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Terrible Swif Sword

Episode Number: 12


Original Air Date: August 20, 2006

: Bruce Miller & Ira Steven Behr

Director: Scott Peters

Special Guest(s):

Billy Campbell - Jordan Collier
Jeffrey Combs - Kevin Burkhoff
Summer Glau - Tess Doerner

Episode Synopsis

Jordan Collier goes public about his "resurrection," and summons a 4400 with a tracking ability to find Kevin Burkhoff and Tess Doerner, who are still at large. Together, they steal Dennis Ryland's stores of promicin.

Nova Group members that were in the custody of NTAC escape from jail with outside help from Jordan Collier. Diana tells April about her relationship with Ben. Shawn and Richard learn that Isabelle is working with Dennis Ryland


Jordan Collier is giving a television interview explaining to the world what he's seen of the future. The human race is dying out. And a privileged elite have locked themselves away in the world's last city where they hoard the planet's remaining resources, leaving the rest of what's left of civilization to fight for survival in the wasteland the earth has become.

Jordan stresses that 4400s and non-4400s must work together in order to prevent this bleak future. Meanwhile, an unknown 4400 breaks into NTAC and uses their ability to put everyone temporarily to sleep, allowing members of the Nova group being held there to escape. At the 4400 Center, Shawn Farrell learns that Jordan coordinated the jailbreak and plans to use Nova to help him destroy the military base where Ryland's super soldiers are being trained. Shawn talks to Richard Tyler in private and tries to convince him that Jordan's plan is going to provoke a war with the government. But as far as Richard is concerned, the 4400 have been in an undeclared war with the government since they returned. And with the revelation that Isabelle Tyler is working for Ryland, Richard is convinced that it is only a matter of time before his daughter leads a strike against the 4400.

Shawn goes to NTAC and reveals Jordan's plan to Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris in the hope that they will be able to stop him. When they confront Jordan, he reveals he has no intention of attacking a military base. He only told Shawn that story in order to test his loyalty. But Shawn points out that still doesn't explain why Jordan broke the Nova members out of NTAC. Jordan denies the accusation. Shawn looks to Richard to back him up, but Richard sides with Jordan. Shawn later confronts Jordan in private and asks why he was lied to. Jordan explains that he had to know how committed Shawn was to the cause, but if he wants, it's not too late to join. Shawn pledges his loyalty, and Jordan in turn reveals that he indeed does have a plan.

Tom and Diana soon discover that Jordan's story about attacking the military base was just a diversion so that he could steal Haspelcorp's entire stockpile of promicin. Later on, Shawn, Richard, Kevin Burkhoff, and Tess Doerner gather at a warehouse where the stolen promicin is being stored. They ask Jordan what he wants to do with the promicin. Destroy it? No, Jordan wants to give it away. To everybody. Meanwhile, Kyle is finding it difficult adjusting to life outside of prison.

Tom encourages his son to register for classes at the local college, but Kyle explains that he will always be known as the man who shot Jordan Collier. And in Kyle's mind, that means he has no chance at an ordinary life. Kyle goes to see Collier. Jordan explains that his death had to happen and that Kyle is a part of a much larger plan. Later on, Tom comes home to find Kyle packing. Kyle explains that after talking to Jordan, he has decided to tour the country and talk about his life.

Tom tries to talk Kyle out of it, but his son explains that this is something he has to do. Meanwhile, April discovers that Diana has been seeing Ben behind her back.

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Episode Trivia

  • --The episode's title comes from the first verse of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"
  • --Featured 4400:Lewis Mesirow, disappeared 19 April 1955. He has remote viewing abilities that locate missing people.
  • --Featured 4400:Paul Newbold has the ability to raise or lower body temperature. Abduction date unknown.
  • --Featured 4400:Tina Richardson, disappeared 12 April 1995. She has the ability to wipe people's memories.


Tess Doerner

Tess gives Directions to the Passangers in the Vehicle and aslo tells them about a possible buisness Opertunity that awaits them in the future.
Tess Doerner

Kevin and Tess share an emotional hug at the gas station.
Tess Doerner

Tess, Kevin and Richard Tyler make way into the 4400 Promicin whare house storage facility.
Tess Doerner

Tess is amazed that they are other 4400 like her as she enter the facility.
Tess Doerner

Kevin and Tess Listien to Jordan collier Vision of a better world for the 4400 involving the Promicin.