[church bells ringing]

Sarah: Hey.

Derek: Did you sleep?

Sarah: What do you do with a guard dog you can't trust?

Derek: What, that one?

Derek: I'd have spent the night talking to him.

Sarah: Yeah, I think she's outside his jurisdiction. Just a wire knocked
loose, or something. So he says.

Derek: ***** is nothing but wire. It's only a matter of time.

John: It's healing quickly.

Cameron: Quicker than yours.

John: What about the rest of you? You're back to normal?

Cameron: Things have changed, John.

John: What things?

Cameron: You can't be trusted anymore.

John: Me? I can't be trusted anymore?

Cameron: You risked your life to fix me. That was a very dangerous thing
to do. That could upset people.

John: They'll have to deal with it.

Cameron: Not them.

Sarah: What did she say?

John: Nothing.

Sarah: You should go to school. I'll start on a new place.

John: School? Really?

Sarah: You always talk about how English is so boring. I think we could
all use boring today, especially you.

John: What about her?

Sarah: Last thing she is is boring. I'll keep her with us.

[bell rings]

Riley: So, um, you've been sitting in the same exact spot since you bailed
out on English. I figure it must have some kind of redeeming value.

John: You're in Mr. Hendrickson's class, right?

Riley: Um, it's Mr. Amidon's class, weirdo. And, yeah, I'm third row,
second from the left.

John: Right. And your name is?

Riley: It's Riley. Way to flatter a girl.

John: Look, Riley, I really, uh-- I don't mean to be rude.

Riley: Oh, wait, let me guess, you are just way too busy for company right
now. Obviously.

[bell rings]

John: Don't you have somewhere to be?

Riley: Don't you? Hey, um, you got 20 bucks?

John: Yeah. Why?

Riley: I'm still hungry.

Kacy: There's three bedrooms. Four if you count the nursery, and why
wouldn't you? This one here's the master suite.

Derek: I'll check the electric.

Sarah: So you live next door?

Kacy: Mm-hmm.

Sarah: Where'd the owners go?

Kacy: Oh, they're in Tokyo for a year. Bob's a last-minute fill-in for his
boss. Guy stroked out three days before he was supposed to leave. Don't
feel bad. I met the guy once, and he grabbed my ass with his wife five
feet away. Not this ass, of course. Eh, you--

Sarah: Car accident.

Kacy: Oh.

Sarah: The whole family. Teaching that one to drive.

Kacy: You're kidding me.

Sarah: I don't kid about teenagers.

Kacy: [sighs] I can't even imagine.

Sarah: How many months are you?

Kacy: Seven. I feel like a whale.

Sarah: You look great.

Kacy: I'm an orca with boobs.

Sarah: There are worse things to be.

Kacy: Do you want to feel it? It's cool. Everyone does. [chuckles] It's
crazy, right? Once upon a time, you were inside her.

Sarah: We can move in today.

Kacy: Oh, yeah, as soon as I figure out what to do with all this stuff.

Sarah: We'll take it, all of it.

[doorbell rings]

Agent Ellison: Mrs. Dixon. I'm James Ellison, FBI. May I come in? I'm not
here as an FBI agent. I'm here to help you.

Michelle: i found it in a drawer this morning after he went to work.
Charlie hates guns.

Charley: Mich, I'm home. What's going on here?

Agent Ellison: We need to talk.

Sarah: Help! Check the perimeter.

Resistance Fighter: Greenway.

Derek: What? What? What are you trying to say? Who?

Resistance Fighter: Stop Greenway.

Derek: Who's Greenway?

Resistance Fighter: Stop--

Derek: Who's Greenway? Hey.

Resistance Fighter: Serrano Point.

Derek: The power plant, Serrano Point.

Resistance Fighter: Two days.

Derek: Two days what?

Derek: Wait, hey! No, no, no. Hey.

Sarah: He's from the future. Sent here by John. I assume that's how he
found us.

Derek: You sure that's not broken?

Sarah: I'm sure I don't care. You heard the guy. Serrano Point, two days,
stop Greenway.

Derek: I'll handle it.

Sarah: I've seen how you handle it. I send you and a land mine to do this,
I guarantee someone's ending up dead.

Derek: Maybe somebody's supposed to end up dead.

Sarah: And the other part of that equation is maybe not. Are you coming?

Derek: It looks a lot different than I remember.

Sarah: In the future, the resistance controls this plant?

Cameron: The battle of Avila Beach. December 8, 2026. Humans regain
control of Serrano Point from Skynet.

