[knocking at door]

Terminator: James Ellison?

Agent Ellison: Why? Aren't you on the same side?

Cromartie: Skynet does not believe in you like I do.

Agent Ellison: Believe? What do you believe?

Cromartie: You will lead me to the Connors.

Sarah: Stay there.

[loud thud]
[loud thud]
[door banging]

Cameron: There's no one here.

[cell phone rings]

Sarah: Where the hell are you?

Derek: Where the hell am I supposed to be?

Sarah: We just got robbed.

Derek: You were what?

Sarah: Diamonds, cash, credit cards, I.D.S. They cleaned us out.

Derek: Machine?

Cameron: My leather jacket's gone.

John: So is most of the food.

Sarah: Human. If those I.D.s fall into the wrong hands...

Derek: Listen, head downtown. I'll call you with an exact location in half
an hour.

Jesse: Who was that?

Derek: Real life calling.

Jesse: You don't always have to answer.

Derek: I tried ignoring it all last time around and the whole freaking
town blew up.

Jesse: You're a funny man.

Derek: Yeah. Yeah, that's the first thing people say who know me. Funny

Sarah: What's wrong with the system? Why didn't it beep or do whatever the
hell you set it up to do? John.

Cameron: Riley climbed out John's window. The alarm would have had to have
been turned off for her to do that.

John: Thanks.

Sarah: You gave her the code?

John: We were up late watching TV. She was supposed to reset it.

Sarah: And somehow your master plan went awry.

John: Mom--

Sarah: John, our I.D.s are out there. Our names, our faces.

John: Fake addresses, fake names. Nothing can be traced to this house.

Sarah: No? What if the police find who did this? Where do you think that
trail leads to? If our I.D.s made it into the system linked to this

Cameron: Canada. We should move to Canada.

Kacy: Saw your door was open. I thought I'd bring you guys some-- Oh, my
god, what happened? I'll go call Trevor.

Sarah: No, John's been having some trouble with some kids at school.

Kacy: Seriously?

Sarah: Yeah. You know how stupid kids can be. Anyway, you'll know soon
enough. We're just on our way to see their parents.

Kacy: All right, well, if you change your mind--

Sarah: I'll call you.

John: What am I supposed to do?

Sarah: I'd start with a broom.

[overlapping chatter]

Guy at Half-Way House: Come on, Rita. Look, I got the county breathing
down my neck. We can't have a backlog like this.

Rita: I'll get it done. Today.

Guy: I needed it two weeks ago.

[machine beeps]

Sarah: It's my son. He took off this morning with the neighbor's car and
my credit cards.

Credit Card Agent: We'll call you right away If he attempts a charge, Miss
Baum. Is this a good number to reach you?

Sarah: Yes, thank you. If you knew what was going on with the girl, why
didn't you say something?

Cameron: To you?

Sarah: To me, to him, to somebody.

Cameron: I've always made my position on security very clear. No one likes
a nag.

Cromartie: I'm looking for this girl.

Rita: You see these people, sir? These people are real. These are the real
people, and they were all here before you.

Cromartie: I'm her uncle.

Rita: And I'm Angelina Jolie. Get to the back of the line.

Jody: Hey. I know that chick. So what do you want her for? She owe you

Cromartie: I'm her uncle.

Jody: You're not her uncle. You're a cop.

Cromartie: I'm not a cop.

Jody: You gonna hurt her?

Cromartie: Yes.

Jody: What about her brother, you gonna hurt him too?

Cromartie: Her brother?

Jody: Yeah. John Baum or whatever.

Cromartie: John Baum?

Jody: Another prize.

Cromartie: Is that him?

Jody: Yeah, that's him.

Cromartie: Let's take ride.

[pounding on door]

Agent Ellison: Who is it?

Police Man: Los Angeles police department.

Agent Ellison: Hold on. I'm just trying to catch up On last night's game.
You know who won?

Police Man: Steelers, Mr. Ellison. Could you open the door please?

Agent Ellison: Yeah.

Police Man: You James Ellison?

