Sarah: Previously on terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Sarah: Where are we?

Cameron: Same where. Different when.

John: I want my new name, my all-new me.

Sarah: I'll track down Enrique.

Sarah: I need three sets of papers.

Enrique: My nephew has taken over the business.

Carlos: You're in the system and everything.

Sarah: Uncle Enrique will be proud.

Sarah: He referred to you as a rata-- a snitch.

Sarah: Why would you do this?

Cameron: Because you wouldn't.

Sarah: Why not stay in the past?

Cameron: You died.

Cameron: Two years ago--cancer.

Sarah: I've seen that before.

Cameron: Skynet work camp.

Cameron: Resistance fighters.

John: You sure there's money here.

Cameron: Anything they valued,money,guns-- it'll be hidden.

Sarah: You told me we'd be safe.

Cameron: Skynet doesn't know you're here.

Cameron: There's no directive to hunt you.

Sarah: What if they found out... Would they all know what to do?

Trash Collector: Who the hell are you,man?

Cameron: They do.

Sarah (monologue): When I was in the mental hospital, I became obsessed
with science. Not all science, actually. And not really science at all.
Scientists--and then only nuclear scientists. The ones who invented the
bomb. Oppenheimer, Heisenberg, Fermi, and Teller. Pioneers, geniuses all.
I read every book I could. I wanted to understand. Why couldn't they stop,
these fathers of our destruction? And why wouldn't anybody stop them? And
if I had the chance, would I?

John: Morning.

John: You look like hell.

Sarah: Up late.

Sarah: Newspaper clippings...

Sarah: Surveillance photos, bank records.

Sarah: Pamphlets from every high-tech company in the state.

Sarah: I even thought I saw the deeds to city hall in here somewhere.

Sarah: Those resistance guys weren't sent back here to be our support

Sarah: They're a Skynet hunting party.

John: Really? Are you--you sure?

Sarah: Most of this is still a puzzle to me, but there is one list in here
I understand.

Sarah: Employee list, Cyberdyne Systems.

Sarah: Seems they thought it was a good place to start.

Sarah: And it is.

John: She's not gonna be happy to see you.

Sarah: She never is.

John: Want me to come along?

Sarah: No. You have your own job to do.

Sarah: A big one.

John: You're getting pretty good at that.

Cameron: Thank you.

John: Still, it's not exactly brain surgery or anything.

John: Be pretty funny if you were some sort of advanced cybernetic
intelligence, yet stumped by a stick of eyeliner.

Cameron: No, it's not brain surgery.

Cameron: It would have to be a lot sharper for brain surgery.

Sarah: Much better.

Sarah: When you wear clothes-- much better.

Sarah: Okay, six ways in.

Sarah: Six ways out.

Sarah: The front opens to the street here.

Sarah: Security's minimal.

Sarah: Two armed guards in the morning.

Sarah: Four in the afternoon.

Sarah: And if anything goes wrong, there's a parking lot here.

John: Mom, it's high school, okay?

John: Not super max.

John: We can handle it.

Cameron: We can handle it.

Sarah: Don't you kiss me.

Sarah: Or anyone else.

John: Okay, now blend in.

Cameron: Blend in.

John: Yeah, i mean don't seem like a freak.

John: You know what I mean, right?

Cameron: Freak.

Cameron: Weirdo.

Cameron: Kook.

Cameron: Oddball.

Cameron: Crackpot.

Cameron: Strange duck.

Cameron: Queer potato.

Cameron: Nut.

Cameron: I've been reading the dictionary.

Cameron: I don't sleep.

John: Yeah, see, that's what I'm talking about.

John: You do that, you sound like a freak.

John: And don't walk around acting like my bodyguard.

John: You're supposed to be my sister.

John: You won't fool anyone.

Cameron: I fooled you.

John: What's that all about?

Cameron: Appears to be a reimagining of a trompe l'oeil fresco.

Cameron: I don't sleep.

Security Guard: Cell phones, hats, rings, and bling, take it off and put
it in the basket.

Security Guard: Cell phones, hats, rings, and bling in the basket.

Security Guard: In the basket, people.

Security Guard: Come on.

