To The Light House - Summer Glau Wiki

Episode Number:20


Original Air Date: March 27, 2009

: Natalie Chaidez

Director: Guy Ferland

Special Guest(s):John De Vito as Young John
Dean Winters as Charley Dixon
Mackenzie Smith as Savannah
Gina Gallego as Dr. Martinez
Luisa Vitor as Receptionist
Massi Furlan as Delivery Man
Dominic Flores as Male Nurse
Shane Edelman as Matt Murch

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Episode Synopsis

Sarah and John hit the road without Cameron and Derek to stay with Charley Dixon, where she reveals to Charey that her cancer may have emerged. Meanwhile, a computer worm infects John Henry.

Plot Danglers

Cameron and Derek load supplies at the storage locker - tension between them palpable. When he responds that Sarah sent them to get John away from her, Cameron responds, "Or from you." She notices that he has a jacket belonging to Jesse; he rejects her curiosity - "You know nothing about it." But Cameron knows he loved Jesse - "You wouldn't have fathered a child with her if you didn't." Derek is taken aback but this revelation, as Cameron says she is sorry for his loss - the child Jesse was carrying aboard the submarine in Year 2027. Derek is stunned and angry, pulling his weapon on Cameron. "She was pregnant, she miscarried," Cameron continues, wide-eyed. Gasping, Derek exits the locker.

Outside on the loading dock, Derek asks Cameron why she told him about Jesse now. "You put John in danger when you lied about Jesse," she explains. Everyone has lost someone - Sarah nearly lost her child, Derek lost a child. He realizes that Cameron knew Jesse in the future - "I met her once," Cameron replies, "It seems she never told you a lot of things."

Just as Derek thanks Cameron for telling him about Jesse, a truck tire blows out, the van following them stopping at a distance. Derek tells Cameron to fix the tire, as he approaches the van. Inside, a man lays across the seats, but the other is hidden and hits Derek with a taser, and begins lifting him into the van. Cameron spots this and begins running toward the van, weapon drawn. The men drive toward her, firing automatic weapons, hitting Cameron, who is unaffected - she hits the passenger; the van spins around and drives off, while Cameron scans it's bumper tag.

Cameron finds a warehouse with the van, confirms the tag, and rips open a section of chain link fence with her hands. In a dark corridor, she is deluged with water, and someone charges the floor electrically, stunning her to the floor. The man enters, asking on a cell for instructions on where to cut her. A T-skull appears on-screen, showing the entry point on the top of the head. "Where did you get this diagram?" he asks..."Your brother?" - a reference that must mean he is unknowingly talking to a Cyberdyne systems interface. While Derek is lashed to a chair in the building, Cameron reboots and strangles her assailant. She frees Derek, and while he gazes at her, she says simply, "You're welcome." She rescued him because he knew the location of the safe house, John's location.

Best Moments

Cameron rescuing Derek.

Best Quotes

Cameron: You can't kill me.
: I can try. Tell me what you're talking about.

Cameron: You put John in danger when you lied about Jesse. Sarah nearly lost her child. You've lost a child. You won't make that mistake again.
: You knew her.
: I met her once.
: She never told me that.
: It seems she never told you a lot of things.

Cameron: You're welcome -
: Why'd you come after me?
: You know the location of the safe house - John's location. If they tortured you -
: That would never happen.
: It has before

Episode Trivia

The episode's title is a nod to the Virginia Woolf novel To The Lighthouse, which was published in 1927. Its explores the psychological power of childhood memories and the transience of adult relationships