Agent Ellison: Yeah.

Police Man: Mr. Ellison, I'm placing you under arrest For the murder of
Peter Meyers.

Agent Ellison: What?

Police Man: You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an
attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you. Do you
understand these rights as I've read them to you, sir?

Agent Ellison: Yeah, I know my rights. I just don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

Police Man: Please put your hands against the wall, sir. Now, Mr. Ellison.

[buzzer sounds]

Derek: Come on, Moishe, open up.

Moishe: Who are they?

Derek: New customers.

[door buzzes]

Moishe: Everything we do, without exception, can be seen many ways in the
eyes of god, Or nature, or whatever you want to call it. Someone came into
your home. Someone took things that were rightfully yours. The Torah says,
"lo tikom ve'lo titor." No revenge, no retribution. On the other hand, It
also says, "ayan tachat ayn." An eye for an eye. And then, of course, we
have the story Of the brothers of Nablus--

Sarah: We came here looking for our diamonds. Can you help us or not?

Moishe: I wish I could. But lately, business is dry as a bone.

Derek: I called four other fences. They said you were the busiest man on
the block this week.

Moishe: Well, nothing you'd be interested in.

Sarah: Show us.

Moishe: Okay. These... I bought in the last two days. All from legitimate

Cameron: This one's ours.

Moishe: Young lady, even if those were your diamonds-- And they're not--
There's no way you could tell that with the naked eye. We have machines
for that.

Cameron: So are these.

Derek: We don't want any trouble. Tell us where you got 'em and we're

Moishe: You think I can put a face to every diamond in this stack?

Derek: Just a face from the last 24 hours. Moishe, Please.

Moishe: All right. It's so early in the week for trouble. But it's not for
you. It's for Jesse. His name's Ostrowski. Walter Ostrowski.

Sarah: Where do we find him?

Moishe: He works out of Toluca lake, Or so he says. I just buy the stones.

Sarah: And this Ostrowski, you're sure he's the guy who sold you these?

Moishe: I shall not lie.

Sarah: If you're so into god, what are you doing here?

Moishe: Hashem has a plan for us all. For me, diamonds.

Sarah: Who's Jesse?

Derek: He came back with me. He handled the diamonds. One of them killed

Jody: Do you want some gum?

Cromartie: No.

Jody: You sure? It's cinnamon. Would it kill you to try and make a little

Cromartie: No, it wouldn't kill me.

Jody: Funny. You're funny. In your own sort of cop way.

Cromartie: I'm not a cop.

Jody: You're not a cop. You're not an uncle. You're just some guy who
wants to kick the crap out of little miss ***** and her brother.

Cromartie: Just some guy.

Jody: But why? She try to kill you too?

Cromartie: Yes.

Jody: Oh. Well, this is gonna be fun.

Riley: I can't believe they stole your food. Freaking amateurs, man.

John: I know, right? What do you think they're gonna do with two-week old
maple turkey?

Riley: Bet your mom freaked out, huh?

John: Yeah, on me.

Riley: On you? Why on you?

John: The alarm code.

Riley: Did I forget?

John: Yeah, you did.

Jody: I didn't actually see it happen. Like, I wasn't here, but I'm pretty
sure this-- Yeah, I'm positive. This is where they busted her. I heard the
cops talking about it when they brought her in. You are so buying me these
pink and whites, and that is all there is to it.

Cromartie: Have you seen this girl? I'm looking for this girl.

Riley: I'm so sorry, John. I can't believe I did that.

John: Don't worry about it. It wouldn't have stopped a break-in. Might
have stopped the picnic, but--

Jody: So I know you want to find them and everything, But this is getting
a little shady.

Riley: Does she hate me now?

John: Don't sweat it. It's a long list.

Jody: You're not gonna get what you want this way. You should try being
warmer to people. They might be more open, you know, to talk to you. I
love this stuff. That's my bad.

Witness: That's the guy. That's definitely the guy.

Agent Ellison: What am I doing here, detective?

Detective: You've been on my side of the table. You know how this works. I
ask a question, you answer it.