Derek: It's a key strategic hold. It's one of our main sources of power.

Sarah: The guy who died said something about two days. What's happening in
two days?

Cameron: Maybe Greenway will tell us.

Sarah: Maybe Greenway's trying to sabotage the plant. You think he'll tell
us that?

Cameron: I think he will.

[machine beeps]

Guard: All right. Okay.

Cartoon Narration: Nuclear power plants supply 20% of the nation's
electricity. But how do they work? These lovely ladies are uranium fuel
rods. And they are hot. (fuel rod) We're gonna start a chain reaction.
(Atomic Al) Aww, nuts. Hot rods make the water boil. The steam spins
turbines, and abracadabra, energy. Of course we can't forget to cool the
steam back to water so the whole process can be repeated. Or else we'll
have a massive compromise of the containment system.

HR Lady: You know, I don't like taking on new temps, I will tell you.
Still, perfect score on your placement exam. Security clearance. And I did
have two janitors call in with some personal emergencies, so... Come on.
Is there a reason you two are so rough around the edges?

Sarah & Cameron (both): Car accident.

HR Lady: 'Cause I can't have any problems in my plant.

Sarah & Cameron (both): Car accident.

HR Lady: Just stay out of the fuel building without your protective gear
on. Or you could get crapped up.

Sarah: That doesn't sound very pleasant.

HR Lady: It's plant talk for getting exposed to radiation. Then you'd need
a scrub down. You don't want a scrub down.

Michelle: Sarah's alive? In L.A.? And these things, they're not human? I
can't-- I can't--

Charley: I don't love her anymore, babe. Not like that.

Michelle: Of all the things you just told me, Charley, she seems to be the
least of our problems.

Agent Ellison: You two need to leave this place. It's not safe here

Charley: Where is?

Riley: Saint Bibiana.

John: Saint who?

Riley: Saint Bibiana. It's the school that I went to until ninth grade.
Well, ninth and a half, technically. 'Cause I got the boot for this. Can
you believe it? So what's your story? You look a little--

John: Oh, it's just a car accident. I was teaching my sister how to drive.

Riley: Did everyone check out?

John: Check out?

Riley: Is everyone okay?

John: Oh, yeah, we're fine. We're good. We're alive. For now.

Riley: You're full of carrots and apples.

John: Carrots and apples?

Riley: Yeah, carrots and apples. You know, happy thoughts.

John: I don't think that's really an expression.

Riley: It's not?

John: I don't know, maybe if you're on a farm. We're moving. My mom found
us a new place this morning.

Riley: Is it nice?

John: I don't know. I haven't seen it.

Riley: Are you serious? She hasn't, like, shown you any pictures or

John: Riley: She's not really the picture type.

Riley: Yeah, I totally know that type.

John: So you wanna come see it?

Riley: What, the mystery house?

John: Yeah, the mystery house. Do you wanna come with me and see it?

Greenway: Check the cooling pump calibration on the P.W.R. board.

Bearded Assistant: It was fine yesterday.

Greenway: We're less than 36 hours from going online. Check it again.

Sarah: I'd have a headache too if I had to figure out what all those
buttons do.

Greenway: They're just vitamins.

Sarah: I'm Karen, by the way.

Greenway: Carl. You're new?

Sarah: Brand spanking. Just moved here from Texas.

Greenway: Really? Whereabouts?

Sarah: A little town called Elgin.

Greenway: Near Corpus Christi. I was stationed at Ingleside Naval Base.

Sarah: Oh, imagine that. Neighbors and never even knew it. I hear there's
a big test tomorrow. The reactor's going back online? Exactly how's that

Greenway: Hopefully perfectly.

Plant Boss: Greenway. A word.

Greenway: Nice meeting you, Karen.

Sarah: Likewise.

Plant Boss: There's cautious, and there's just plain paranoid, okay? We're
going online. Sure as hell not gonna let you stall us.


John: I guess this is it.

Riley: Sweet! What's a matter? Never brought a girl home before?

John: No.

Riley: Well, I wonder where your room is?

John: I don't know.

Riley: Well, let's go look for it.

John: She can't be serious.

Barkeep: Sir?

Greenway: One more please.

Sarah: I'll have what he's having.

Greenway: I'm drinking tonic water.

Sarah: I won't have what he's having.

Sarah: I waitressed for years. On our break the other girls would smoke
and I would uh--

Greenway: Play with matches?

Sarah: Hah. Study for my computer classes. See how far it got me. So
what's your story Carl? How did you end up at Serrano point?

