(song)If today the sun should set and never rise again if the world should
turn upon me

[bottles clanging]

Michelle: Did you get me that soda, babe?

Michelle: Charley!

Charley: No!

Michelle: Charley! Charley!

Charley: Michelle! Michelle! Michelle! Michelle!

Michelle: Charley!

Charley: Michelle!

(song) But safe within your arms I'd never feel the cold but safe within
your arms I'd feel no cold

Kacy: [sigh] I've only been wanting a TV in here for like a hundred years.
Or maybe 200.

John: That long, huh?

Kacy: Well, a while. Ex-baby daddy wouldn't have one in the bedroom. Look
at where that got me. Well that, six beers, and the

rhythm method.

John: [thump] Ow.

Kacy: Too much information?

John: Yeah, a bit.

Kacy: Do I need to call the cable guy? I feel like I'm not even wired in

John: [sigh] There you are now. But I wouldn't mention it to anybody.
Especially the cable guy.

Kacy: Clever boy.

(woman on television) Ah. Uh. Ah.

[sword swishing]

(man on TV) Beast wizard, the kingdom of fuel will never be yours.

Lazlo: Now, now Seth. That's no way to treat your brother.

TV Announcer: Beast Wizard 7. The low budget film nobody saw, when it was
released direct-to-video two years ago, has earned $6

million and new found star status. When it's star, George Lazlo,
inexplicably killed 20 members of an FBI hostage rescue team in a

shootout at his Reseda apartment. The massacre you may recall, also took
the actor's life.

Kacy: A friend of mine from culinary school, did craft services on that
movie. She liked the guy. He ate with the crew. This town

can screw you up.

John: What are you doing?

Cameron: This is the absolute center of the house.

John: Excellent. Good work.

Cameron: The house is moving.

John: What?

Cameron: Moving. The east by southeast section of the house is moving.

John: Really? Where's it going?

Cameron: Down. At a rate of 0.93 millimeters per year.

John: And what? Does that affect the security system, or sight lines for
the night scope? How does this affect the safety of one

John Connor?

Cameron: It doesn't. But next summer we're going to have to repaint.

Sarah: Did you get Kacy's TV set up?

John: Yup.

Sarah: I hope you didn't steal cable for her.

John: Nobody that pregnant should be forced to watch network television.
It's bad for the baby.

Sarah: You don't know anything about babies.

John: I know they grow up.

[cell phone ringing]

John: Hi.

Charley: 18 November. Johnny? That's the code, right? John?

John: Yeah. Where are you?

Charley: We uh, were on our way out of town. Um, we're leaving.

John: Why?

Charley: Just um, can you, can you-- can you hang on a second, please,
John? [sniffling] Okay, I'm... [clears throat] I'm back.

Just, um... Just listen, okay, um-- I just need to say goodbye to your
mom. I didn't get a chance to say good-bye and, um-- and

she wouldn't give me her phone number. I was just hoping maybe you could
um, you know, maybe you could just have her give me a


John: Hang on. It's for you.

Sarah: Hello?

Charley: Sarah. He took my wife.

Sarah: What do you want me to say, Charley?

Charley: Just hel-- help me Sarah, please. We were just leaving town. And
he just, he just-- he just took her!

Sarah: I mean, with John standing right here. What am I supposed to say?

Charley: Look, I'm sorry. I didn't know who else to call. Please. Please
just help me, Sarah.

Sarah: You shouldn't have called here, Charley. You were right to leave. I
don't want to know where you are, In case I need you.

I'm not going to need you. It's better for you if I can't find you. You

Charley: Wait, hold on a sec-- are you, um... Are you asking me where I

Sarah: Yes, I am.

Charley: I'm just at some fruit stand. It's uh... It's just somewhere off
the 14. Just um, south of the California City turnoff.

I think. Please. I really need your help, Sarah.

Sarah: Stay safe, Charley. I told you not to give him your number.

Cameron: There's something alive up there.

Sarah: Is it something that can hurt us?

Cameron: It's a bird. I'll kill it before it flies away.

Sarah: No.

Cameron: Maybe later?

Sarah: Maybe never. John's going to buy computers today. Go with him. Do
not let him out of your sight.

Cameron: Is there anything I need to know?

Sarah: You need to know not to let him out of your sight. And don't touch
that bird.

