John: Earth to Cameron.

Cameron: What?

John: Are you okay? 'Cause if you're gonna try and kill me again, I
wouldn't mind a head start.

Cameron: If I was going to try to kill you again, we wouldn't be having
this conversation.

John: Yeah, fair enough. Listen, I'm gonna go get some stuff from Radio
World. I'll meet you back here in a half hour. 30 minutes, I swear. Oh,
hey! Get me some of those cheese things, all right? The crunchy ones, not
the puffy ones.

[car door closes] [engine starts]

Kacy: Ah. Hey. Hi. I'm sorry to bother you. It's just...I'm having these
weird pains.

Sarah: What kind of pains?

Kacy: Just like a spicy taco kind of pain, but I haven't eaten any spicy
tacos. Oh...And I'm bleeding!

Sarah: We need to take you to the hospital.

Kacy: Thanks.

Shopper: Miss? Are you all right?

Employee: Someone get the manager.

Cop: You been drinkin'? Taking drugs? You got a wallet or some kind of
I.D. on you? What's your name?

Alison: My name? Why should I tell you?

Terminator: If you don't we'll give you one.

Alison: Go ahead. I'm dying to hear it.

Alison: Alison! Alison Young!

Jody: So what are you in for?

Cameron: I was in a store... And I couldn't remember anything.

Jody: Blackouts. Been there, done that.

Cameron: Can tattoos disappear?

Jody: Sure. Got two of my ex's lasered off. Ryan was...Right here. And
Jose...Ha... Was here. Next time I'm thinking henna.

Cameron: Henna?

Jody: [laughs] I'm Jody.

Cameron: I'm... Alison.

[woman over P.A.]: Paging Dr. Bender. Paging Dr. Bender, please.

[machine beeping]

Nurse: Placenta's still attached. There's no previa. No evidence of major

Sarah: So everything's fine.

Nurse: I wanna run a Kleihauer-Betke to rule out fetal blood cells.

Kacy: What does that mean?

Nurse: We wanna make sure that the blood is yours and not the baby's.

Kacy: What if it is the baby's?

Nurse: Then we do an emergency c-section. But let's not get ahead of

Kacy: That didn't sound good.

Sarah: No, it didn't.

Kacy: Hey, look, I know you're busy, so... If you need to go...

Sarah: Can I call someone?

Kacy: You mean like the father? I'll be fine. Go.

John: What happened here?

Shopper: Some girl totally wigged out.

John: What do you mean, wigged out?

Shopper: She's on drugs or something. She couldn't even remember her own

John: What'd she look like?

Shopper: Wanna guess like 16, 17, brown hair, maybe like 5'8"--

John: Where is she now?

Shopper: Cops took her.

[police radio chatter]

Cop: Store owner's not pressing charges. I don't wanna see you back here.
And you...I'm sick of you.

[loud clang]

Cop: This is your last get out of jail free.

Jody: Hey, where you headed?

Cameron: I don't know.

Jody: Good.

Cameron: Why good?

Jody: 'Cause you're comin' with me.

[police radio chatter]

John: Hey, uh, I'm looking for my sister. She was picked up at the food
mart on Van Nuys.

Cop: Yeah, that one. We released her about an hour ago.

John: Did she say where she was going? I'm sorry, but I really need to
find her, okay? She's on medication. My mom's gonna kill me. She might
kill her, actually.

Cop: She left with one of the street kids, Jody.

John: Do you know where Jody hangs out?

Cop: Usually gets popped along the Boulevard.

John: All right, thanks.

Kacy: It's a boy, you know.

Sarah: Boy's good.

Kacy: I hate being trapped in bed... Feeling like there's nothing I can
do. If you can't protect them when they're still inside you, how can you
ever protect them? What was yours like? When John was born.

Sarah: I was, um, living in Central America at the time. We were hiking in
the jungle when my water broke. Tried to get to the nearest town, but
there wasn't time.

Kacy: Did you have anything for the pain?

Sarah: Bottle of dark rum.

Kacy: [laughs] And John's father?

Sarah: He was right there with me. I remember holding his hand really

Kacy: Gosh, how did you finally get out of there?

Sarah: Hitched a ride on a chicken bus. Tobacco farmer handed out cigars.
We smoked and then sang this birthday song.

Kacy: Oh, sing a little bit for me.

Sarah: My Spanish is rusty and I've never been able to sing.

Kacy: So?

Sarah: Estas son las mananitas

Trevor: [knock on door] Kacy? Heard you were here. I was worried. Is
everything, uh...

