Sarah: Previously on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Andy: My Turk plays chess at a level that could defeat every human player
that has ever lived and probably ever will live.

Andy: This is my partner, Dimitri Shipkoff.

Andy: I built the Turk but Dimitri taught it to play chess.

Sarah: You talk about it like it's human.

Andy: Well, you never know.

Sarah: Show me what you found.

John: No name, but he's got this tattoo on his arm.

Cameron: That's a tattoo from a Skynet work camp.

Cameron: He's a resistance fighter.

John: Then you know him in the future.

Cameron: So do you.

Cameron: He's one of your best soldiers.

Sarah: It was you, wasn't it?

Sarah: You wanted to kill him, and you did.

Derek: I didn't do it.

Derek: All I wanted was the Turk.

Derek: Somebody else killed him and took the machine.

Derek: You gotta get out of here.

Derek: If you haven't figured it out, I have a T-triple 8 on my ass.

Derek: Now, if you found me, it will too.

Sarah: He needs a doctor.

John: What, so you're just gonna go out and kidnap one?

Derek: Don't let that thing touch me.

Sarah: We have to stop your bleeding!

Derek: Get away from me!

John: You don't even know who this guy is!

Sarah: He's your uncle.

Sarah: He doesn't know.

Dispatch: Possible forced entry and sabotage at Vista Terrace power plant.

Dispatch: All available units respond, code 3.

Sarah (monologue): They say when a person dies, the soul lives on. The
soul. The thing that separates us from the machines. Cameron had burned
the metal monster. 2,000 degrees. I suppose they did the same to Andy.
There was nothing left of either. Nothing that told the story of who or
what they were. Gone is gone. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. When I go,
bury me in the earth. A part of me died years ago with Kyle Reese, but a
part of him lives on in John. If that's not a soul, I don't know what is.

Derek: The triple eight.

Sarah: Vaporized.

Derek: The Russian, Dimitri.

Derek: You found him?

Sarah: He took off after Andy's murder.

Derek: No, if he has the Turk, then...

Derek: Put the machine on it.

Derek: She'll find him. It's...

Sarah: I know.

Sarah: It's what they do.

John: How is he?

Sarah: Better.

Sarah: Still pretty out of it.

John: Is he, uh, gonna stay here or what?

Sarah: Let's see if he lives first.

Sarah: And somewhere in this city, a naked cop bleeds in an alley.

Cameron: The hand.

Cameron: I couldn't acquire it.

Sarah: Why not?

Cameron: The FBI has it.

Sarah: You're playing hooky.

John: Today, no, I can't miss class today, mom.

Sarah: Well, we have to find the hand.

Sarah: Destroy it. No loose ends.

Sarah: Cyberdyne builds Skynet--

John: With the chip, remember?

Sarah: And the hand.

John: Look, the feds have it now, mom.

John: I can't help.

John: Besides, absent gets me on the radar.

Cameron: I can play hooky.

Sarah: Find Dimitri.

Sarah: Derek says he has a sister who teaches ballet.

Sarah: Start with her.

Sarah: Low profile, no guns.

Sarah: You might wanna change.

Sarah: Yeah, this is sergeant Johnson,

Sarah: Senior Property over at LAPD.

Sarah: Got a little problem, wonder if you could help me.

Agent: What's going on?

Agent: I got this new booking officer rookie.

Sarah: Between you and me, I think he was drunk when logged evidence on a
robbery we had.

Sarah: Might have ended up on your felony escape.

Agent: What are you missing?

Sarah: Prosthetic hand.

Agent: Really?

Sarah: Really.

Agent: D.R. number?

Sarah: 084476732

Sarah: I can send someone to pick it up.

Agent: I don't see any hand on here.

Sarah: You sure?

Sarah: Item 17.

Agent: Hang on a second.

Agent: Agent Ellison!

Agent Ellison: Yeah?

Agent: I got LAPD Property on the line.

Agent: They're asking about a hand. From your felony escape.

Agent: They have it listed on the authorization, but we don't have a
record of it.

Agent Ellison: I never saw any hand, fake or otherwise.

Agent: Agent in charge says he never saw it.

Agent: Want to talk to him?

Sarah: No, no, I'll take his word. Thanks.

Sarah: And wonder if God or the Devil...

Sarah: Or even death itself was sending me a message from the future,

Sarah: all the way back through time.

