left: Millvina Dean. Of course, she was 2 months old when it
happened so her story isn't particularly instructive.

Cameron: You're a very happy person.

Eric: I am?

Cameron: I don't know that many happy people.

Eric: Well, I guess that's my own little survivor story. Of course, having
bone cancer was like being the Titanic and the iceberg. So why do you wanna
find out about this guy?

Cameron: I'm interested in the past. It affects everything in the future.

Eric: Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.

Cameron: Or die. What's wrong?

Eric: A little cold in here.

Cameron: It's 76 degrees. Check this one. D6.

Eric: That's him. That's the guy from the fire.

Cameron: Who's that other man?

Eric: Rudolph Valentino. The greatest silent-film star of all time? Ugh.
You kids today with your rock 'n' roll and your obsession with medieval
siege weapons.

Cameron: "Rudolph Valentino and Myron Stark at the premiere of 'The
Sheik'". What was Stark doing there?

Eric: Living it up on the red carpet.

Stark: I enjoyed your film very much, Mr. Valentino.

Valentino: Thank you.

Stark: I thought your decision to return the gun to Lady Diana to protect
herself from the caravan of thieves was misguided given that she was a
security risk.

Cameron: Stark is shaking hands with Valentino, but look at his eye line.
He's looking at that man.

Eric: Rupert Chandler. Check out that hat.

Cameron: We could search the city and county records for more on Stark.
Where are they?

Eric: Basement. Vital Records. But it's locked and I don't have the key.
You'll have to come back in the morning and talk with Barry. Excuse me.
Where are you going?

Gail: Excuse me. Hi. Looking for someone?

John: Uh, yeah, Riley. Blond girl?

Gail: Uh.... I barely know Mike's friends. Gail Silver, Mike's mom.

John: Oh, hi. I'm John. Let me help you with these.

Mike: Oh.... This is the wrong kind.

Gail: You said "beer". How come you never introduced me to your friend

Mike: Because he's not my friend. He's some loner weirdo who dropped out
of school. What are you doing here?

John: Just looking for somebody.

Gail: And being helpful. You could learn a lesson from him.

Mike: What, like sucking up to Mom? Is TV in your room broken? It's kind
of hard to relax if you're out here.

Gail: I gotcha. I'm going.

John: I didn't know you could just send
your mom to her room.

Mike: Yeah, so? Who you looking for?

John: Girl named Riley.

Mike: I know Riley. I got your beer.

Riley: Thanks. Okay, thanks. Hi.

John: What are you doing? You called me all upset. What's going on?

Riley: Oh, that was just... This guy was bothering me. That's all.

John: Well, I have a car, let's go.

Riley: No, it's cool now. Come on, we can hang out a little bit.

John: Hang out? I only came to get you. I'm sorry. It's cool. We can stay.

Eric: Are you trying to get me fired?

Cameron: No.

Eric: Then what are you doing down here?

Cameron: Looking for records on Myron Stark. I don't think he was who
everyone thinks he was.

Eric: I let you in, after hours, whenever you want. And for you to go and
do this? Exactly what I tell you not to? Really not cool.

Cameron: Well, I need the information.

Eric: And I need this job. You broke the lock.

Cameron: I'll fix it.

Eric: Just put it back. Put it all back. Don't.

Cameron: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gone down there.

Eric: Forget it. It's no big deal.

Cameron: Yes, it is. We're friends. I don't really have many friends.
Actually, I don't have any friends.

Eric: You? That can't be true. So did you find anything out down there?

Cameron: No. There's no record of Myron Stark before the fire.

Eric: Dead end.

Cameron: I don't like dead ends.

Eric: He could've been an immigrant. Came through Ellis Island. Shortened
his name. Worked his way up from nothing. It's the immigrant spirit.
Single-minded pursuit of a goal. Never giving up. Buying into the American

Cameron: An effective strategy.

Eric: Either that or he robbed banks. What?

Cameron: Can you show me police records?

Man 1: Shortly after 2 p.m., a lone robber held up the La Brea Sauings
and Loan. Witnesses say the masked man, armed with a Thomson submachine
gun and a daring disregard for human life, opened fire. Eight citizens
were felled and did not live to tell about it. This is the third bank
robbed in this fashion in recent weeks. Detective, can you tell us how
much was looted from the vault?

Man 2: Over 70,000 in cash, silver and liberty bonds.

Man 1: Was the robber injured in the fray?

Man 2: Police let fly with a hail of bullets. The robber was hit with
nearly 30 rounds, but escaped on foot.

Man 1: How in God name did he survive?

Man 2: That has not been ascertained. But a manhunt is under way.