Sarah: Cromartie's got Charley Dixon's wife.

Derek: Where's John?

Sarah: I sent him to get the new computers. He's with Cameron. They don't

Derek: Well, where are you going?

Sarah: You know where I'm going. Come if you want.

Derek: You can't go.

Sarah: And yet I am.

Derek: It's a ploy to get John. It's a trap.

Sarah: I know that. You don't see John here, do you?

Derek: It's the absolute wrong thing to do.

Sarah: It wouldn't be the first time.

Derek: Just wait. All right. Just wait.

Sarah: Hurry up.

[duct tape ripping]

Michelle: [whispering "Come on"]


John: Hey, hey, hey! Whoa, Cameron, Cameron. Let me help you with that.

Cameron: I didn't need any help.

John: Yeah, you did.

Cameron: Right.

[cell phone ringing]

John: Hi.

Riley: I'm bored. You want to hang out? Oh, I forgot. 18 November.

John: Where are you?

Riley: Promenade. The magazine stand in front of the coffee bar. I'm
captivated by the Lohan.

John: I could be there in like, 15 minutes, you know.

Riley: The world could end in 15 minutes.

John: I'm going to vote I doubt it.

Riley: You never know. Lotta Lohan.

John: Just stay there. Okay?

John: Hey. Can you drop me off?

Cameron: Was that Riley?

John: That's none of your business.

Cameron: Your mother told me to keep an eye on you.

John: Yeah, well, that doesn't mean you have to go everywhere I do.

Cameron: Yes, it does.

John: Just because my mother said it, Doesn't make it so. I'm not a child
anymore. I could go to the store, or see a friend, or

do whatever the hell else people like me do.

Cameron: There are no other people like you.

John: Just drop me off.


Lazlo: I had heard the trees in this forest grew lovely fruit.Yet truly, I
had no idea. [laughs]

[tiger roars]

Lazlo: I must warn you, my lady. My striped friend is an excellent

[cell phone ringing]

Agent Ellison: Hello.

Catherine: Agent James Ellison, please.

Agent Ellison: Speaking.

Catherine: My name is Catherine Weaver, Mr. Ellison. I'd like to talk to
you about an opportunity.

Agent Ellison: I'm not interested in any opportunities.

Catherine: A job opportunity, Agent Ellison. I presume you won't be
returning to the FBI, once your leave of absence is over.

Agent Ellison: How'd you get my number?

Catherine: I'll tell you about it at lunch. Shall we say... 1:00? My
assistant will give you the information.

Agent Ellison: No. I don't know who you are. And um, I'm very busy.

Catherine: You're not busy. Come to lunch. We'll talk about who or what,
actually killed your colleagues.

Michelle: [softly] Come on. Come on.

Charley: Where would he take her?

Sarah: I don't know.

Charley: Then how are we going to find her?

Sarah: I don't know.

Charley: You don't know?

Sarah: No.

Derek: That thing could be watching us right now. We need to go.

Charley: What we need to do is find my wife.

Derek: Look, she won't tell you the truth, but I will. That thing took
your wife to get to John. You think it gives a damn about

her? Your wife's dead.

[cell phone rings]

Charley: It's her, hmm?

Derek: Make sure it's really her.

Sarah: They can imitate our voices. You need to be sure.

[ringing continues]

Charley: Baby.

Michelle: Charley... Charley...

Charley: Honey, are you okay? Are you hurt?

Michelle: No.

Charley: Is-is-is he there with you?

Michelle: Yeah, he's in the next room. I can hear him.

Charley: Where are you?

Michelle: Um, outside Mojave. In an...Abandoned building. About uh, four--
five miles off the highway.

Charley: The 14?

Michelle: Yeah. There's a-- a billboard for a, I don't know, a law firm. A
dirt road runs in front of it. It goes east--

Derek: Make sure it's her.

Charley: It's her. You think I don't know my own wife?

Sarah: Charley. Make sure.

Charley: All right, babe. I need you to pay attention right now. Okay? The
first night you and I ever made love, where was it?

Michelle: What?

Charley: Just answer the question, please. The first time that we made
love. Where was it?

Michelle: Uh, the beach...?

Charley: Which beach?

Michelle: Charley, I don't know... What? [stuttering] Malibu. Paradise

Charley: Okay, and what happened at dinner that night?