Security Guard: The line keeps moving.

Security Guard: Let's go.

Security Guard: Cell phones, hats, rings, and bling.

Security Guard: In the basket.

Security Guard: Please, keep the line moving.

Security Guard: Thank you.

Security Guard: Cell phones, caps, rings, and bling.

Security Guard: In the basket, please.

Security Guard: Let's go.

Security Guard: Come on. Thank you.

Security Guard: Cell phones, caps, rings, and-- again with you, missy.

Security Guard: Cell phones, hats, rings, and bling in the basket.

Security Guard: Hold that.

Security Guard: Come through.

John: Excuse me.

John: This is my sister.

Security Guard: Extra credit for you.

John: Look, she's got a metal plate in her head.

John: Really. I-it's a big one.

Cameron: I fell.

Cameron: Hard.

Security Guard: All right, let's go.

Security Guard: Cell phones, caps...

Tarissa Dyson: I thought you were dead.

Sarah: Well, I'm not.

Tarissa Dyson: Lucky you.

Tarissa Dyson: You look--

Sarah: Different?

Tarissa Dyson: The same.

Tarissa Dyson: Well, i can't explain.

Tarissa Dyson: I wouldn't want you to.

Tarissa Dyson: Is John--

Sarah: He's good.

Tarissa Dyson: What about that machine?

Sarah: She's still around.

Tarissa Dyson: Not that one.

Tarissa Dyson: The other.

Sarah: No.

Sarah: Do you mind?

Tarissa Dyson: You brought it.

Sarah: Danny's not here?

Sarah: It's ten years, right?

Tarissa Dyson: He's at school.

Tarissa Dyson: He hasn't come in a long time.

Sarah: I'm sorry to hear that.

Tarissa Dyson: What do you want, Sarah?

Tarissa Dyson: You never die, and you always want something.

Sarah: I need you to look at these photographs, tell me if you recognize

Sarah: I know it's been a long time, but...

Tarissa Dyson: No.

Tarissa Dyson: Nobody.

Tarissa Dyson: Sorry.

Sarah: Because one of them maybe involved with Skynet right now.

Sarah: They might not even know it.

Sarah: Sorry to bother you.

Sarah: I'll leave you alone.

Tarissa Dyson: The fourth photo.

Tarissa Dyson: The young one.

Tarissa Dyson: His name is Andrew Goode.

Tarissa Dyson: Andy.

Tarissa Dyson: He was an intern at Cyberdyne one summer.

Tarissa Dyson: Miles liked him.

Tarissa Dyson: Is he going to die too?

Tarissa Dyson: Is that what happens now, he dies?

Sarah: I don't know.

Sarah: I hope not.

Tarissa Dyson: Well, if he does, just make sure it matters.

Tarissa Dyson: Make sure it's not in vain.

Sarah: No one dies in vain.

Agent Simpson: Agent Ellison.

Agent Simpson: They told me you were coming.

Agent Simpson: But i told them the last time you worked a crime scene,
Hoover was cross-dressing at Quantico.

Agent Ellison: Ballistics.

Agent Simpson: I can already tell you mine are bigger.

Agent Simpson: Same gun that killed your boys here killed one of my CIs.

Agent Ellison: Enrique Salzia.

Agent Simpson: What's the connection?

Agent Ellison: Well, he made fake paper.

Agent Ellison: Your guys had fake paper.

Agent Simpson: I hope you're not selling the terrorist cell theory, 'cause
I'm not buying it.

Agent Ellison: Why not?

Agent Simpson: Well, look at the print report.

Agent Simpson: Cal I.D., NCIC, CDP, Interpol.

Agent Simpson: There's nothing here.

Agent Simpson: These guys were drug dealers, small-time.

Agent Simpson: Definitely not worth you putting your tie on and breaking
open your Thomas guide.

Agent Ellison: Oh, yeah.

Agent Ellison: You see this every day.

Agent Ellison: You didn't find that curious?

Agent Ellison: Why would anyone wire a safe directly into the power?

Agent Simpson: Why's the sky blue, Ellison?

Agent Simpson: Don't over think it.

Agent Simpson: The guys were druggies.