Sarah: Machines, Sarah.

Sarah: Machines.

Sarah: You can pretend they're not, but they are coming, and they are
faster and stronger, and they've been built to do one perfect thing.

Sarah: To kill you.

Sarah: They will kill you, and your friends and your family, and your
mother and your father, and Kyle Reese and your son.

Sarah: Your son!

Sarah: They will kill everyone you love and everyone you hold close, and
there is nothing you can do about it, because they are coming.

Sarah: They are coming and they will find you.

Sarah: Because that's what they do! That's all they do!

Sarah: - That's all they do!

Dr. Silberman: I need help here!

Dr. Silberman: Get in here!

Sarah: They'll kill you!

Dr. Silberman: Come on, where's that stuff?

Sarah: They will kill you!

Dr. Silberman: Now, if what you say is true, Sarah, surely there would be
some evidence.

Sarah: No one believes me.

Agent Ellison: Thank you.

Sarah: So this is where Sarah Connor spent three years of her life.

Doctor: This is it.

Agent Ellison: Dr. Silberman retired right after she escaped.

Agent Ellison: Where is he these days?

Doctor: Got himself a cabin in the mountains near Arrowhead.

Doctor: Growing his own vegetables, working on his book.

Doctor: We don't hear much from him anymore.

Agent Ellison: I'd love to talk to any other staff that was here when she

Doctor: Unfortunately, there's no one left.

Agent Ellison: Not even a janitor?

Doctor: How long would you work here if you could find another job?

Agent Ellison: Right.

Maria: Good.

Maria: Long reach down.

Maria: Excellent turnout. Hold!

Maria: Hold.

Maria: And close.

Maria: Beautiful. Thank you.

Maria: See you all next week.

Cameron: What is she doing?

Maria: Pas de Chat.

Maria: Step of the cat.

Cameron: Will you show me?

Maria: That is the advanced class.

Maria: You are a beginner, yeah?

Maria: You have taken ballet before.

Cameron: No.

Maria: The height is nice. Beautiful feet.

Maria: But your upper body is a little mechanical, yeah?

Maria: Remember, you are a cat.

Cameron: I'm a cat.

Maria: Come next week.

Maria: We need to develop your flexibility and your imagination.

Maria: Remember... Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

Maria (in Russian): Stop coming here.

Mafia Man (Russian): Where is he?

Maria (Russian): I don't know where he is.

Mafia Man (Russian): Don't play with me Maria.

Maria (Russian): Please leave.

Mafia Man (Russian): He owes me money. Give him the message or he'll be

John: What are you doing?

Derek: What's it look like?

John: Looks like you're loading guns that I know for a fact were already

Derek: True enough.

John: I loaded 'em.

Derek: Look, no offense.

Derek: I just don't like firing a weapon I didn't set myself.

John: Anyway, you should take it into the kitchen or something.

John: Mom wouldn't like you doing this in her room.

Derek: Why?

John: Because it's her room.

Derek: Listen, um...

Derek: The paramedic that patched me up.

Derek: Where'd he come from?

John: That's Charlie.

John: He was her boyfriend.

John: Her fiance.

John: Actually, a long time ago.

Derek: He's a liability.

John: Look, man, he's not gonna tell anybody.

Derek: How do you know?

John: Because I know him. I trust him.

Derek: I can't believe you trust anybody.

John: Maybe it's just him.

Derek: You trust the machine.

John: Cameron--

Derek: Yeah, Cameron.

Derek: What a joke.

Derek: Walking around with a name.

Derek: Like it's a person. It's not a person.

Derek: It's not something you should be trusting.

Sarah: What's going on?

John: Nothing.

Sarah: I need you to get on the computer and find an address.

Derek: You're making a mistake.

Sarah: How's that?

Derek: The machine has got to go.

Sarah: This morning you had me sending her out to do our dirty work.

Derek: Dirty work is all they're good for.

Derek: Don't let yourself think that you can train them like a pet,
because it'll be the last thing that you think.

Sarah: John--

Derek: John doesn't know everything.

Sarah: You should be resting.

Derek: They never rest.

Derek: You can't have that thing here.

Derek: Can't sleep with it here.

Sarah: That gonna help?

Derek: You never know.

Derek: Does it help to sleep on the whole trunk?

