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The Ballad of Kevin and Tess

Episode Number: 3x 09


Original Air Date: July 30th 2006


Ira Steven Behr
Craig Sweeny

Scott Peters

Special Guest(s):
Jeffrey Combs - Kevin Burkhoff
Summer Glau - Tess Doerner
Kavan Smith - Jed Garrity
The Ballad of Kevin and Tess

Episode Synopsis

Kevin is on the run after mutating, due to his promicin experiments. Tom and Diana turn to Tess Doerner for help.


Kevin Burkhoff, whose body has begun to mutate runs through a forest - running from a group of "men in black; cornered he is restrained and anaesthetised. Brought to a non-stated location, Kevin is questioned and then shot dead. Kevin's body is placed in a van, on opening Kevin has disappeared. The episode switches to Kevin Burkhoff again running; tired he stops and rips his shirt to reveal bullet wounds - which are healing, due to his 4400-like ability. Tom and Diana visit Tess Doerner, who is now working in a book store having recovered from the symptoms of her schizophrenia.

They question Tess on the whereabouts of Kevin; Tess states that she has not seen Kevin since she was released from the psychiatric institution she resided, and asks them to have Kevin contact her should they find him. Returning to her home, Tess enters her lounge and begins speaking to Kevin who is hidden out at her home. Kevin and Tess discuss Diana, Tess reveals that she and Kevin are "doing something to Diana. Tom and Diana trail Tess to her home; they follow in after Tess, unaware she is being followed; Tom and Diana discover Kevin there, after startling Kevin and Tess, Diana draws her gun to Tom. Leaving Tess home Kevin states "Please. I am so close to finishing, stop trying to find me. I have no desire to hurt you. At a diner, Kevin orders food and is reported to NTAC, they head out to bring him in. Meanwhile Diana is discharged from the hospital she is presently in, at the behest of Tess; who had used her ability to have the nurse bring Diana outside.

Richard and Heather Tobey talk in the hope of helping Richard refine his ability; they discuss Richard's past and his feelings. Heather realises that she and Richard are floating on their chairs in mid-air; Richard is successfully honing his ability. Diana is brought to a theatre to hideout with Kevin and Tess. Diana attempts to convince Kevin that his "experiment is a failure. A workman (who Tess used to gain entry to the theatre) discovers Diana's hospital-bracelet in his pocket. An NTAC darts man shoots Tess with a sedative. Outside, having grabbed Tess, Kevin is confronted by armed men, headed by Agent Garitty; Kevin injects Tess with a stimulant, waking her enabling her to use her ability. On the floor of a roadside toilet lays the shed skin of Kevin Burkhoff, cleaning himself at the sink his body has now returned to normal, his "experiment has been successful.

He and Tess leave together in a stolen vehicle, which Tess "borrowed. Isabelle Tyler is inside a laboratory and is hooked to a machine; her body is being filtered of promicin. A man enters on behalf of Dennis Ryland, talking to a technician who reveals that they have enough promicin stored to last two years, the episode closes showing a large room filled with large quantities of promicin vials.

Best Moments

  • --When we first see tess after a season long gap where she is reading to the kids in the libuary.
  • --when Tess and Kevin are re-united on screen for the first time since "Wake Up Call" Season 2 episode 2.

Best Quotes

  • --I Was in the Halfway House for 3 months and i got a job within 3 weeks.
  • --So far So Good i still have my disease.
  • --I Don't Think so i can barely Remember that now i am still not sure how i can compel others with my mind control abilities. Why they put the blueprints in my head.
  • --When you find him will you have Him Call me
  • --Kevin Why did you put your Hood up when i came in.
  • --Kevin it's Already Ugly Someone shot you yesterday.
  • --Give Doctor Burkhoff your Hand.
  • --Thank you can go back to your office now.
  • --Thank you can go back to your bed now.
  • --Someone Let me Borrow Them.

Episode Trivia

  • --Tess Adminsters the needle to kevin the same way as another one of summer characters Cameron Admisters the needle to Derek in Tscc Episode 6 Dungeons and Dragons.
  • --This episodes refrences alot to Beauty and beast with Tess beaing the daseling beauty and Kevin beaing the beast that transforms into the Beautiful Prince when he sheds his skin at the end of the episode.
  • --The 1960s type bar features in two episodes this one and later on in Episode "Daddys Little Girl".
  • --the guitar Nick Crowley gives to Shawn is a Gibson Les Paul



Tess Reads Story's in the library to the kids as Ntac Agents come to Question Tess over the Disappearance of Dr.Kevin BurkHoff.
Tess Doerner

In Tess Hideout Kevin is Explaining to Tess about his Experimental Research he has be Administering himself the Promicin Injections Tess is amassed to see that Kevin has Changed into a Monster like Creature From His Experimentation's.
Tess Doerner

Tess trying to use the power of mind control to control the doctor From looking at the picture to get Diana Skouris so she can Cure Kevin cause only Diana Knows the Way.
Tess Doerner

Kevin find himself in a pickle with the Ntac Enforcers and awakens Tess with the Promicin and gives her the ability to control ones mind to do let her and Kevin go to safety.
The Ballad of Kevin and Tess - Summer Glau Wiki

Tess Hugs Kevin in the final climax scene in Ballad of Kevin and Tess as Kevin is cured from his disastrous results of experimenting on himself.