Kacy: We're waiting on some test results.

Trevor: I'm Trevor.

Sarah: Sarah. I should go.

Kacy: Um...

Sarah: Unless you need something else.

Kacy: Maybe some magazines?

John: You know Jody? A girl named Jody? Hey, you know a girl named Jody?
You know a Jody? You know Jody? Hey, do you know a girl named Jody? Hey,
you know someone named Jody? [cell phone rings] Hey.

Sarah: Hey. Just checking in. What are you doing?

John: Uh, nothing. Cameron and I are shopping. What are you doing?

Sarah: I took Kacy to the hospital.

John: Is she okay?

Sarah: They're running a few tests. I'm gonna be a while.

John: How long?

Sarah: I don't know. Why?

Man on street: Delicious!

Sarah: Who was that?

John: Nobody. I gotta go.

Agent Ellison: Thank you for taking the time to see me.

Catherine: I understand your reluctance to discuss these things over the
phone. But I'm pleased you're still considering my job offer.

Agent Ellison: I am. Thank you.

Catherine: I appreciate a man who's calm and careful in his decision

Agent Ellison: The last time I went hunting for these things you want me
to hunt, 20 other people died. I won't let that happen again.

Catherine: Nor should you.

Agent Ellison: These things... They're evil.

Catherine: We have to be careful, agent, not to anthropomorphize a

Agent Ellison: These are more than machines, Miss Weaver. But I'll never
make the mistake of thinking they're human.

Catherine: Two years ago, my husband and I were in a helicopter accident.
He was killed.

Agent Ellison: I'm sorry.

Catherine: He was flying us to Barstow. There was a microchip plant there
doing some amazing things.

Agent Ellison: So your husband was a pilot.

Catherine: He had over 700 hours on that particular helicopter. It was his

Agent Ellison: This is difficult for you.

Catherine: The Kulishov A-85 is a beautiful flying machine. Like the most
perfect bird. It's almost flawless in its design.

Agent Ellison: Almost flawless?

Catherine: It needs a human to fly it.

Agent Ellison: Are you saying that... Machines make better decisions than

Catherine: What I think is that in certain extreme conditions, even the
most calm and careful of men panic. Help me find this machine, agent. You
and I'll take it apart piece by piece. I'm not sure what we'll find, but I
doubt we'll find evil.

Cameron: So much food.

Jody: I know. We're totally puking later. But whatever. It's an occasion.

Cameron: I like your necklace.

Jody: It's cool, huh? I got it from this awesome thrift store in Echo
Park. So... Two years ago, when I moved here from Michigan, I had this
internship at a storefront in Chinatown. The designer was this total
druggie. And when I finally called him out on what stuck up and talentless
***** he was, I got fired from my unpaid job. That's when I started
crashing with people and doing, you know, whatever... For money... Which
got sketchy real quick. Especially in L.A. The city is like a freak
magnet. You'd look really pretty in this.

Angry guy: Hey Jody!

Jody: We should bounce.

Angry guy: How much you get for it, you crazy *****?

Jody: I don't know what you're talking about.

Angry guy: Oh gee, I don't know, maybe my laptop, the one with all the
stuff on it?

Jody: I didn't take your laptop, dude.

Angry guy: Weird. It just disappeared the same day you left.

Jody: OK, look--

Angry guy: Who are you, huh? You a little thief too? Huh?

Cameron: Just take it. Go! Please just go!

Angry guy: Next time I see you, you better have me something!

Jody: All I'm saying is sometimes you gotta take a punch once in a while
in order to keep the cash-- that was a lot of cash.

Cameron: I'm sorry.

Jody: Well, fill it out so we can crash here for a couple of nights.

Cameron: I don't know what to write.

Jody: Doesn't matter. Lie. The other catch is you have to have this
interview with a counselor. Just B.S. your way through it. Don't tell them
anything real.

Jody: Nice. Where'd you learn how to do that?

Cameron: I don't know.

Jody: You weren't, like... Getting beaten up or anything, were you? Sorry
about that thing I said earlier about taking a punch. If you've gotten
your fill, I shouldn't have said it. But don't worry. From now on... I got
your back.

Lila Ellison: Wasn't easy getting that shot.

Agent Ellison: Where was it?

Lila Ellison: Tanzania. Paul and I just got back a couple weeks ago. But
you didn't come here to talk about zebras.

Agent Ellison: I was hoping you could run a check on someone for me-- off
the record.

Lila Ellison: Who is it?

Agent Ellison: Catherine Weaver. Zeira Corp.