Sarah: Go into my bedroom again, I'll bust your head.

Sarah: What happened with the ballet teacher?

Cameron: Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

Derek: First you have to have a soul.

Sarah: I mean about Dimitri or the Turk.

Cameron: I'm going back today.

Derek: What's the status on the hand?

Sarah: Got a good idea who has it.

Derek: Who?

Sarah: FBI Agent Ellison.

Derek: Same guy that questioned me in county lockup?

Derek: What, they only have one FBI agent in this town?

Sarah: Only one who can put this whole thing together.

Sarah: From what I saw at his house, maybe he already has.

Sarah: Pancakes.

Sarah: We eat at the table.

Sarah: Your pancakes are getting cold.

John: Here's Dr. Silberman's address.

Sarah: You're not hungry?

John: No.

Sarah: Since when?

Social Worker: Ms. Connor, I'm from DCFS.

Social Worker: I've brought some paperwork for you.

Social Worker: Everything should be in order.

Social Worker: All we have to do is cross the t's and dot the i's.

Social Worker: Basically states that you voluntarily and unequivocally
consent, that you have been advised of the legal consequences of this

Social Worker: That you understand that your consent is irrevocable, and
once these papers are signed, all parental rights will be terminated.

Social Worker: And sign here.

Social Worker: We'll get a certified copy to the judge.

Derek: I guess you're not hungry either.

Derek: You might have fooled them, but not me.

Derek: I know you.

Cameron: I know you too.

Agent Ellison: Dr. Silberman.

Dr. Silberman: Can I help you?

Agent Ellison: Special agent James Ellison.

Dr. Silberman: Oh, hello. What can I do for you, agent?

Agent Ellison: I'd like to talk to you about Sarah Connor.

Dr. Silberman: You like to come in?

Agent Ellison: Thank you.

Dr. Silberman: Well, I don't like to use the term textbook in relation to
any of my patients, but Sarah Connor was depressed, anxiety-ridden,
manic... Violent with paranoid delusions.

Agent Ellison: Is that what it was?

Agent Ellison: Delusions?

Dr. Silberman: Robots, soldiers of the future, apocalypse.

Dr. Silberman: You tell me.

Dr. Silberman: Also she could be remarkably charming.

Dr. Silberman: Even persuasive.

Agent Ellison: Beware of false prophets.

Dr. Silberman: You a man of the book?

Agent Ellison: It has brought me comfort at times.

Dr. Silberman: More tea?

Agent Ellison: Um, yes, yes, thank you.

Dr. Silberman: The thing that most people don't understand about
psychiatry is that it is an imperfect science.

Maria: What are you doing here?

Cameron: Watching you.

Maria: I'm... I'm a little out of shape.

Maria: Teaching takes all my time.

Cameron: My brother says if you want to be good at anything, you have to
practice every day.

Maria: Your brother is right.

Cameron: Do you have a brother?

Maria: Yes.

Cameron: Is he a dancer like you?

Maria: He plays chess.

Cameron: So does my brother.

Maria: Excuse me.

Mafia Man (Russian): I can see to it that you never dance again.

Cameron (Russian): I can see to it...

Cameron (Russian): ...that you will never dance again.

Mafia Man: Get lost.

Maria: Do you have any idea who this is?

Cameron: No.

Maria: Do you?

Maria: Who are you?

Maria: You're just a girl.

Maria: How did you do that?

Cameron: I'm looking for your brother.

Maria: Are you police?

Maria: I've already told the police everything I know.

Cameron: No, I'm not police.

Cameron: But I do find them useful.

Maria: What do you want?

Cameron: I can help your brother.

Cameron: Tell me where he is.

Agent Ellison: Un... untie me.

Dr. Silberman: FBI. That's a good touch.

Agent Ellison: What... who... who... who do you think I am?

Dr. Silberman: I know who you are.

Dr. Silberman: Coming here asking about Sarah Connor.

Dr. Silberman: Yes.

Dr. Silberman: Matthew 7:15.

Dr. Silberman: The full verse is, "Beware of false prophets which come to
you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

Dr. Silberman: You're from the future.

Dr. Silberman: You're one of them.

Agent Ellison: I'm... oh, come on.

Agent Ellison: If I was who you say I am, then... How could you poison me?

Dr. Silberman: The tea was a test.