Agent Simpson: They're not rocket scientists, not terrorists.

Agent Simpson: Your guy sold my guys paper.

Agent Simpson: My guys whacked your guy to cover their tracks.

Agent Simpson: Go back to your office.

Agent Simpson: Your desk misses you.

Agent Ellison: Right.

Agent Ellison: Good one.

Agent Ellison: Somebody came back here for whatever was in that safe.

Agent Ellison: They're out there.

Agent Ellison: And I'm gonna find them.

Hospital Worker: Hey buddy!

Hospital Worker: Wait!

Hospital Worker: You can't go in there!

Security Guard: Hey!

Andy: Enjoy.

Customer: Thank you

Andy: Have a good day.

Andy: Can i help you?

Sarah: No.

Sarah: Andy.

Sarah: Just looking.

Andy: You just kept looking over like you needed something.

Andy: That's the phone.

Andy: Seriously, if I was gonna be alone on a desert island with only a
phone for a companion, that would absolutely be the phone.

Sarah: Is that something you would do?

Andy: May I?

Andy: Got a four-meg camera.

Andy: Texting-- true texting too.

Andy: Not that SMS cartoon bubble junk.

Andy: 3g data access.

Andy: 10 gigs free music.

Andy: 6 hours of talk time and 36 standby on your battery.

Sarah: What happens if i press these numbers here?

Andy: 'Scuse me?

Sarah: These numbers, one through nine.

Sarah: If I press seven of them, will someone talk to me through the ear
part up here?

Andy: Yeah.

Sarah: Okay.

Sarah: I'll take three.

Sarah: Hello?

Andy: Hi.

Sarah: Are you calling me?

Andy: I was just following up to make sure everything's okay with the

Sarah: I just left the store.

Andy: I know.

Andy: Okay.

Andy: Do you wanna have dinner with me tonight?

Sarah: No.

Andy: Well, you answered too quickly.

Andy: Hear me out.

Andy: Just give me one minute.

Andy: 30 seconds?

Sarah: Talk fast.

Andy: Okay, well, first let me clear up the whole desert island and a cell
phone thing.

Andy: Seems kind of strange if you picture it.

Sarah: I wasn't.

Andy: Right, of course.

Andy: Why would you?

Andy: It's an asinine sales pitch, really.

Sarah: There's nowhere to plug in the phone.

Andy: It would be worth less than a rock when the battery died.

Andy: Couldn't even use it to open a coconut.

Sarah: This is you selling yourself?

Andy: Selling myself?

Andy: Oh, I don't know.

Andy: There's something immoral about the whole selling process.

Sarah: And yet, that's your job.

Andy: Part-time.

Andy: And I'm not very good at it.

Andy: So I'm actually less immoral than the average...

Andy: Anyway.

Andy: Where was I?

Sarah: You're right.

Andy: About what?

Sarah: I answered too quick.

Teacher: Mr.Baum.

John: Yes.

Teacher: Take your seat, please.

John: Hi.

Cheri: Hi.

Teacher: Okay, paper and pencil out.

Teacher: Time for a pop quiz.

Cheri: Here.

Teacher: Come in.

Teacher: I said come on in.

Cameron: I'm transferring in.

Teacher: Okay.

Teacher: Any open seat.

John: What part about don't act like a freak didn't you understand?

John: Sit down.

Agent Ellison: So...

Carlos: So?

Agent Ellison: Like I said on the phone, your sweet uncle Enrique lived a
colorful life.

Agent Ellison: One we have not yet painted in full.

Carlos: You grow apart.

Carlos: Every day's a new adventure.

Carlos: Who can keep up?

Agent Ellison: I got an uncle who's like a father.

Agent Ellison: I also got one who's like a stranger.

Agent Ellison: How 'bout you two?

Carlos: More like an a aunt.

Carlos: Chatty, chatty.

Agent Ellison: All right.

Agent Ellison: So you're not too close.

Agent Ellison: But he did call you three times the day he was murdered.

Agent Ellison: What'd you chat about?

Carlos: Well, those Lakers.

Agent Ellison: Really?

Agent Ellison: What about 'em?

Carlos: Kobe.

