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Episode Number: 19


Original Air Date: 20 March 2009

Josh Friedman
Ashley Miller

Guy Norman Bee
Special Guest(s):
Today is the Day Part 2 - Summer Glau Chronicles

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Episode Synopsis

Jesse recalls more of her fateful future mission aboard the Jimmy Carter. Back in the present, her plan to turn John against Cameron backfires when John discovers that Jesse--not Cameron--killed Riley

Plot Danglers

At Serrano Point in the future, Jesse is questioned by Cameron, who tells her that she has resulted in the loss of one of their T-888s and an important strategic asset; the submarine is also irreplaceable. Jesse tells her that she didn't mention the people who died on board. She says that there is a message from the T-1000, but she intends to give John directly the message, not to Cameron, who offered to pass it on. Cameron replies that telling her is the same as telling John. Jesse says that asks who runs this war now. She asks who they are fighting for if she has to tell Cameron and not John. Jesse says it's not the same as Cameron's a machine. She gives up and tells Cameron to tell John that the answer given by the metal is no. When Cameron doesn't respond for a moment, Jesse demands to know what the question was. Cameron tells her that the question is, "Will you join us?" Before Cameron leaves, she apologizes for Jesse's loss of her apparent unknown pregnancy, which miscarried due to change in pressure on board the sub or the fight with the crew. Jesse is stunned and speechless by this revelation.

In the present, Cameron takes a gun with her and prepares to step out of the house, but Sarah stops her. Cameron replies that John needs her. Sarah says that John would have asked for her, and says that she is not going to leave this house. Cameron explains that the police may identify Riley's body at any time, and wants to be with John if that happens. Sarah sees Cameron's fingers twitching and asks her what she is doing here. Cameron answers it's to protect John, hunt Skynet and stop Judgment Day. Sarah asks her why she is here with them right now, if future John sent her away from him. Sarah tells Cameron to think about why she doesn't want her around anymore.

Best Quotes

Cameron: Telling me is the same as telling John.
: Dietz was right. Who the hell is running this war? What the hell are we fighting for if telling you is the same thing as telling Connor? You're a damn machine. You're not the same. It's not the same. Fine, to heII with you. You tell John Connor that the metal monster said the answer is no. What does that mean, huh? Hey, tell me. If the answer is no, what was the question?
: "Will you join us?"
: What?
: That was the question - "Will you join us?"

Episode Trivia

This episode was formerly known as "Last Voyage of the Jimmy Carter"






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