Greenway: Started off in the Navy. Served 12 years on a nuclear sub.

Sarah: Every girl loves a uniform.

Greenway: My ex didn't. At least not the one with my name stitched to it.

Sarah: *****.

Greenway: Affirmative.

Sarah: That's a good scar. Got a good story to go with it?

Greenway: I don't know about good, but it's a story.

Cameron: Hi. I'm Cindy. I'm new in town. This looks like fun.

Guy: Well, Cindy, this may look like fun, but Bob here's got 50 bucks says
he can beat anyone in this bar. Ain't that right, Bob?

Cameron: I'll play you, Bob.

Guy: You ever played this game before?

Cameron: How hard could it be?

Guy: Oh, it's plenty hard, girl. Let me show you. Now, what you're gonna
do is take this stick and lean over the table. Now slide it through your
fingers. Relax, and get a real good feel. That's right. Nice and easy.

Cameron: Still my shot. Right, Bob?

Greenway: So the first surgery, they went in, took out most of the lymph
nodes. Then they went back in four months ago and cleaned out the rest.
Luckily, they were able to go through the same incision.

Sarah: You don't hear many people with cancer use the word "luckily."

Greenway: Oh, you'd be surprised. After four rounds of chemo, you say a
lot of things you never thought you would. Most of them I won't repeat.

Sarah: Mm.

Greenway: Now I've gone and spooked you.

Sarah: No. Yeah.

Greenway: It's okay. You wouldn't be the only one. In a nuke plant, a guy
with cancer is sort of a black cat. Funny thing is 20 years around nuclear
reactors, I haven't been crapped up, not once.

Sarah: Lucky.

Greenway: See, lucky. There you go.

Sarah: You seem like a good guy, Carl. If no one will drink with you
'cause you're sick, then it's their loss.

Sarah: Oh... That isn't why they won't drink with me.

Derek: Somebody just smashed Greenway's windshield. Big guy with a crew

Sarah: Well, Greenway's got a lot of enemies. He stopped the last reactor
test because of safety concerns. If he stops the test tomorrow, people are
afraid the plant will get shut down and they'll lose their jobs. He's
concerned about one of the sensor boards in the control room.

Cameron: It's showing slight irregularities in the coolant pumps. I hacked
into the computer and read his notes.

Sarah: Anyway, his boss is pressuring him to ignore it, says it's nothing
major. But if Greenway's, right, and there was a problem--

Cameron: The reactor could melt down. Half the state would be

Derek: Skynet wins.

Sarah: But if Greenway stops the test and they close down the plant...

Derek: Then the resistance can't use it in the future.

Cameron: Skynet wins.

Riley: Wow, they didn't even leave any pickles.

John: Check the freezer.

Riley: Oh, my god, you're a genius. How did you know?

[car door closes]

Riley: What's wrong?

John: It's my mom.

Riley: Is that a problem?

Sarah: John? Who are you?

John: This is Riley. From school.

Riley: Hi, mom.

Sarah: Let's talk, you and I. Riley from school. You never mentioned her

John: Well, that's because I just met her today.

Sarah: Really?

John: Mm-hmm.

Sarah: Now is not the time for this.

John: Now is not the time. Well, when is the time? For me, I mean, to live
my life.

Riley: Hey, if-- if you guys are gonna keep fighting about me, I can

John: No. Everything's fine.

Riley: Do you think about the future much?

John: Hmm?

Riley: The future. When you're out of your house, away from your family.
You know, freedom.

John: Yeah, I think about the future a lot. I don't know about freedom

Riley: Parents are freaks.

John: Yours too?

Riley: Hey. Look at the stars.

[phone rings]



Plant Boss: What are you doing in here? This is a restricted area.

Sarah: I'm looking for the supply room.

Plant Boss: One of the lifts in the waste barrel area leaked hydraulic
fluid. You might as well take care of it since you're here. Suit up. It
can get nasty in there.

[rhythmic breathing]

[Geiger counter crackling, beeping]

Sarah: What is that? What does that mean?

Plant Boss: It means you just got crapped up.

Riley: Morning.

John: Hey. Did you sleep on the floor?

Riley: Early riser.

John: What's that?

Riley: What's it look like?

John: Looks like a robot.

Riley: It's a robot, big scary man, whatever. He's for you. To protect you
while you sleep.

John: What, do I look like I need protection?

Riley: If you don't want it then--

John: No, no. Uh... It's very cool. Thank you.