Carlos: He's the bomb.

Agent Ellison: I always thought he was a ball hog.

Carlos: He's all alone, man.

Carlos: He's got no one else who can shoot.

Agent Ellison: Is that you, Carlos?

Agent Ellison: Now that your uncle's dead?

Agent Ellison: You all alone?

Carlos: Yeah...

Carlos: All these boys can shoot.

Carlos: I didn't kill my uncle.

Agent Ellison: No.

Agent Ellison: And you're too smart to know nothing about who did.

Agent Ellison: I'll be in touch.

Dr. Fleming: No, I-I know.

Dr. Fleming: The guy's 18 months ahead of the Germans.

Dr. Fleming: Yeah, well, I would if I had that kinda grant money.

Dr. Fleming: No, I'm not saying the guy's a complete idiot.

Dr. Fleming: But it's not exactly avant-garde science, is it?

Dr. Fleming: I mean, why don't they give the money to the people on the
cutting edge?

Dr. Fleming: But they never do.

Dr. Fleming: They never--

Sarah: Hey.

Sarah: How was school?

Cameron: I have a metal plate in my head.

John: She's gonna need a note.

Sarah: I meant you, not her.

John: Yeah, fine.

Sarah: You're not gonna give me anything?

John: We went, we learned.

John: I didn't get killed.

John: She didn't kill anybody.

John: It was a pretty good first day, I think.

John: What about you-- did you go?

Sarah: I did.

John: And how was she?

John: Surprised to see you weren't dead?

Sarah: More like disappointed.

Sarah: She ID'd one of the safe house photos.

Sarah: Intern at Cyberdyne.

John: Really?

John: So what does he do now, work in a lab or build rocket guidance
systems or something?

Sarah: Cell phone salesman.

John: Shut up.

Sarah: Cell phone salesman.

Sarah: And not a very good one.

Cameron: These need to be cleaned.

John: Okay, so about the cell phone guy.

Sarah: I-I'm having dinner with him tonight.

John: Dinner?

John: What do you mean, like a date?

Sarah: Not a date.

Cameron: Are you going to kill him?

Sarah: Kill him?

Sarah: I don't know the first thing about him.

Sarah: He interned at Cyberdyne when he was in college.

Sarah: His photo's in a pile of photos.

Sarah: Nobody dies till I say so.

Sarah: Tell her.

Cameron: People die all the time.

Cameron: They won't wait for her.

Cameron: I fooled you again.

Dr. Fleming: Who are you?

Dr. Fleming: How did you find me?

Dr. Fleming: What--what do you want?

Dr. Fleming: Are you a veteran?

Dr. Fleming: Is that what this is about?

Dr. Fleming: Do you speak?

Cromartie: Read that.

Dr. Fleming: H-how did you...

Dr. Fleming: No, no, no.

Dr. Fleming: That's not possible.

Dr. Fleming: That's an epidermal growth rate.

Dr. Fleming: That's just not sustainable.

Dr. Fleming: Keratinocyte and-- a-at that rate, you couldn't possibly
maintain cell regulation or differentiation.

Dr. Fleming: I-it's impossible.

Cromartie: Possible.

Dr. Fleming: Woo was wrong.

Dr. Fleming: Thomason was wrong.

Dr. Fleming: Parker and Lang were almost right and still...

Dr. Fleming: Completely wrong.

Dr. Fleming: I was-- I wasn't even close.

Cromartie: Can you do it?

Dr. Fleming: Well, I-I-I'd have to go to my lab.

Dr. Fleming: There's a whole mix of growth rates, uh, TGF beta, uh, PDGF,

Dr. Fleming: I'd need...

Dr. Fleming: You know, there's a lot of equipment.

Dr. Fleming: Oh, and blood.

Dr. Fleming: We'd need, um, at least 20 units.

Dr. Fleming: Preferably with tissues comprised of--

Cromartie: I brought my own.

Cromartie: Can you do it?

Dr. Fleming: Yes.

Dr. Fleming: Yes, i can.