Michelle: What do you mean, Charley? What do you mean? I don't know.

Charley: Just please, Michelle. Answer the question.What happened at

Michelle: Oh, god... The magician took my watch?

Charley: [sighs] I love you, baby. All right? Just-- We're going to come
get you, just please... Just please hang tight.

[chair along floor]

Charley: Michelle? Michelle?

(ambient sounds)

Michelle: Please. Why are you doing this? Why are you-- no, no, no. Please
don't tape my mouth. I won't scream. I swear I won't

scream. I won't scream.

Cromartie: In 1897, James Atkinson invented the mousetrap. The spring
slams shut in 38 thousands of a second. It is a record that

has never been beaten. It is hard to build a better one.

Riley: You know what really creeps me out about these magazines? They all
just want to convert you into their cult. It's like...

All in the titles. It's Us. And People, and OK. You know some of us people
aren't okay.

John: Some of us are popular mechanics.

Riley: Exactly. And some of us are guns and ammo.

John: Yeah, you're more a yarn collector.

Riley: [laughing] You're the yarn collector. Yarn collector. So um... You
coming back to school?

John: No. No, I don't think so. My mom wants to, uh... Home school me for
a while.

Riley: Hmm. Sounds like a good time will be had by all.

John: What? You miss me?

Riley: [laughs] Ease up, Cat Fancy. I don't even know your top ten brands
of scratching post.

John: Cat Fancy--

Riley: Dude. Your sister.

John: We should go. Now.

Charley: Wait. How do we uh... How do we get inside here?

Sarah: Getting inside's not the problem. Try to hit something metal.

Sarah: Wait.

Charley: Hey.

Sarah: Don't touch her.

Sarah: Derek...

Derek: They never let you have a good day, do they?

Sarah: I'm going to take the tape off. Don't move. Do not move. You
understand? Not one inch.

Michelle: Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh, god.

Sarah: Hey... You shut up. Listen to me. You're sitting on a bomb. If you
move. It will go off.

Charley: Baby. Hey. We're going to get you out of this chair. Okay? And
then-- And then we're all going to get out of here. But,

just please... You have to listen to her. Please.

Sarah: Where is he?

Derek: If I'm not back in 15 minutes, leave without me.

Michelle: [crying] just get me out. Get me out of here. Get me out.

Charley: Michelle, baby. Baby... Shh.

Michelle: I'm trying, Charley. I'm trying. But the more I sit here, the
more I want to stand up. My legs are on fire.

Sarah: It's the adrenaline.

Michelle: I know it's the adrenaline. I just have to get up. They're on
fire. It's like they're full of ants.

Sarah: If you move. You will die.

Michelle: We all will.

Charley: Baby. Look at me, hey. It's all going to be all right. I promise.

Michelle: No Charley, it's never going to be okay. never.

Sarah: There's a bag in the truck. Red handles. I'm going to need it,
Charley. Charley.

Michelle: What are you doing here? I know he brought you. But you didn't
have to come.

Sarah: Yes, I did.

Michelle: For Charley?

Sarah: I just did. Frankly, I thought it'd be easier. I thought you'd be

Charley: Hey. He killed the car. We're going to have to walk out of here.

Sarah: It doesn't make any sense. He messes with the car and not us. We're
human. Not that hard to kill.

Charley: Whoa, w-w-wait. Wait. Sarah.

Sarah: Molding clay.

Michelle: [relieved sigh]

Sarah: Sonofabitch. Cut her free.

Michelle: Was it fake? This whole thing was a fake?

Sarah: He wants John. He doesn't have to kill us to get to him. If we're
stuck here with no way back. I should have known when

you weren't dead. John, 18 November. Where are you?

John: 2007. Promenade.

Sarah: Is Cameron with you?

John: Uh, yeah. Why?

Sarah: I need you to stay out. Don't go home. Don't go to kacy's.

[electronic voices]

Sarah: Don't go anyplace familiar. Find a place to hide until I call you.

John: Yeah, okay.

Sarah: Just promise me, John.

Kacy: So, what do you think?

Sarah: John!

John: Yeah, all right. I promise.

Riley: Okay, you can do better than that. Cat fancy.

John: [laughs]

Sarah: Stay with Cameron. Don't call me. I'll call you.

John: Okay, fine.

Riley: Well?

John: That's...Yeah. That's awesome.

