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The Left Hand

Episode Number: 2x 06


Original Air Date:
December 4 , 2009 (9:00pm)

Tracy Bellomo

Wendey Stanzler

Special Guest(s):
(Ray Wise) as Howard Lipman;
(Summer Glau) as Bennett Halverson;
(Miracle Laurie) as Madeline/November;
(Alexis Denisof) as Senator Daniel Perrin;
(Stacey Scowley) as Cindy Perrin;
(Nelson Franklin) as Burt Styne;
(Maurissa Tancharoen) as Kilo.

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Episode Synopsis

Echo and Bennett have a shocking meeting as Adelle goes head-to-head with the ruthless head of the DC Dollhouse (Ray Wise.) Topher sees double when he must use Victor in his espionage. Perrin finds a surprising witness to testify against the Rossum Corporation, but finds he may be living in a house of cards.


The episode starts with the D.C. Dollhouse programmer Bennet Halverson continuing to torture Echo, noting she is just a shell as she is not cursing, praying or even passing out. Perrin pleads with his handler not to be wiped. However she tells him he was a nobody and he is better off forgetting about who he is. Adelle and Topher head towards the D.C. Dollhouse. Echo is given one of Bennet's memories.

Topher meets Bennet and they immediately hit it off. Topher and Bennet seem to have feelings for one another and exchange awkward pleasantries. Topher and Bennet talk about the "disruptor" used to disable Echo and Perrin. Lipman calls down, telling Bennet to release Echo and Topher uses this chance to establish a connection from the D.C. Dollhouse to LA Dollhouse where Victor/Topher is there to attempt getting into her files. Perrin wakes up and finds Echo dreaming. Echo is in fact living one of Bennet's memories. In the memory Caroline leaves Bennet for dead in a lab. Bennet's arms is stuck under a piece of foundation and is unable to move.

Bennet asks Caroline not to leave her. Bennet stumbles back to find Topher and tells him Echo injured her and took Perrin. Topher and Bennet come up with a way to stop Echo and Perrin. By tapping the disruptor into the bio-link they should be able to put both actives to sleep. The go-ahead is given. Topher and Bennet share their active's respective brain maps and Topher is able to send Perrin's brain map to Victor/Topher. Bennet, however is executing an assassin trigger to be uploaded with the disruptor. Bennet starts the disruptor but only activates it for Perrin. Echo is pinned by Perrin but overcomes the memory from Bennet and is able to move her arm and free herself.

Topher tells Bennet to undo what she did. Bennet explains that Echo/Caroline was her friend and she ended up getting a dead arm for it. Topher implores Bennet to stop Perrin but she says no. Topher knocks her out and is now working with Victor/Topher to isolate the pathway so they can stop Perrin. Perrin's handler and other agents arrives at the house and begin to look for the actives. Echo is knocked out by Perrin's handler. Perrin continues to try and hunt Echo but is stopped by his handler. She tries to talk Perrin down, but he chokes her to death. Echo wakes up and tries to stop Perrin but is too late. Topher has been locked out of Bennet's system, but Topher/Victor finds the pathway and deactivates it. Echo implores Perrin to finish his job and bring down the Dollhouse. Perrin arrives at the Senate Inquiry to reveal to the truth but his imprinting kicks in and he tells another story. He states that the Rossum Corporation has been setup by their competitors and that they killed his wife. He also reveals that Madeline was in a mental institution for the past 3 years. Perrin leaves the inquiry. Back in the LA Dollhouse, Boyd reports that Echo is simply gone. Victor/Topher is reluctant to have himself wiped, but eventually is. Madeline is brought to the D.C. Dollhouse and re-imprinted. Echo walks the streets of D.C. alone.

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Episode Trivia

  • -- The so-called GPS strip/tag removed from Perrin and Echo is in reality a packaging strip for SMD's(Surface Mounted Devices, which are basically miniaturised electronic components). Identifiable as a dark tinted strip of anti-static plastic, with a row of bubbles containing the SMD's on one side and a row of holes down the other, it's made for easy dispensing by robotic manufacturing equipment