Sarah (monologue): In 1943, the German physicist Werner Heisenberg
delivered a physics lecture to a packed hall in Zurich. One of the
audience members was Moe Berg, an ex-professional baseball player working
as a spy for the O.S.S. Berg's task was to listen to the lecture and
determine whether Heisenberg and the Germans were close to perfecting the
atomic bomb. If Berg discovered that this was the case, he was to wait for
Heisenberg outside the hall and shoot the scientist in the head. He had
never killed anyone before.

Sarah: So what's your deal, Andy?

Sarah: I can't imagine you majored in cell phone sales at college.

Andy: No.No.

Andy: More like funions and 12-packs of jolt from the vintage soda store
while my roommates and i hacked Zelda iii so the princess would say funny
lines ripped from reruns.

Sarah: What's that language you speak, boy?

Andy: Computer science.

Andy: Caltech. Advanced...Dork.

Sarah: And what would you do with a computer degree from Caltech?

Andy: I don't know. I never got one.

Sarah: Really?

Andy: My father died senior year.

Andy: Mom went a little off the rails. I dropped out to help.

Sarah: I'm sorry.

Andy: That was a long time ago, but...

Andy: Thanks anyway.

Andy: She's good.She married the security guard at her bank.

Andy: You have family?

Sarah: Distant.

Andy: Don't take this the wrong way, but as a cell phone salesman, I think
I can ask.

Andy: Did you ever wanna be anything other than a waitress?

Sarah: Yes, I did.

Andy: What was it?

Sarah: I can't remember.

Sarah: What's this, Andy?

Andy: Oh, isn't it great?

Andy: That is the official promotional poster for the Kramnik Deep Fritz

Andy: Awesome match. Just awesome.

Andy: Most people cite the '97 Kasparov/Deep Blue as the watershed man
versus machine chess match.

Andy: But, uh...

Andy: Fritz would have wiped the floor with Blue just like Kramnik did
with Kasparov.

Andy: Besides, the other poster's impossible to find.

Sarah: What is it you do, Andy?

Andy: Do you wanna see?

Sarah: Yes, I wanna see.

Andy: All right.

Andy: Behold.

Andy: The Turk.

Sarah: The Turk.

Andy: Well, not the original Turk.

Andy: The original Turk was an automaton constructed and unveiled in 1770
by the Baron Wolfgang Von Kempelen.

Andy: It played chess.

Sarah: Is that what your Turk does?

Sarah: It plays chess?

Andy: I know that sounds boring as hell.

Andy: Most people think so.

Andy: But maybe I should put it this way.

Andy: My Turk plays chess at a level that could defeat every human player
that has ever lived and probably ever will live.

Andy: That's not bragging, really.

Andy: A number of AIs can do that now.

Andy: But the AI chess platform is very valuable for artificial
intelligence developers these days.

Andy: What?

Sarah: I thought I saw someone outside.

Andy: Uh, yeah, it's a prowler.

Andy: Back porch.

Andy: It's the police.

Andy: There's been some break-ins in the neighborhood.

Andy: My--

Sarah: I have to go, Andy.

Andy: No, Sarah, wait.

Andy: It's 165 Mesrow.Sarah!

John: Again-- what did it look like?

Sarah: What did it look like?

Sarah: Who cares what it looked like?

Sarah: It was just a rack of computer equipment.

John: Okay, but was there obvious network access?

John: Do you know what kind of bandwidth?

Sarah: You're joking.

John: What about power supply?

John: Was there a cooling element, like a fan or something?

Sarah: John.

John: Mom, I'm just trying to get a sense of the horsepower.

John: I wanna know if this thing was a...

John: Dinky little homemade soap box or if it was a full-fledged AI
platform capable of learning and growing and taking on other applications.

Sarah: It plays chess.

John: So did Einstein.

John: Have you ever heard of the singularity?

John: It's a point in time where machines become so smart that they're
capable of making even making smarter versions of themselves without our

John: That's pretty much the time we can kiss our asses good-bye.

John: Unless we stop it.

John: Like you said you would.

Agent Simpson: So i caught a break on a set of fingerprints from our drug

Agent Simpson: I wanted to see your face when I laid that on you.

Agent Simpson: See, the only fingerprint database I hadn't checked was kid

Agent Simpson: That's no joke.

