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"The Public Eye"

Episode Number: 2 x05


Original Air Date: December 4, 2009

Andrew Chambliss
David Solomon

Special Guest(s):
Summer Glau
) as Bennett Halverson;

(Alexis Denisof) as Senator Daniel Perrin;
(Stacy Scowley) as Cindy Perrin;
(Keith Carradine) as Matthew Harding;(Nelson Franklin) as Burt Styne; (Maurissa Tancharoen) as Kilo.
(Miracle Laurie) as Madeline / November
(Ray Wise) as Stewart Lipman
Bennett Halverson

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Episode Synopsis

Echo is sent in to stop Senator Daniel Perrin before he can expose the Dollhouse's secrets. Adelle and Topher travel to Washington, D.C. Dollhouse where they meet it's genius programmer, Bennett Halverson (Summer Glau), a woman with a mysterious past connection to Echo.


The episode starts with Senator Daniel Perrin, holding a press conference and revealing the existence of the Dollhouse. He also introduces Madeline (formerly November) to the media as a former Dollhouse resident and his star witness for the Senate Inquiry. Mr. Harding questions Adelle DeWitt about her decision to release Madeline from her contract two years early.

Adelle asks Mr. Harding how they should proceed, and he responds by saying to do nothing, as they have a plan in place. Adelle takes this as a suggestion, and instructs Ballard to prevent Madeline from testifying. Ballard's investigation leads him to believe that Perrin's wife is a doll.

The staff believes that she may be a sleeper doll (like November) and may eliminate Madeline. Madeline herself has been convinced to testify against the Dollhouse after being shown photos of herself killing Hearn (Man on the Street).

Topher reveals a way to disable Perrin's wife with a pulse weapon. However, because this pulse works on anyone with doll architecture, it will affect Madeline as well. Echo has been sent to Perrin's hotel room posing as a hooker. She videotapes her activities with Perrin. Perrin believes Rossum would never hire a hooker to do such a job, and realizes Echo is actually a doll. Perrin takes Echo home so he can use her as further proof of the Dollhouse's existence; however, Ballard is also on the premises at the time, and uses the pulse weapon to disable Perrin's wife.

Unfortunately, it has no effect on her; it turns out the doll is Sen. Perrin. Perrin's wife is actually Perrin's handler. Ballard is quickly subdued by security. Echo takes Perrin away with her. The pulse has unlocked the composite that Alpha formed (Omega). Ballard is being interrogated by Perrin's handler, but gives up nothing. She orders him killed, but Ballard is able to escape. The pulse has also made Perrin confused and disoriented; he starts to believe that he is a doll.

Topher manages to figure out who Perrin is. He is in fact a doll version of himself. He has a long family history of politics, but he was a wash-up until the Dollhouse stepped in. Echo calls the Dollhouse, and Adelle encourages Echo to come in with Perrin. However, Perrin's handler arrives. She uses a "neural lock and key" ("Every thing's going to be alright. Do you trust me?"). Perrin responds correctly, but remembers the handler imprint process and pulls away. Perrin's handler pulls a gun and knocks Echo out. She attempts to talk Perrin down again with the neural lock and key.

Echo wakes up with all her imprints alive, and is able to knock out Perrin's handler. Echo convinces Perrin to come back to the L.A. Dollhouse. Ballard arrives at the airport to bring Madeline in. However, Madeline talks Ballard down and he allows her to leave. Echo and Perrin are caught, and are brought to the D.C. Dollhouse. Adelle believes that Perrin is a pawn. He will be used to bring the L.A. Dollhouse down and then disassociate it from Rossum. Perrin will then be able to pass any laws he sees fit. The D.C. programmer, Bennet Halverson, recognizes Echo as Caroline, and begins to torture her

Best Moments

  • -- When we see Summer glau as the Odarble Bennett Halverson for the first time in the episode the public eye.
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Best Quotes

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Episode Trivia

  • -- The Washington Dolls are letter-codenamed after Greek gods (Aphrodite, Hades).