Riley: You're very welcome. So I guess I'm gonna try to make it to
English. What about you?

John: Maybe...Not today.

Riley: Can I call you sometime?

John: This is gonna sound really weird, but whenever you call me the first
words out of your mouth need to be the date. Day first, then the month,

Riley: And I'm doing this because?

John: Because you want to call me, and that's just the way it is.

Riley: See you later then.

[Geiger counter crackling]

Sarah: These are my same clothes. Aren't they crapped up?

Plant Boss: You know, it turns out they're not. Positive reading must have
been a hiccup.

Sarah: A hiccup?

Plant Boss: Yeah, sometimes these scanners have a mind of their own.

Charley: Agent Ellison.

Agent Ellison: Wanted to make sure you got off all right.

Charley: Well, all right's pretty relative, isn't it?

Agent Ellison: How's she doing?

Charley: Well, you know, we always thought we'd raise kids in this house.
But you just can't plan for anything now, can you?

Agent Ellison: For the road.

Charley: So what about you, are you gonna leave? Or does god have a plan
for you?

Agent Ellison: We'll see.

Charley: Yeah, we'll see. Thank you.

Agent Ellison: Good luck.

Greenway: T minus two minutes.

Bearded Assistant: Coolant system numbers are within tolerances.

Greenway: Of course they are. Everything is fine.

Bearded Assistant: But yesterday you said--

Greenway: Everything is fine.

Sarah: 16 November.

Derek: 20:07.

Sarah: Something's wrong with Greenway. Are you at his house?

Derek: Yeah, I'm searching now. Sarah, is Greenway there? Are you telling
me that he's there?

Sarah: He's here.

Greenway: 4, 3, 2, 1. And we're online.

Sarah: Greenway, he's been replaced by a machine. Did you hear me?
Greenway has control of the plant, and he's a machine. Hey! You alive in

Cameron: I'm thinking about what to do.

Sarah: Since when did you do that?

[alarm sounds]

Sarah: What's going on?

Worker: Turbine building. Water valve's sprung a leak.

Sarah: Go fix it.

Bearded Assistant: Where the hell did you go? Something's wrong. We need
to turn on the water pumps. We gotta cool it down.

Greenway: Everything is fine.

Bearded Assistant: Carl, the reactor's overheating. It's going to melt

Greenway: Please remain calm.

Bearded Assistant: You need to talk to Greenway. He's lost his mind.

Plant Boss: What the--

[tires squealing]

[man over P.A.] Code red. All employees must evacuate immediately.

Sarah: He's unconscious. The reactor's overheating. Emergency manual.

Derek: There's no way.

Sarah: Water tank leak.

Derek: No, there's no time. We gotta go.

Sarah: I found the instructions.

Derek: Sarah, Sarah, come on now! Let's go!

Sarah: No, no, no. This is some kind of schematic.

Man on phone: NRC emergency. Security code, please.

Derek: I'm in the control room. We need help.

Man on phone: Sir, I need a security code.

Derek: This is an emergency. We don't know what we're doing.

Man on phone: Sir, I'm sorry but--

Derek: Sarah!

Man on phone: Sir? Hello?

Derek: Sarah!

Security Guard: Hold it. Stop right there.

Sarah: Are you okay? Are you okay?

Cameron: I'm okay.

[Geiger counter crackling]

Cameron: You're clean.

Sarah: When we jumped through time, you told me I died of cancer.

Cameron: Yes, 2005.

Sarah: Am I still gonna get sick?

Cameron: I don't know.

Sarah: Is today how it happens?

Cameron: I don't know.

Sarah: What am I supposed to do, just wait? Like a time bomb, am I just
gonna go off someday?

Cameron: I don't know. Am I? You have a new friend.

John: Her name is Riley. And you probably creeped her out. When you talk
to people, don't stand so close.

Cameron: I was assessing her threat level.

John: Well? Am I safe?

Cameron: I don't know. Girls are complicated.

John: About what you said before, about not being able to trust me.

Cameron: Yes?

John: I don't have to prove anything to anyone. Anyone. Including you.

[cell phone ringing]

Riley: 16 November.

John: Hey, you got it right. What's up?

Riley: Just practicing.

[hangs up]

Spokesman: Because of this tragic incident, the owners of Serrano Point
and six other power plants across the nation are entering into a
partnership with my corporation, Automyte Systems. New automated
technology we've developed will be implemented in all control rooms. These
sophisticated machines will eliminate the possibility of human error and
prevent a major disaster.