Agent Ellison: Why am I being questioned?

Detective: You tell me. Who's Peter Meyers?

Agent Ellison: I don't know Peter Meyers.

Detective: You killed him.

Agent Ellison: Killed him? No.

Detective: Yes. I've got a witness. Saw the murder. Recognized you from
the news a few weeks ago.

Agent Ellison: Recognized me? From the news?

Detective: The news? 20 of your guys dead... You the sole survivor. By now
you're drowning in guilt, I'm guessing. Throw yourself an anchor.

Agent Ellison: I don't know what you're talking about.

Detective: I'm talking about surviving, Mr. Ellison. I'm talking about the
everyday, walk around pain of surviving when others have not.

Agent Ellison: I wanna talk to my lawyer.

Detective: Okay. Sure. Oh. I meant to ask you. Why did you steal his

Agent Ellison: What?

Detective: Meyers' clothes. You were naked when you killed him.

Agent Ellison: I told you, it wasn't me.

Detective: Smart. Your alibi isn't exactly ironclad, Jim. Unless, of
course, you got a twin brother I don't know about. You got a twin brother
I don't know about?

Receptionist: Dr. Ostrowski's in with patients all afternoon. Would you
like to make an appointment?

Sarah: We'll just take a second.

Receptionist: Excuse me!

Sarah: Walter Ostrowski?

Walter: Uh, yes.

Sarah: I think you have something that belongs to us.

Walter: Uh. Uh, do I know you?

Sarah: No, but we have a friend in common, Someone in the diamond

Walter: Moishe.

Sarah: Mm-hmm.

Walter: Hmm. Um, why don't we, um, Talk in my office. It's... Just across
the hall.

[tires squealing]

Walter: Please, please, don't kill me.

Sarah: Where's our stuff?

Walter: What stuff?

Sarah: Passports, I.D.S, credit cards.

Cameron: Leather jacket.

Derek: Everything you stole from our house.

Walter: Your house? I don't-- Okay, okay, okay. Tell Moishe I'll pay him.
I'll give you the money today. It's upstairs in my office.

Sarah: Pay Moishe for what?

Walter: Everything I owe him. Please. Just don't kill me.

Sarah: Let him go.

Cameron: Why?

Sarah: He's not the guy who robbed us. And go get Moishe's money. That's
why we're here, running a collections agency for your fence?

Derek: Why we're here is because our security system didn't work. Why
we're here is because that boy behaves less like John Connor And more like
John Baum every day.

Sarah: That boy, my son, has been through more than you'll ever know.

Derek: Right back at you.

Moishe: My friends.

Sarah: Is this what you're looking for?

Moishe: You do something for me, I do something for you. It's business.

Sarah: This is business.

Moishe: Please, I just buy the stones.

Sarah: Who sold you our diamonds?

Moishe: Okay, okay, his name is Tristan Dewitt. He lives in Reseda.

Sarah: Not good enough.

Moishe: It's true. I swear! He's a friend of my cousin's, a punk. That's
all I know. You killed Liko.

Cameron: Not yet.

Jody: You're never gonna find them like this. Do you even know how many
people live in L.A. County?

Cromartie: An employee at the grocery store saw them shopping there on
more than one occasion. It's highly likely they live within a one-mile
radius. I'm looking for this girl.

Girl: No, sorry.

Jody: This is stupid. Just take me back to the halfway house. Did you hear
me? I am done hanging out with a creepy stalker. I don't even know your
name. I just came with you because I wanted to get back at that *****. And
I thought you were kind of cute. But you know what? You're not cute.
You're freakin' silence of the lambs. This is kidnapping. You know that,
right? I could have you arrested. What are you doing? Why are we stopping?

Jesse: You're blocking the sun.

Derek: Had an interesting morning with our friend Moishe. He's dropping
your name pretty freely in front of people who don't need to be hearing
your name.

Jesse: Well, he's your fence.

Derek: He likes you better.

Jesse: I'll have a talk with him. Help me out, will you?