Eric: You really think he robbed banks?

Cameron: It's a very effective strategy.

Eric: But why? What did he need it for?

Cameron: To buy into the American dream.

Eric: Stark bought parcels of land in the San Fernando Valley Burbank,
Sunland, Van Nuys.

Cameron: Two days after the last heist.

Eric: What'd he do with all that land?

Cameron: He built houses. I found this application for a business license.

Man: This is Worldwide News. Myron Stark versus Rupert Chandler. A classic
David versus Goliath. Real-estate magnate and builder Rupert Chandler was
the undisputed king of the expanding San Fernando Valley. But along came a
young upstart, Myron Stark. What started as a one-man operation soon grew
into a thriving business that went head-to-head with the largest builder
in the county. Stark spoke six languages, paid double his competitors
and treated all of his workers equally regardless of their employment
history or citizen status. Stark himself could always be found shoulder
to shoulder with his workers, a pickax in his strong hands. Soon Stark
and company became a thorn in the side of his rival. His meteoric rise
threatened to topple the king Chandler from his throne. Chandler's top
foreman, Fred Jeffers, was recently asked about the rivalry. To hear
Jeffers tell it, "Wee not worried. Fly-by-nights like Stark come and
go. Chandler's an established company with contracts booked through
1925. We'll crush him like a bug." Upon hearing Jeffers' fighting words
Stark was reported to reply simply, "We'll see."

Eric: Here's more on Chandler and Jeffers, and something really strange.
Fred Jeffers, Rupert Chandler's man, went missing back in 1925. Was never
found. What is this?

Cameron: A 17-round Glock 9 mm semiautomatic.

Eric: Why do you have it?

Cameron: In case I need it.

Eric: Have you ever used it?

Cameron: Yes.

Eric: Are you in trouble?

Cameron: No.

Eric: Are you afraid of someone?

Cameron: Afraid? No.

Eric: I've seen cuts on your face. There was one last week. You were
wearing makeup, but...

Cameron: Sometimes I get into fights.

Eric: Why?

Cameron: My brother. There are people out to hurt him. I protect him.

Eric: Who protects you?

Cameron: I do.

Eric: Why are we doing this? Why is Myron Stark so important?

Cameron: He was doing something and it doesn't make sense to me. I need
to find out what it was.

Eric: None of this makes sense to me. Not you, not the gun, not the guy in
the photograph.

Cameron: I know.

Eric: I never fired a gun before.

Cameron: Do you want to?

Eric: Sure, but... Wait. No. No. We can't do this here.

Cameron: Grip it with both hands. Squeeze the trigger slowly. Slowly.

Eric: Oh...

Man [on video game]: Game over!

Alex: Oh...

Mike: Yeah.

Riley: Oh, my God, I'm terrible at this. John?

John: No, I don't know how.

Mike: What, you live in a cave? Come on.

John: What am I supposed to do?

Riley: I have no idea. I just pushed those buttons at random.

John: And you sucked.

Riley: Hey, check you out, Mr. Normal.

Mike: Kill him, Alex.

Riley: Come on, Johnny. I'm rooting for you.

Mike: Dude, you suck. Hey, come on. Kill him, Alex. Boom!

John: I'm gonna go. Stay if you want.

Riley: John, wait.

John: This was a mistake.

Riley: I'm coming with you.

Mike: Whoa, whoa. You're going? With that weirdo?

Riley: Yeah. I'm sorry. We have to go.

Mike: No, no, wait. Give me my lighter back.

Riley: Your what?

Mike: You took my lighter.

Riley: No. No. Come on, John.

Mike: Give it to me. Give it.

Riley: Get off me.

John: Leave her alone.

Mike: No one's talking to you, weirdo.

Riley: Don't. Stop.

John: Come on.

Mike: Hey.

Riley: Watch out, man.

Mike: Give it to me, you screwy *****.

Riley: John. John.

Mike: Take the damn lighter.

Riley: Come on, John. Let's get out of here. Come on.

Field Reporter: I'm out here on Mulholland Drive, where a hiker
has discovered what appears to be the body of a man who died over
60 years ago. Tom Jacobs was out for an early-morning walk when he
spotted a piece of metal in the ravine. Tom?

Tom: Well, I saw what looked like the bumper of a car. But when I got
closer I could see that it was one of those old-timey ones, you know,
like you see in the movies. And then I saw the bones.

Field Reporter: Personal effects found in the vehicle reveal the remains
to be those of Fred Jeffers, a man who disappeared in the 1920s.

Fred: Wait. What are you doing? What do you?.. What do you want?
No. Wait. Stop. No! Aah!