Dr. Silberman: But then it occurred to me that you could be an advanced
model, smart enough to trick me into thinking you were passed out.

Agent Ellison: Oh, come on.

Agent Ellison: Look...

Agent Ellison: Okay, kidnapping an FBI agent is a federal offense.

Agent Ellison: Carries a sentence of life in prison.

Agent Ellison: If... if you let me go now, we'll forget this ever
happened, okay?

Dr. Silberman: One sure fire way to--

Agent Ellison: Wait, wait, wait, no!

Agent Ellison: You can't, no!

Agent Ellison: No!

Sarah: John hasn't been answering his cell phone.

Sarah: When he gets home, you tell him we need to talk.

Derek: Where you heading?

Sarah: Arrowhead.

Sarah: I think Ellison might be there.

Derek: He's a strong boy.

Derek: You know, strong, strong opinions. Strong opinions.

Sarah: I don't know where he gets that.

Derek: His father?

Sarah: Out of the picture.

Derek: That's too bad.

Derek: Can I ask you about my brother?

Sarah: Kyle?

Derek: John told me he died fighting.

Derek: Do you know...where he is now?

Sarah: In the grass.

Sarah: I can take you there someday if you want.

Dr. Silberman: It's an honest mistake.

Dr. Silberman: Can't be too careful.

Dr. Silberman: Tell me...

Dr. Silberman: Do you believe in, apocalypse, agent?

Agent Ellison: Yeah, um... I've read Revelations.

Dr. Silberman: Could it be that the apocalypse in the book and the
predictions of Sarah Connor are one and the same?

Agent Ellison: Um, I suppose it's possible.

Agent Ellison: What do you think?

Dr. Silberman: He came down the hall.

Dr. Silberman: It was a large man.

Dr. Silberman: I thought it was a man until...

Dr. Silberman: He threw the guard through the window just like a rag doll.

Dr. Silberman: Not an ounce of emotion.

Dr. Silberman: This blank, like a death mask.

Dr. Silberman: Then the other one came.

Agent Ellison: There was two of them?

Dr. Silberman: They were different.

Dr. Silberman: The second one was almost beautiful.

Dr. Silberman: Like perfect.

Dr. Silberman: Like a changeling. the face of mercury.

Agent Ellison: What about Sarah?

Dr. Silberman: She was there.

Dr. Silberman: She was on the floor.

Dr. Silberman: And the boy was with her.

Dr. Silberman: He was screaming.

Dr. Silberman: And then the, the first one, the big one, I'll never
forget, he... he reached out his hand and he said, "Come with me if you
want to live."

Dr. Silberman: Like God reaching out to man.

Dr. Silberman: Like... like the Sistine Chapel.

Dr. Silberman: The hand of God.

Agent Ellison: Hand of God.

Dr. Silberman: Yeah.

Dr. Silberman: Though... There's no proof, so we don't talk about it.

Dr. Silberman: All of us who were there.

Agent Ellison: What if I told you I have proof?

Dr. Silberman: What do you mean?

Agent Ellison: A piece of evidence I found during my investigation.

Agent Ellison: That's why I came to you.

Agent Ellison: For your corroboration.

Agent Ellison: To show you that Sarah wasn't crazy.

Agent Ellison: Nobody... is crazy.

Dr. Silberman: What is it?

Agent Ellison: The hand of God.

Dr. Silberman: Good thing you told me about this.

Agent Ellison: Yeah.

Agent Ellison: I told you I'm, I'm on your side.

Dr. Silberman: I wish that were true.

Agent Ellison: What does that mean?

Dr. Silberman: Do you know what would happen if the wrong people got a
hold of this?

Dr. Silberman: I can't let you stop her.

Agent Ellison: She's dead.

Dr. Silberman: So was Jesus once.

Dr. Silberman: You won't feel a thing, I promise.

Agent Ellison: What? No, no!

John: Dug up some clean t-shirts for you.

Derek: Thanks.

John: I wasn't sure how many you'd need.

John: Depends on how long you're staying.

John: Not that great sleeping on the couch, is it?

John: Slept on a few of them myself.

Derek: Yeah?

Derek: When was that?

John: When my mom was locked up.

John: I kicked around.

John: With friends and foster families.

Derek: Mom was in prison?

John: Mental hospital.