Derek: How long are you planning on keeping this up?

Jesse: What?

Derek: You know what, all this.

Jesse: Well, I'm certainly gonna try to get through today without you
spoiling it for me. The sun sets at 5:47. I'm not missing that sucker. I'm
not missing one of those again.

Cromartie: I'm looking for this girl.

Kacy: Why are you looking for her? Has she done something?

Cromartie: She's my niece.

Kacy: You--you look really familiar.

Cromartie: Common face. Have you seen my niece?

Kacy: I haven't. I'm sorry.

Cromartie: The house next door, it's on the market. You're listed as the

Kacy: That house has been rented.

Cromartie: Thank you for your time.

Riley: Wow, you guys really know how to party.

John: My mom's not much of a cook.

Riley: Uh, what about Cameron?

John: She's not really into food.

[phone rings]

Riley: You gonna get that?

John: No, if they need me, they'll call my cell.

Riley: Oh, right, because you're so important. Hello, Baum residence.
Yeah, just a sec. Here's John. It's your neighbor.

John: Thanks. Yeah, hey, Kacy. What's up?

Kacy: Hey, John. I don't mean to bother you, but there was a guy here
looking for your sister.

John: When?

Kacy: Just now. And I did not get a good vibe from him at all. Something
was just off, you know?

[banging at door]

Riley: What's the matter, John? What's wrong?

John: Out. We gotta get out now.

Riley: Why? Who's there? No, it's okay, I'll get rid of him.

John: No, now.

Riley: I'll get rid of him.

John: Riley.

[knocking at door]

Cromartie: I'm looking for this girl. She's my niece.

Riley: Um, sorry, I don't know her. Wish I could be more help. Good luck
finding her.

Cromartie: How do you like your new house?

Riley: Oh, uh, It's really nice, I love it. Excuse me, what do you think
you're doing? Hello, you can't just come into people's homes. Hello, are
you listening to me? What is wrong with you?

Cromartie: You're not in these photographs.

Riley: Maybe because I was the one taking them. Look, if you don't leave,
I'm calling the police.

Cromartie: Thank you for your time.

Dad: We were too supportive. That was the problem in a nutshell. Your son
says he wants to be a filmmaker. You tell him, "son, movies are great. I
love going to see them. But that's pie in the sky. You need a salary job."

Mom: Thank you for not going to the police about this.

Sarah: We just want our things back.

Dad: "Come live at home," I told him. "Until you can get on your feet."
And every time I bring up the idea of him getting a salary job, He's got
this project to work on, or that short film he's producing.

Mom: He's had his troubles, but he's a good boy.

Dad: He's not a boy, Donna. He's a 34-year-old man. He lives with us,
working in a video store, Robbing people's homes.

Cameron: Video store?

Mom: Saturn video on, uh, La Brea.

Dad: And who knows if that's true when every other word out of his mouth
is a lie.

Sarah: Does your son have any friends who might know where he is? Anyone
at the video store?

Mom: Dave.

Dad: Dave. Another boy wonder.

Catherine: This is a very curious turn of events, Mr. Ellison.

Agent Ellison: I'm innocent.

Catherine: There's an eyewitness.

Agent Ellison: It wasn't me.

Catherine: The witness is quite sure.

Agent Ellison: As I would be If I had seen what he'd seen.

Catherine: Is there something you want to tell me, James? Something only I
would believe?

Agent Ellison: Not here.

Catherine: I'll be in touch.

Agent Ellison: Miss Weaver. Thank you for believing me.

Catherine: What good is faith if we don't use it?

Riley: Where are we going?

John: Nowhere. Anywhere.

Riley: That guy isn't really Cameron's uncle, is he? Because then he'd be
your uncle.

John: He's nobody's uncle.

Riley: Then why is he after Cameron? Is she a criminal or something?

John: No, he is, all right?

Riley: Well, what if he comes back?

John: That's not how-- that's not how he works.

Riley: John, I don't understand.

John: Look, that guy is really dangerous. That's all you need to know.
Really dangerous.