Eric: "Jeffers' disappearance was a terrible blow for Chandler who endured
a string of tragedies starting with the death of his beloved son, Will
who died on New Year's Eve, 1920." New Year's Eve, 1920.

Police Officer: Let's get him out of here. That's Rupert Chandler's boy.
Let's cover him up, let's get him out of here. Come on.

Cameron: Will Chandler died in the speakeasy fire.

Eric: And Myron Stark was there. So there must be a connection.

Riley: I thought you were gonna kill that guy.

John: Why'd you call me?

Riley: Because... I wanted you to come.

John: Weird way of showing it.

Riley: Oh, the flirting-with-Mike thing? I'm a teenage girl, John.
We do that kind of crap to guys we like.

John: The loner weirdo? I don't get it. I've never gotten it.

Riley: My old foster parents were these '60s hippies always talking like
they were single-handedly saving the world because they recycled. They
called me "the deviant". Like, "The deviant got a C in math". "Should we
take the deviant to see Bruce Hornsby?" That's why I came up to you that
day, John. Because I thought, since you're a weirdo you might get me.

John: My foster parents used to call me "the delinquent". So you did
take the lighter.

Riley: I like shiny things. Bad habit.

John: What happened to your real parents?

Riley: They died when I was little. In a fire. Why were you in a foster
home? You have your mom.

John: She was in a mental hospital.

Riley: Well, that explains things.

John: She was engaged once. He was a pretty good guy. It didn't work out
but... he was kind of the only friend we had. A little while ago he,
uh, helped us with something. There was an accident, and his new wife
died. And he left. That's what happens. I shouldn't be around people.

Riley: Is that why you went nuclear on Mike?

John: No, that's... That's other stuff.

Riley: Do you want to talk about it?

John: Sometimes, yes. Mostly no.

Riley: But sometimes yes.

Cameron: I found Will Chandler's obituary.

Eric: I'm kind of peeing right now. Can't it wait?

Cameron: Four hundred people came to his funeral. He had a lot of friends.

Eric: His father had a lot of money. There's a difference.

Cameron: I think Stark killed him.

Eric: We don't even know if they knew each other. And if Stark wanted to
kill Chandler, why take out 43 innocent people?

Cameron: It happens. Do you ever think about dying?

Eric: About what?

Cameron: Or about suicide?

Eric: Why would I think about that?

Cameron: Because there's something wrong with you.

Eric: Gee, don't ever look for work as a counselor. I've never thought
about killing myself. Not for a minute. It would destroy my mom, for one.
I mean I couldn't do that to my family. To the people who love me. Could
you? Anyways, I'm not sick anymore. I mean, I have to get a scan every
six months but... so far, I'm clean. Earlier, when I cross-referenced
the names of survivors from the fire this woman's name came up in a
documentary about the Roaring '20s.

Cameron: It might tell us more about what happened inside the speakeasy.

Eric: Film vault's on the top floor. You'll have to go alone.

Cameron: Why?

Eric: No wheelchair access. Whoa. Whoa! You're really strong.

Cameron: I work out.

Eric: Wow, look at all this. DVDs are all right, but this is the real
deal. Silver nitrate. Raw. Before filmmakers figured out all the tricks.
Pure humanity on film. None of that computer-generated digital crap they
do today. All these people, captured, frozen in time. They never age. I
mean, a hundred years can pass they'll still be here, still look exactly
the same. Would be nice, wouldn't it? Freeze yourself in a moment.
The best moment of your life. Have things never change. Be beautiful,
healthy, strong. Anyway, don't let me get all A.E. Housman on you.
Uh.... The documentary's up there.

Ruby: We would go out to the gin joints every weekend. We'd drink and
smoke and dance the black bottom and the Charleston, the shimmy. Ha-ha. I
was a real bearcat back then. And I was crazy in love with this
prizefighter. We were together there, the night when the fire started.
He was helping everybody out. And I just remember... sitting on the
curb, crying. People said that someone threw a bomb in the door. Well,
to tell you the truth, I was pretty zozzled. That's what we called it
then. But I didn't see a bomb. Uh... What I did see was this, um, this
flash of blue light and sparks. Then the craziest thing. This man,
in the middle of the room, naked as jaybird. Well, I don know, maybe
I just imagined the whole thing, who knows? Probably the liquor talking.

Cameron: The fire, it was an accident.

Eric: Yeah, sounds like there was some electrical problem.

Cameron: He didn't mean to kill all those people.

Eric: No, of course not.

Cameron: It's just like in the Wizard of Oz when the house falls on
the witch.

Stark: Give me your clothes.