John: You go around blowing up buildings and ranting about robots, it

Derek: It sounds rough.

John: There was this, uh... There was this one family.

John: Todd and Janelle.

John: I was with them for a while, and, uh... they were okay.

John: Of course, I hated them.

John: They wanted to adopt me.

Derek: I'm sure your mom would've died before she'd let that happen.

John: Yeah, you'd think.

Derek: Look, John...

Derek: What can happen to a person inside four walls, um, screws with your

Derek: Makes you do things you never thought you'd do.

John: Some people never give up.

John: Some people always fight.

Derek: Fewer than you think.

Derek: So you ever wonder what happened to Todd and Janelle?

John: No.

John: I know what happened.

John: I got them killed.

Dimitri (Russian): Who is she?

Maria (Russian): My friend.

Dimitri (Russian): I told you not to bring anyone here.

Maria (Russian): She can help us.

Dimitri (Russian): Someone could have followed you.

Maria (Russian): I had to tell someone. She can help us.

Dimitri (Russian): What are you thinking? What can she help us with?

Maria: Tell him. Come on.

Cameron (Russian): I have money.

Cameron: You're the one who reported the Turk missing.

Dimitri: Do you have more?

Cameron: What happened to it?

Dimitri: A man came to see me.

Dimitri: Offered me money to steal the Turk.

Dimitri: I owed a lot of money to the people who helped me bring my sister
into this country.

Dimitri: So I changed the endgame protocols in order for it to lose its
last match.

Dimitri: If we'd won, and we would've won, I never could've got it out of

Dimitri: We... I was paid money for it. 20,000 dollars.

Dimitri: It wasn't enough.

Dimitri: I need more of these.

Dimitri: Please, I need more of these.

Cameron: Who bought the Turk?

Dimitri: That's all I have.

Dimitri: Okay?

Cameron: Thank you for explaining.

Dimitri: Where are you going?

Dimitri: Hey, where you go?

Maria: You promised you would help us!

Dr. Silberman: Oh, my God.

Dr. Silberman: I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

Sarah: Apology accepted.

Agent Ellison: Help!

Agent Ellison: Help!

Agent Ellison: Get up!

Agent Ellison: Where is it?

Dr. Silberman: She took it.

Agent Ellison: What? Who?

Dr. Silberman: Sarah Connor.

Dr. Silberman: She took it.

Dr. Silberman: She took it.

Sarah: Did you find the Turk?

Cameron: Dimitri stole it from Andy, then sold it to a man.

Sarah: Who?

Sarah: Where's Dimitri now?

Cameron: Dead.

Cameron: So is his sister.

Sarah: Did you kill them?

Cameron: No.

Cameron: It wasn't my mission.

Sarah: I never wanted you to see that tape.

Sarah: I was gonna destroy it.

Sarah: But since you did, did you notice the date?

Sarah: The date on the tape.

Sarah: June 8th,1997.

Sarah: Do you know that date?

John: I do now.

John: That's the date you gave up being my mother.

Sarah: That's the date I broke out of there.

Sarah: The day you came for me, I was coming for you.

Sarah: Because about three seconds after I signed that paper, I knew I
couldn't live with it.

Sarah: I was coming for you, and I was gonna die trying.

John: You almost did.

Sarah: So did you.

John: And you were mad as hell about it.

John: You yelled at me.

John: Told me what a stupid move it was.

Sarah: I might have oversold that a little.

Sarah: I'll always find you.

John: I'll always find you.

Sarah (monologue): There was a time I was a hero to my son. He thought I
walked on water. He knows better now. We all have weak moments. Moments
where we lose faith. But it's our flaws, our weaknesses, that make us

Dr. Silberman: They are here.

Dr. Silberman: They are here.

Dr. Silberman: They're here!

Dr. Silberman: They are everywhere!

Dr. Silberman: They're here!

Dr. Silberman: They are here!

Sarah (monologue): Science now performs miracles like the Gods of old.
Creating life from blood cells, or bacteria, or a spark of metal. But
they're perfect creatures. And in that way, they couldn't be less human.
There are things machines will never do. They can not possess faith. They
can not commune with God.

Agent Ellison: "Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, is hewn
down and cast into the fire."

Sarah (monologue): They cannot appreciate beauty. They cannot create art.
If they ever learn these things, things,they won't have to destroy us.
They'll be us.