Lila Ellison: What's your interest in her?

Agent Ellison: Actually, she's interested in me. [laughs] She offered me a

Lila Ellison: You're leaving the bureau?

Agent Ellison: It's just an offer, Lila.

Lila Ellison: You're not wearing your cross.

Agent Ellison: How do you know?

Lila Ellison: The way you're carrying yourself. What happened in North
Hollywood... That wasn't your fault.

Liz: Agent Ellison? Got those updated 302s for you.

Lila Ellison: Thank you, Liz.

Agent Ellison: Glad you kept the name.

Lila Ellison: It's a good name.

Terminator: Where are you from, Alison?

Alison: I don't remember.

Councelor: Where are you from, Alison?

Cameron: I don't remember.

Councelor: You don't remember what town you're from?

Alison: Why does it matter? It's not there anymore.

Councelor: You know, sometimes when people forget, it's because they need
to forget... Because something painful has happened. I'm wondering if
something has happened to you.

[tiger roar]

Terminator: Tell me about your life.

Alison: I live in a tunnel. I eat garbage for dinner.

Councelor: Anything you say in here is confidential. The only exception is
if you were planning to harm someone... I would have to report that.

Cameron: I would never hurt anyone.

Terminator: Tell me about your family.

Councelor: Memory is a very associative thing. Sometimes sights, sounds,
even a smell can take us back.

Alison: My father was an architect.

Cameron: He taught me how to draw. My mother was a music teacher. She'd
sit for hours and listen to Chopin.

Terminator: What's that bracelet on your arm?

Alison: My sister gave it to me for my birthday. July 22nd...

Cameron: I had a party in Griffith park. All my friends were there.

Alison: I saw a boy ride by on his silver mountain bike, and I told my

Cameron: That's what I want.

Alison: And he said next year.

Cameron: But I didn't have a party the next year. No one did.

Terminator: Why not?

Alison: Everyone was dead.

Councelor: Why not?

Councelor: It's a Balinese tiger.

Cameron: Have you ever seen a real one?

Councelor: Unfortunately, they were hunted to extinction in the '30s.

Cameron: Do you ever think that could happen to us? To humans?

Councelor: Is that something you worry about?

Alison: I wanna go home.

Terminator: Where is home?

Cameron: Palmdale.

Councelor: Palmdale?

Cameron: That's where I'm from.

John: Hey, do you know a Jody, by any chance? Jody? Do you know a Jody?
Anybody here know a Jody?

Guy: Yeah, yeah, I know her. Yeah, she was here earlier with some other

John: Do you know where she went?

Guy: No. But she hangs out at this halfway house sometimes on Yucca.

John: Yucca. Thanks.

Kacy: Hungry? Split my Jell-o with you.

Sarah: Where's Trevor?

Kacy: He went to go get me some real food. He's the baby daddy. In case
you didn't figure that out.

Sarah: You never mentioned him.

Kacy: We've been on and off. He freaked when I got pregnant. But...Now
he's here. I don't know. Just...I just want life to be perfect for him,
you know? Didn't you feel that way? Don't get me wrong. I'm not an idiot.
I know it'll never be perfect. It's just... Right now... In there... No
one's ever made fun of him, turned him down for a date. How long does he
have, really, until he figures out how hard it can all be?

Mrs. Young: [phone chirping] Hello?

Cameron: Mom? It's me, Alison.

Mrs. Young: I'm sorry. You must have the wrong number.

Councelor: Mrs. Young?

Mrs. Young: Yes. This is Claire Young.

Councelor: I'm here with your daughter.

Mrs. Young: There must be some mistake. I don't have a daughter. Not yet.
Very pretty name, though, Alison.

Cameron: She didn't even know who I was.

Kacy: Parents suck. Especially mothers.

Cameron: Why would she do that to me?

Kacy: Who knows why anyone does anything? Come on. Let's go have some fun.

Trevor: Hey.

Kacy: Hey.

Trevor: Ah, ah. Sit. Eat. I insist.

Sarah: Thank you.

Trevor: You like tri-tip? I grill a mean tri-tip. We could do a barbecue.
With you and the kids. Uh... John and-- what's the girl's name again?

Kacy: Cameron.

Trevor: Can't wait to meet 'em. If you want, I can take John to the range
with me sometime.

Sarah: He's not much of a golfer.

Trevor: Me neither. Guns.

Kacy: Trevor's a cop.

Trevor: Detective. L.A.P.D.

Nurse: We got the results. Cells were all maternal. The baby's fine. We
need to keep you overnight for observation, but you can go home tomorrow.