Agent Simpson: That's him--that's one of your dead terrorists.

Agent Simpson: A black-haired, brown-eyed 35-pound four-year-old boy
living in Canton, Ohio.

Agent Simpson: And that's the look I wanted to see.

Agent Ellison: Hold up.

Agent Ellison: Did your crime scene guys find any peculiar blood?

Agent Simpson: I think they got all the peculiar they could stomach with
these prints.

Agent Ellison: Lab says some blood evidence found at my CI crime scene is
almost human...

Agent Ellison: Except there's no red blood cells present.

Agent Ellison: I wanna see the blood evidence from your guys.

Agent Simpson: I'll get back to you.

Agent Ellison: You're gonna...

Agent Ellison: Double-check those prints, right?

Agent Ellison: On the kid in Canton?

Agent Simpson: Have a party.

Dr. Fleming: The one thing i hadn't thought of, the one thing nobody
thought possible was the use of a synthetic oxygen carrier.

Dr. Fleming: By creating a synthetic spear that carries oxygen, bringing
nutrients to the skin, it obviates the need for the marrow interaction.

Dr. Fleming: The real world applications are...

Dr. Fleming: Mind-blowing.

Dr. Fleming: It's ready.

Dr. Fleming: I, uh, have a video camera.

Dr. Fleming: Would it be all right if--

Cromartie: Move away.

Dr. Fleming: Who are you?

Dr. Fleming: What are you?

Oncology Doctor: Sarah?

Oncology Doctor: Didn't you get my message?

Oncology Doctor: I returned your call about the test results.

Sarah: Y-yeah, I got your message.

Oncology Doctor: Yeah.You're healthy as a horse.

Oncology Doctor: A healthy horse.

Sarah: I got that from your message.

Sarah: I wanted to talk to you about prevention.

Oncology Doctor: For cancer?

Oncology Doctor: What you're doing seems to be working.

Sarah: Specifically.

Oncology Doctor: Um...Don't smoke.

Oncology Doctor: Get lots of exercise.Eat leafy greens.

Oncology Doctor: Don't snort asbestos.

Oncology Doctor: I don't mean to make light, but you've got no risk

Oncology Doctor: No genetic disposition.

Oncology Doctor: Is there anything else about your history that I should

Sarah: No.

Oncology Doctor: You've got children, right?

Oncology Doctor: Yeah, I got two myself.

Oncology Doctor: You worry.

Oncology Doctor: You wanna make sure you're always healthy and strong for

Oncology Doctor: Don't drive yourself crazy chasing the future.

Oncology Doctor: We can't predict...

Oncology Doctor: You know?We can only try and prevent.

Sarah: Andy, it's Sarah.

John: Hey.

Cheri: Hi.

John: You going to chem?

Cheri: Yeah.

John: What is going on?

Cheri: No idea.

Female Student: Is such a skanky, slutty *****.

Girl 1: I love this color.

Girl 1: It's tight, right?

Girl 1: This color's tight.

Girl 2: What is it?

Girl 1: Rash.

Girl 2: It's so tight.

Girl 2: I'm a pig.

Girl 2: I look pregnant.

Girl 2: Does it make me look fat?

Cameron: Yes.

Girl 2: What the hell?

Girl 2: What's your problem?

Cameron: You asked.

Girl 1: ***** ***** much?

Cameron: I don't understand.

Girl 1: I said *****...*****...Much?

Girl 1: What are you looking at?

Cameron: I'm looking at you.

Jordan: You saw it, right?

Jordan: Right?You saw it?

Jordan: It's so...

Jordan: Freakin' big, and right out there!

Cameron: It's freaking big.

Jordan: Right.

Jordan: It is, right?

Jordan: Whoever's doing this is such a jackass.

Jordan: I mean, who would do this?

Jordan: And how would they even know?

Jordan: My parents...

Jordan: They're gonna kill me.

Jordan: Kill me!

Jordan: I mean, don't we have hall monitors or something? I mean, how
could someone just--

Cameron: You're upset.

Jordan: No kidding I'm upset.

Jordan: My life is freaking over!

Cameron: Here's a present.

