Specialties:Compell others with the power of mind control
Tess Doerner
Hobbies:Reading and Writing.
Nickname(s):Little Mind Conroler.
Personality type:she has a split personality disorder witch is describe as schizophrenic
Weakness(es): she cant control her mind so she need the regular injections to help her feel more stable and relaxed.
Fear of being captured by NTAC government research labs.
Strength(s):She can control people and have them do her bidding with the power of her mind.
she can control people with her commands only.

  • ---That's what everyone says right before they hurt you.
  • ---It's not hard for me, I've believed in you all along. There is a reason why we were taken and a reason they woke you up. It's incredible - you should be getting the Nobel Prize. Instead we're hiding like criminal's
  • ---Shh They will hear you.
  • ---They Took My Crayons Away But there to late becasue its going to get built anyway.

  • ---Tess was in a bookstore reading to a group of small children. She told the duo that she'd been living in a halfway house and had conquered her schizophrenic symptoms. In truth she was hiding Kevin, who'd had a recent attempt on his life.
  • ---The episode ends with NTAC saving Diana, and Tess helping Kevin escape. Kevin sheds his horribly disfigured skin, revealing an even younger Kevin underneath than we'd originally seen. Then, he and Tess drive away. Isabelle is the last one seen. She appears to be hooked up to a dialysis machine, which seems to be recycling her blood as it removes the Promicin. The man aiding her in this task tells someone that they currently have a two year supply of the enzyme. Then, we see a room lined with shelves, full of the green Promicin. The lights go out in the room and the fluid glows in the dark.
  • ---Boyd used his ability to project any image he wanted to become, and made people think he was Dennis Ryland. He told the doctor that the Promicin needed to be moved to a safer location in light of the threat from Jordan Collier. Down in the warehouse, where the Promicin would be loaded into trucks, the security camera revealed it was Boyd and not Dennis. When the trucks opened up, Richard, Tess and Kevin were inside. Tess would be able to control the people inside the warehouse with her power of persuasion. Though Shawn doubted Jordan and even went against him, it appeared at the end of the episode he was back on Jordan's side.
  • --Devon died while in the care of Tess and Kevin. Jordan explained that her death was a sacrifice, and she wouldn't be the last sacrifice the future would call upon. Richard found the idea of using the highly toxic Promicin unacceptable. So, he used his power of telekinesis to begin bursting the glass vials holding it. Tess stepped in quickly and used her power to control Richard.
  • --Tess was Abducted on April 3, 1955 and when she returned in August 14, 2004 at Highland Beach, WA she looked the same and had the same age that she had at 1955.

  • ---Wake Up Call
  • ---The Ballad of Kevin and Tess
  • ---Terrible Swift Sword
  • ---Fifty-Fifty
  • ---Daddy's Little Girl