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Tiny Machines

Tiny Machines - Summer Glau Wiki

Tiny Machines

Episode Number:12


Original Air Date:
September 9, 2007


Ira Steven Behr
Craig Sweeny


Allison Liddi

Special Guest(s):
Jeffrey Combs - Kevin Burkhoff
Summer Glau - Tess Doerner
Tess Doerner

Episode Synopsis

Meghan and Diana discover a way to extract the future entity out of Tom, which could cost him his life. Meanwhile, Shawn recruits a small band of Promicin positives to bust Kevin out of Promise City. And Isabelle delivers Jordan Collier into the hands of The Marked.


Diana and Megan find out how to get the bugs out of Tom. Diana ends up shooting Tom in a showdown.

Best Moments

  • --Tess Freed Kevin from the cells That Jordan had hin kept prisoner in.
  • --The interaction scean where kevin let tess go her after he had recoverd her from her symptoms of scysoprenic then he let her go her own sperate ways nearer the end of the episode it was very touchin and it was great. You felt the power and emotion from Kevin Burkhoff ( Jeffery Combs) and Tess Doerner ( Summer Glau ) its was there last moement together.

Best Quotes

  • --
  • --

Episode Trivia

  • --
  • --


Tess Doerner

Tess is Rounding up the 4400 to free them from Jordan Colliar wrath.
Tess Doerner

Tess frees Kevin from jordan cells with the last of her mind powers so her and kevin can be free to cure others.
Tess Doerner

Tess Interupts Kevin while he is eating into his potato chips.
Tess Doerner

The Final comfersation between Kevin and the now Cured Tess what would be a very emotional scean for years to come.
Tess Doerner

A heart felt scean between Dr.Kevin Burkhoff and Tess Doerner as They go there Seperate ways.