Riley: That was your weird sister, right?

John: No, it was my weird mother.



[phone rings]

Derek: Run! There's a bomb. Get out! Go! Go!


Sarah: Everyone good? Everyone good?

Derek: Sarah?

Sarah: I'm good. Everyone good?

Michelle: I'm fine. I'm fine.

Charley: I'm okay.

Derek: The cell tower out back. He blew it. After he tapped your call to

Sarah: He has John's number. And the code.

Derek: That won't work now.

Michelle: Ah.

Charley: Aw, baby, baby. You okay?

Sarah: Charley, move.

Charley: Are you okay?

Michelle: Yeah.

Charley: Are you? Let's go.

[dialing cell phone]

[cell phone ringing]

John: Mom.

Cromartie (mimics Sarah): 18 November.

John: 2007.

Cromartie (mimics Sarah): Change of plans, John. How far are you from the

John: The pier? A few blocks, I don't know.

Cromartie (mimics Sarah): Wait for me there. And turn off your phone.

John: What is going on? Where are you?

Cromartie (mimics Sarah): Don't worry about me, John.

Cromartie (mimics Sarah): Just get to the pier.

John: I'm sorry. I have to go.

Riley: What? I thought we were going to the movies.

John: I have to meet my mom at the pier.

Riley: Seriously?

John: Riley, uh...

Riley: Look John, I'm not afraid of your mother. Not like you are.

John: I have to go. I'll call you.

Riley: Don't forget the secret code!

Derek: Come on.

Sarah: I figure it's five miles to the highway if we head due west.

Derek: Across the desert.

Sarah: We need a car. We need to get to John.

Michelle: Oh, god.

Sarah: Charley? How bad is it?

Charley: I can't tell. I--I can't tell if the shrapnel knicked an artery
or something... She could be bleeding out, inside, I

don't know.

Sarah: We have to go.

Charley: Go? Go how?

Sarah: On foot.

Charley: No way, Sarah. Uh-uh. I'm not moving her. And I'm not making her

Sarah: I'll send someone back for you as soon as I can.

Michelle: I can walk. No one has to wait on me.

Agent Ellison: So... You know who I am. You know what happened. George
Lazlo was the shooter. George Lazlo is dead. It's all in

the report.

Catherine: And yet here you are. Five years ago, a small commuter jet went
down in the eastern Sierras. On its way from

Sacramento to Portland. My brother was on the N.T.S.B.team that
investigated the accident. He found these. And brought them to

me. My late husband and I have spent three years and $20 million. Trying
to reverse engineer this technology. We've not been

successful. Yet. Red valley, New Mexico. Eight years ago. 22 witnesses
report seeing a man with some kind of robot leg. Try to

kill a boy later identified as John Connor.

Agent Ellison: John Connor?

Catherine: Son of Sarah Connor. It was your case. She believed robots were
after her son.

Agent Ellison: I know what she believed, Ms. Weaver.

Catherine: You know what really killed those agents. You did not even
pretend to ask me what those were.

Agent Ellison: What do you want from me?

Catherine: I want what you want, Mr. Ellison. I want answers. But more
than that, I want you to help me find another one.

Cameron: Where's John?

Sarah: [muffled] Hey!

[screeching tires]

Michelle: Ah, ah, ah!

Charley: Michelle!

Sarah: Get out. Out!

[Michelle whimpering]

Charley: Sarah, slow down! She's bleeding out. I need to get pressure on
it, Sarah.

Sarah: Damn you, Charley. I told you to stay away.

Charley: Oh, god! Sarah, you've got to stop now, please!

Sarah: You should have stayed away.

Charley: I'm here now and she's here now. You've got to stop. Now!


[water splash]


John: Little help?

Cameron: I don't swim.

John: Yeah, I just figured that out.

Sarah: John.

John: Mom, I'm good. Let's go.

Pastor: Though outwardly we are wasting away, inwardly, we are being
renewed... Day-by-day. For our light and momentary
troubles... Are achieving for us an eternal glory, That far outweighs them
all. We know that if the earthly tent we live in is
destroyed, we have a building from god. A house not made with hands,
eternal in the heavens. For god has given us the spirit as a
guarantee. And as long as we are at home in the body, we are away from the
lord. We walk by faith, not by sight. And so fix our
eyes... Not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is
temporary. What is unseen... Eternal.