Riley: Well, I got rid of him, didn't I? I stared him down, and off he

John: You got lucky.

Riley: Oh, ease up, squinchie. "lucky" is my middle name. Lucky Riley

John: In that sentence, "lucky" was your first name.

Riley: Whatever. Stickler. Admit it, I was a brave, spooky ninja. It was
totally badass. Say it! Just say it.

John: It was badass.

Riley: I know!

Sarah: Fool's errands And fathers of Nablus. It's been a great day.

Cameron: Brothers.

Sarah: What?

Cameron: Brothers of Nablus. Genesis. Chapter 34.

Sarah: You memorized the bible?

Cameron: Jacob's daughter Dinah is raped by Shechem, prince of Nablus. He
falls in love with her. Shechem's father comes to Jacob and strikes a
bargain to allow his son to marry Dinah.

Sarah: That's brave of him.

Cameron: Jacob says yes, on the condition That all the men in Shechem's
town be circumcised.

Sarah: And everybody gets what they want.

Cameron: Three days later, while Shechem's men were still in pain from the
circumcision, Dinah's brothers rode into the city and killed them all.

Sarah: That's your kind of story.

Cameron: Yes. My kind of story.

[cell phone rings]

Sarah: Hello.

Credit Card Agent: Miss Baum?

Sarah: Yeah.

Credit Card Agent: This is Dan calling you back just to let you know
somebody just attempted a charge with your card.

Sarah: Where?

Credit Card Agent: At a bowling alley in Van Nuys. Alien Lanes.


Detective: Sorry to keep you waiting. I just have a few more questions,
then we'll get you out of here. So you say Mr. Ellison was completely nude
when he killed Meyers.

Witness: I already told you that.

Detective: And that he killed him with his bare hands? Didn't use a

Witness: He strangled him.

Detective: Did Meyers fight back?

Witness: A little, but the other guy was too strong.

Detective: How so?

Witness: Snapped his neck like it was nothing. A toothpick.

Detective: Where was Mr. Ellison before he killed Mr. Meyers?

Witness: Out on the road.

Detective: The road.

Witness: The road, the street, asphalt.

Detective: Anything unusual about the street?

Witness: Who cares about the street?

Detective: Are you lying about the street?

Witness: It was like, uh-- It was like a crater.

Detective: A pothole.

Witness: No. It was like a complete dent in the road.

Detective: So Mr. Ellison just appeared out of thin air?

Witness: There was a light.

Detective: What kind of a light?

Witness: Bluish purple. It made, like, a cracking sound. Like lightning.

Detective: So Mr. Ellison emerged from this...Energy bubble.

Witness: I never said anything about a bubble.

Detective: But there was a bubble, correct? So to be clear, You saw Mr.
Ellison... Materialize out of this energy bubble, completely nude, walk to
Peter Meyers, snap his neck, steal his clothes, and then disappear.

Witness: I know what I saw.

Detective: Thank you for your assistance.

Guy 1: Oh!

Guy 2: Nice.

Tristan: Okay, so it's 1863 And Abraham Lincoln is on the train to
Gettysburg. Then the train breaks down. Some small Pennsylvania town. So
he's got to stay there overnight. The only problem... Town's overrun with
zombies. Shew!

Guy 1: Ha ha.

Tristan: We shoot it on location, in Gettysburg, 35 millimeter.

Guy 1: Dude, with what money?

Tristan: What money? Do you know how much we made just off these right

Sarah: Put it down. That bag you're holding, it's mine.

Tristan: Uh, not anymore it isn't.

Guy 1: This place is closed, ladies. Unless you want to get arrested for
trespassing, I suggest you get the hell out.

Cameron: My jacket, give it to me.

Guy 1: Come and get it.

Cameron: Come and give it to me.

Sarah: And the bag. There's a credit card missing.

Tristan: We used it on the arcades. We'll pay you back.

Sarah: Where's the other guy?

Tristan: What other guy?

Sarah: Stay here.

Cameron: They knew where we live.

Guy 3: No!