Eric: Hey, where are you going?

Cameron: I know what he was looking at. He was measuring the star's
radial velocity the distance in parsecs, and the Cartesian coordinates.

Eric: What? Why?

Cameron: To pinpoint the date.

Eric: You can tell the date by looking at the sky?

Cameron: Stellar motion can be used to calculate what the sky will look
like for hundreds of years in the future or the past.

Eric: Why is the date so important?

Cameron: It's not. Unless it's the wrong date. Myron Stark was in the
wrong place at the wrong time. "If we cry because the sun has gone out
of our lives our tears can prevent us from seeing the stars".

Eric: Chandler's eulogy for his son?

Cameron: "Today is a day for mourning, but it is also a day to remember
my son, a gifted young man with a grand heart. A budding architect, his
dream was to build Pico Tower on the corner of Third and Pico. That was
his land, the soil where his dreams were to take root. It will remain
his land forever, never to be sold or developed. Instead, his legacy
will live on, in a memorial garden I will plant there in his honor".

Eric: That can't be right. There is a Pico Tower in downtown L.A.
It's an architectural landmark. We took a field trip there in third grade.

Cameron: Someone must have built it.

Eric: Tax records. They show Chandler's rivalry with Stark cost him
everything. His business went under in July 1925. His assets were
auctioned off to pay off his debt including the property at Third
and Pico. Bankruptcy, tragic accidents, the death of a beloved son.
It's like the family's cursed.

Stark: Mr. Chandler, I'm Myron Stark.

Chandler: Do I know you?

Stark: No, you don't know me.

Jeffers: Mr. Chandler's in a hurry.

Stark: I'm interested in purchasing a piece of property. Third and Pico.

Chandler: That land's not for sale.

Stark: I'll pay twice what it's worth.

Jeffers: Are you deaf? He said it's not for sale.

Cameron: Does it say who bought it? The Pico property? "M.S."

Eric: Stark? So he not only bought the land, but he designed it himself?

Cameron: The building. It's about the building.

Eric: What is?

Cameron: Stark accidentally killed the man who was gonna build it.
So he had to build it himself. Everything he did was to drive Chandler
under and get him to sell that land.

Eric: Okay.

Cameron: There must be a reason why Stark needed to build it.

Eric: You wanna know the really weird thing? Stark disappeared two
weeks before the building opened in May of 1927.

Cameron: Disappeared?

Eric: Fell off the face of the earth. Never seen again.

Cameron: What's happened at Pico Tower since it was built? Anything
important? Anything on New Year's Eve?

Eric: New Year's Eve when?

Cameron: Any New Year's Eve.

Eric: Not that I can see. In fact, it's closed now. They had to retrofit
after the last earthquake. I'm not sure when they're reopening. Hey.
Hey, I thought you left. What are you doing back here? Are you all
right? What happened?

Cameron: I'm fine.

Eric: Your brother again?

Cameron: I'm fine. You never touched your doughnuts.

Eric: I wasn't hungry.

Cameron: Your muscles are weak. It was difficult for you to pull the
trigger of the Glock. You've lost 8 percent of your body weight in the
past two weeks. When I carried you to the film vault, I weighed you.

Eric: Wait. What? This whole night, the entire time, you've been
examining me? What the hell is going on here?

Cameron: Your cancer's back. You have a secondary tumor in the long
bone of your arm and possibly your lungs.

Eric: Are you joking?

Cameron: No.

Eric: Then you're crazy. You don't know what you're talking about.

Cameron: Ewing's sarcoma: first identified in the 1920s...

Eric: I know what it is, okay? I'm the one in here. No wonder you don't
have any friends. You can't just do things like that. You can't just
show up whenever you need something. You can't carry a gun and freak
people out and walk in the bathroom when a guy's taking a leak and ask
him if he's gonna kill himself. And you can't just blurt things out
like, "You have cancer". Especially to someone who's already had it.
You have no clue, do you? You have no idea what it's like to have
something inside of you. Something that's damaged.

Cameron: It's like a bomb... waiting to go off.

Eric: I need to finish my paper.

Cameron: You should make an appointment with your oncologist. The tumor's
still small.

Eric: Get out.

Cameron: Where were you all night?

John: Out.

Cameron: Carbon chain C24, lanolin and red dye number 27. You were
with Riley.

Female Student: We're closed.

Cameron: Is Eric here?

Female Student: Eric?

Cameron: He works the night shift. He lets me in.

Female Student: I have no idea. They just called and asked me to come
in. Sorry.

Cameron: Do you like doughnuts? I have one glazed, one rainbow sprinkle,
one cinnamon twist.