Cameron: It's tight.

Andy: Well, I have to admit, I wondered if I'd see you again.

Sarah: Miracles happen every day.

Andy: That's funny.

Andy: That was a joke, right?

Sarah: If it was funny, it was a joke.

Andy: So the, uh, police recommended I put in a security system.

Andy: Armed patrol, that kind of thing.

Andy: Can't really afford it, though.

Sarah: You think someone wants the Turk?

Andy: Well, eight years of my life.

Andy: Not just the software.I customized the hardware too.

Andy: One month, I worked so much on a motherboard that I lost my sight
for three days.

Andy: No, that really happened.

Andy: Those circuits are so small.

Andy: A lot of the gear is actually pulled from gaming platforms.

Andy: Did you know that the military uses them?

Andy: Yeah, I've got the guts of three XBoxes and four Playstations

Andy: Plus some seriously modded-out code that I swear came to me in a

Sarah: And all this to beat another computer at chess.

Andy: None of this to beat another computer at chess.

Sarah: Then what?

Sarah: What are you doing?

Andy: Would you believe me if I told you Turk has moods?

Andy: Obviously not in the sense that you and I understand mood, but
sometimes I'll feed it a particular chess problem, and it'll solve it one

Andy: The next day, I feed it the same problem, and it solves it

Andy: Once in a while, it can't even solve it at all.

Andy: Do you know why it does that?

Sarah: No.

Andy: Yeah, neither do I.

Andy: Someday...

Andy: I'm gonna figure it out.

Andy: Someday, Turk'll tell me.

Sarah: You talk about it like it's human.

Andy: Well, you never know.

Andy: What?

Andy: Too far?

Andy: What is it?

Sarah: Nothing.

Sarah: Nothing at all.

Cameron: Do you like this color on me?

John: What?

Cameron: I'm a ***** *****.

John: What?

Cameron: I have a new friend.

John: Did she tell you you were a ***** *****?

Cameron: No.She cried.

John: Wait--what?

John: Okay, what the hell is this thing?

Student: Jumper! Outside the gym!

Male Student: Jump! Jump!

Female Student: Shut up.

Male Student: She's not gonna jump.

Male Student: She's just trying to get attention.

Male Student: Jump!

John: Dude, come on!

Cameron: That's my new friend.

Cameron: The crying one from the bathroom.

John: When?

Cameron: Two hours, three minutes ago.

Cameron: Four minutes ago.

Cameron: She's upset.

Cameron: Her parents are going to kill her.

John: Did you do anything to her?

Cameron: I tried to give her a tight present.

John: We gotta help her--now!

Cameron: No.

John: I'm going up there.

John: Let me go--I order you to let me go!

Cameron: Don't be a freak.

Cameron: Gotta go--now.

John: I could have done something.

John: I was right there.

Sarah: Maybe.

John: Come on, mom.

Sarah: John, people who wanna take their own lives, this girl...

Sarah: If they're serious about it, they'll find a way.

John: You didn't see her.

John: If you'd have seen her, you wouldn't be talking like this.

Sarah: What were you gonna do, be a hero?

Sarah: Get your name in the papers, your face?

Sarah: Isn't that what I'm supposed to be?

John: A hero?

John: Isn't that who I am?

John: If it's just gonna sit inside me, if it's just gonna sit in my gut,
then what are we doing?

John: What's the point?

John: Why not just give it to them if we're gonna act like them?

Sarah: I don't know how to help him.

Cameron: Andy Goode must be killed.

Agent Simpson: Took his eyes, James.

Agent Simpson: Took his friggin' eyes.

Sarah (monologue): On July 16th, 1945, in the mountains outside of Los
Alamos, New Mexico, the world's first atomic bomb exploded.A white light
pierced the sky with such intensity that a blind girl claimed to see the
flash from a hundred miles away. After witnessing the explosion, J.Robert
Oppenheimer quoted a fragment of the Bhagavad Gita, declaring, "I am
become death, the destroyer of worlds." His colleague, Ken Bainbridge, put
it another way when he leaned close to Oppenheimer and whispered, "Now we
are all sons of *******."

Sarah: Now we are all sons of *******.