Kacy: I knew it. He's a fighter, this kid.

Trevor: Just like his mama.

Lila Ellison: No criminal history. No pending SCC investigations. Nothing
from fincen. Her CTRs all check out. Not even a civil suit.

Agent Ellison: That's good to know.

Lila Ellison: James, before you make such a huge change, don't you think
maybe you should talk to someone?

Agent Ellison: Marshal Weaver's helicopter crash was due to mechanical

Lila Ellison: You're not listening to me. I talked to a couple of people.
It's possible you're suffering from--

Agent Ellison: What people? Paul?

Lila Ellison: He served in the Persian gulf. He's got experience with this
kind of thing.

Agent Ellison: I came to you in confidence.

Lila Ellison: I'm worried about you, James. I've never seen you in so much

Agent Ellison: Yeah, we both know that's not true. Thank you for the

Jody: Yes! I'm gonna go get soda.

John: Hey. What the hell are you doing?

Cameron: [laughs] Playing Foosball.

John: We've gotta go.

Cameron: Go where?

John: Home.

Cameron: Home? Who are you?

John: Cameron...

Cameron: My name's Alison.

John: No, it's not. It's Cameron. I can't explain this to you right now.
We have to go before mom gets home.

Cameron: You're freaking me out.

John: I'm freaking you out? You really not know who you are?

Cameron: I'm Alison. From Palmdale.

John: You're not Alison. You're not from Palmdale. You're from the future.
You're a machine.

Cameron: A what?

John: The chip is messed up again, but I can fix you. I fixed you once,

Cameron: Fixed me? Why would you fix me?

[alarm blaring] [clamoring]

People in cages: Help! Help us!

[overlapping shouts] [chimp screeching] [tiger snarls] [bear grunting]
[dramatic music]

John: Come on, we have to get out of here.

Cameron: What did you do? Did you hurt me?

Jody: Is there a problem?

John: No. I'm her brother. John Baum.

Cameron: I don't have a brother.

Jody: Look, dude, I don't know who you are, but you really--

John: Come on.

Guard: Sir, you need to leave.

Cameron: You shouldn't have run. You're just making things worse for

Cameron: Your hair. It's so pretty. We work very hard on the hair to get
it right. I'm not your enemy.

Alison: Right.

Cameron: I want to get to know you. You're very brave. That must be why
John Connor chose you.

Alison: I don't know what you're talking about.

Cameron: I admire him, his determination. His spirit, his fearlessness.
I'd like to meet him.

Alison: He wouldn't want to meet you.

Cameron: They're going to kill you. They're going to kill every one of
you. They'll hunt you down until every human is gone, and you're extinct.

Alison: Then... Why are we having this conversation?

Cameron: Because some of us don't want that. Some of us want peace. You
were chosen, Alison, not just by John Connor, by us. Tell me where his
camp is.

Cameron: I think... I'm a machine.

Councelor: A machine. What kind of machine?

Cameron: From the future.

Councelor: What do you do in the future?

Cameron: I'm an infiltrator.

Councelor: What do you infiltrate?

Cameron: The human resistance.

Councelor: I see. Why?

Cameron: It's what I was programmed for.

Councelor: Programmed.

Cameron: To find John Connor.

Councelor: Why's he so important?

Cameron: He's the one who saves mankind.

Councelor: Saves them. From...What?

Cameron: Extinction.

Councelor: And what are you gonna do when you find John Connor?

Cameron: I'm going to kill him and hang his head on a pike for all to see.

[dramatic music]

Cameron: Your hair. It's so pretty.

Jody: Thanks.

Cameron: Tell me about your life.

Jody: Why?

Cameron: I want to get to know you.

Jody: I don't really like talking about my past. I came to L.A. to start

Cameron: Did you?

Jody: Yeah. Burned a lot of bridges here, though. Keep thinking I'm gonna
go someplace more authentic, you know, like Portland.

Cameron: I could come with you.

Jody: We could reinvent ourselves.

Cameron: We could.

Trevor: So...Who are you, really? I've never heard of you. Suddenly you're
Kacy's best friend.

Sarah: I'm just a neighbor.

Trevor: Sorry. Cop brain. Stresses her, you know. My job. You'd think
having a cop around would make her feel safe. She's afraid it'll follow me
back home.

Sarah: Does it?

Trevor: I can protect her. It's your family, right? You do what it takes.

[cell phone rings]

Trevor: Sorry. Yeah. Right. There was a robbery/homicide downtown. I'm
gonna have to take off.