Sarah: You know those guys out there? Were you with them when they robbed
the house? You were never there. You were never here. You never saw me.
You don't know what happened here. Understand? If you say anything to
anybody about what happened here, I'll hunt you down. I'll kill you. Now
you wait five minutes, then you run. Understood?

Cameron: Clear?

Sarah: Yeah, clear.

Detective: You're free to go.

Agent Ellison: What?

Detective: The witness is a nutjob. The judge kicked his statement in five
minutes. We'll have you out of here in an hour. Sorry you had to go
through all this.

Agent Ellison: That's it?

Riley: You're a smart guy, Jim. Take "yes" for an answer. Good luck out


Derek: You said you were gonna have a talk with him.

Jesse: I did. It was short. What were you gonna say to him?

Derek: Well, you know me. Funny Derek.

Jesse: Funny Derek.

Derek: How was the sunset?

Jesse: Never better.

Lila Ellison: You never really struck me as the type of guy to stalk your

Agent Ellison: I'm sorry. I just, um... I had an urge to see the house.
See something familiar. Weird, I know.

Lila Ellison: You do realize you don't live here anymore.

Agent Ellison: Yeah.

Lila Ellison: Fancy ride. No wonder we keep losing people to civilian

Agent Ellison: Company car. They lease it for me.

Lila Ellison: I have to tell you, You don't look so well.

Agent Ellison: Yeah, I'm not. I just, um... I don't know, I... I miss it.
I miss my old life.

Lila Ellison: James, this is a really weird time to start into all that.

Agent Ellison: No, no, I don't mean that. Things have changed. And I
just... I didn't.

Lila Ellison: You're not making sense. Come on, come inside. Paul can make
coffee. We'll talk about it.

Agent Ellison: Thanks, but I didn't come over for that.

Lila Ellison: Yes, you did.

Agent Ellison: This was the wrong thing for me to do. I don't live here

Lila Ellison: It was the right thing to do. Just five years too late. Call
me the next time you wanna see something familiar. I'll send you a

John: Who was it?

Cameron: They won't be back.

Sarah: Place looks good.

John: Yeah, well, I think we pretty much got everything back to how it

Sarah: We?

John: Riley helped. So how'd you find 'em? Was it Derek's fence, or what?

Sarah: You can't bring people here anymore, John.

John: What? She had nothing to do with this.

Sarah: No, you did. She just made it worse.

Cameron: She's a security risk.

John: Really? She's never tried to kill me. And you know that this has
nothing to do with Riley. Or the rules. Or the security of this house.
You're pissed off because I found someone I actually like spending time
with and it's not you.

Sarah: You think I don't want you to have a normal life?

John: No, I don't.

Sarah: Hey, we didn't choose this, John. It chose us. And there's nothing
either of us can do about it. My job is to protect you. And you can hate
me as much as you want, But I will keep doing that as long as I here.

John: Then why didn't you protect me when I was killing Sarkissian? Why
didn't you protect me when I had my hands around his throat? Why didn't
you protect me from that?

Catherine: It's a moray. They're nocturnal predators.

Agent Ellison: Does it have a name?

Catherine: No, it doesn't. Please, sit. I read the witness report.

Agent Ellison: So did I.

Catherine: He comes across as crazy, doesn't he?

Agent Ellison: Who wouldn't?

Catherine: You, if you'd tell me the truth. There was another one of you,
wasn't there? A twin?

Agent Ellison: Yes.

Catherine: Where is it now?

Agent Ellison: I don't know.

Catherine: Why did it come?

Agent Ellison: I think I'm being tested.

Catherine: Like Job?

Agent Ellison: You know the story?

Catherine: He suffered worse than any man before him. Everything he loved
was taken away. Everything but his life.

Agent Ellison: But he didn't renounce god. And god spared him.

Catherine: So who spared you?

Cromartie: Where did you get those credit cards?

Guy 3: I don't know.

Cromartie: Yes, you do.

Guy 3: She said... She would find me. She said she would kill me.

Cromartie: I promise you, She won't.