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The Turk

Episode Number: 03


Original Air Date: 1/21/2008

: John Wirth

Director: Paul Edwards

Special Guest(s):
Charlayne Woodard as Tarissa Dyson; Brendan Hines as Andy Goode

Episode Synopsis

As Sarah tracks down a new lead into the creation of Skynet, she becomes involved with a cell phone salesman called Andy, who is constructing a chess-playing computer named The Turk. John and Cameron attempt to remain inconspicuous in their new high school, which proves difficult when John attempts to stop a girl from committing suicide. Cromartie continues its search for a biological covering while Agent Ellison attempts to solve the case of the three dead fighters from the previous episode.

Plot Danglers

John and Cameron start their first day of school. They notice some strange graffiti on a wall. A blonde girl nearby seems upset by it

John talks to Cheri in the hall and they pass another large piece of graffiti, which hints that a student may be sleeping with a teacher. The blonde girl from before walks by upset.

Cameron tries to blend with the girls in the bathroom, but not succeeding. She hears the blonde girl, Jordan, crying about the graffiti. Cameron does what she thinks is right to console her, but Jordan storms off.

The final piece of graffiti is being painted over at the high school.
A student announces that there's a girl on the roof who might jump. John makes a move to save Jordan, but Cameron stops him. John has to blend in. Jordan falls forward and crashes to the pavement. Cameron pulls John away.

At home, Sarah defends what Cameron told John. John is furious that he couldn't save Jordan.

Best Moments

Metal detector scene, where Cameron tries to pass through and John explains that his sister has a metal plate in her head-a big one

Best Quotes

Cameron: People die all the time, they won't wait for her.
Cameron: I fooled you again.
Cameron: Here's a present. It's tight.
Cameron: I'm a ***** *****.
Cameron: I have a new friend.
John: Did she call you a ***** *****?
Cameron: No. She cried.

Episode Trivia

The original Turk was a hoax involving a small man in a very cramped box rather than a super computer
Cameron said that the first door was "a re-imagining of a trompe-l'oeil fresco" a type of painting designed to be an optical illusion and to trick the eye.