Sarah: What about tomorrow? She's gonna need a ride.

Trevor: I'll be here. I just...I hate for her to spend the night alone.

Catherine: Agent Ellison. Come in. This is my daughter Savannah.

Agent Ellison: Savannah. Sudoku. I used to love these.

Catherine: You have children, Agent Ellison?

Agent Ellison: Um...No.

Catherine: Do you want them?

Agent Ellison: I did...Once. Very much. But my wife--um, well, my
ex-wife... Wasn't meant to be.

Agent Ellison: Bye, Savannah. Your husband's helicopter crash. I read the
official report. The NTSB concluded that mechanical failure was to blame.

Catherine: Mechanical failure. Correct.

Agent Ellison: That's not what you led me to believe the other day.

Catherine: Correct.

Agent Ellison: Which is it? What's the truth?

Catherine: You tell me.

Agent Ellison: I think... What people write in reports... When it's
official isn't always true. I think if I had a child, one that I knew
would grow up asking what happened to her daddy... I think I would make
sure that answer, the official answer, was the one I would want her to
hear. I think you saw what you saw.

Catherine: Just as you saw what you saw.

Agent Ellison: When can I start?

Jody: I used to babysit for this family five years ago. They were loaded.

Cameron: You said you moved here two years ago from Michigan.

Jody: They usually hide a key here somewhere. Sweet! You are jacked, girl.

Cameron: Look for cash and jewelry.

Jody: Check this out. Saw the lady open it. I memorized the...
Combination. Just put it all in the bag.

Cameron: What are these?

Jody: Whatever. Just put 'em back.

Cameron: They're the same as the necklace you gave me.

Jody: Because I stole it when I worked here.

Cameron: You said, "I got it at this awesome thrift store in echo park."
Tell me about the necklace.

Jody: Why are you making such a big deal out of this?

Cameron: Tell me about the necklace.

Jody: I didn't buy it or steal it, okay? It's mine. This is... My parents'

[dramatic music]

Cameron: You lied to me.

Alison: I told you where the camp was.

Cameron: You told me your sister gave you that bracelet.

Alison: What does that have to do with anything?

Cameron: We found these on some of your friends.

[objects clatter]

Cameron: Why are you all wearing them? It has something to do with the
Connor camp.

Alison: No.

Cameron: It's a pass. To get into the camp. You were going to send me
there without it. They would have known what I was. You lied to me.

Alison: I'll never help you get to John Connor.


Cameron: You already did.

Cameron: You lied to me.

Jody: I'm from L.A., Okay? Let's go.

Cameron: Tell me who you are.

Jody: I went to Cal Arts for two years, and I got kicked out, which was
for the best, because that place is a... Factory. And my parents cut me
off like yours, and just pretend I don't exist. We have to go. Now.

Cameron: Why?

Jody: Because there's a silent alarm, and we tripped it when we walked in.

Cameron: You weren't going to tell me.

Jody: The police are gonna be here any second.

Cameron: You were never going to Portland. You were gonna run and leave me
here to take the blame.

Jody: No.

Cameron: You lied to me.

Cameron: You lied to me.

Alison: I'll never help you get to John Connor.


John: No, no, no. What did you do? What did you do?

Cameron: We have to go. John. We have to go.

John: Did you kill her?


Cameron: Apparently not.

[coughing, wheezing]

Kacy: Hey.

Sarah: Hey.

Kacy: Where's Trevor?

Sarah: He was called into work.

Sarah: Be back tomorrow to take you home. What's wrong?

Kacy: It wasn't him that freaked out. It was me. When I found out I was

Sarah: Cop thing. He told me.

Kacy: Yeah. Cop thing. It's kinda cool and sexy when you're a 25-year-old
pastry chef making gourmet doughnuts at this hip cop hangout in
Silverlake. When you think about breast-feeding your baby boy next to the
walkie and the .9 millimeter... Still... He's a good man. He'll be a good

Sarah: Kacy, I have to tell you something. That story about John's birth,
it wasn't true.

Kacy: The jungle?

Sarah: No, that part was true. The part about his father wasn't. He wasn't
there with me. He died before john was born. Before I even knew I was

Kacy: Why did you tell me that story?

Sarah: 'Cause I wished it's the way it could have been.

Kacy: That's the saddest thing I've ever heard.

Sarah: The thing is, I got through it. All of it. By myself. And so can
you. Besides, you won't be alone. I'll be right next door.

Cameron: That was my last get out of jail free.

John: Damn right. Where'd you get that?

Cameron: I got it at this awesome thrift store in echo park.