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Episode Number:6


Original Air Date: October 20, 2008

: Denise Thé

Director: Tawnia McKiernan

Special Guest(s):
(Stephanie Jacobsen) as Jesse

(Dorian Harewood) as
Dr. Boyd Sherman

(Shane Edelman) as Matt Murch

(MacKenzie Smith) as

(Christopher DeMaci) as

(Jennifer Cheng) as

(Kit Pongetti) as Victoria

(Derek Riddell) as Lachlan Weaver

Bonnie Morgan - Red Haired Female Terminator

(Preston James Hillier) as Security Guard

(Jake Soldera) as Elevador Boy

(Aixa I. Maldonado) as
Hot Dog Vendor

(Michael D. Cheng) as

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Episode Synopsis

A woman from Derek's past surprises him and elsewhere, Sarah, John and Cameron wonder what a T-1001 would need with a doctor.

Plot Danglers

Cameron planted a couple bugs in Dr. Sherman's office to try to keep track of John and spy on Dr. Sherman: at the doll house and behind the desk lamp by the couch. John turns off the one behind the lamp when he tries to talk to Dr. Sherman.
When Cameron "hears" her bug cut off she enters the building and has her classic fight with the prestzelator. When Cameron overpowered her the chip self destructed
John determines this means Skynet is getting smarter, and does not want him re-programming in the future.

Best Moments

Best Quotes

Cameron: Skynet doesn't have friends.

John: Well, it's got foes, and whatever the opposite of foes are, okay?

Cameron: Friends.

Cameron: Nothing. Once I accessed the CPU, the chip destroyed itself. This model's been redesigned.

Derek: With a self-destruct feature?

John: Skynet must not want me reprogramming in the future.

Cameron: This is one way to stop you.

John: Well, I guess they're getting smarter. We should too.

Episode Trivia

In the closing monologue, Cameron is shown reading a blue brochure labeled "SUICIDE PREVENTION" in white capital letters. Doing that she takes a reflective look on the microchip she took from Rosie's head.

The where a deleted scene
A conversation between a meddlesome Cameron and an aggressive John at which end Cameron announces to design a kill switch for herself.

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