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Summer Glau at Planet Comicon Kansas City 2017
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Summer Glau at Comic Con Honolulu 2016 (Hoku Kon)
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Summer Glau at MCM London Comic Con 2017
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Cameron Phillips in TSCC - Action Figures
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Interesting about the franchise and other TSCC things
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Summer Glau Trivia

Did you know that Summer…

… was a prima balerina, but had to stop because of an injury.

… used to teach dance classes.

… had her first role in Joss Whedon’s Angel.

… is a big fan of science fiction movies.

… thought back a lot on her own childhood to play River Tam in Firefly & Serenity.

… has done several commercials before started acting

… is right handed but lefty as a dancer.

… if she were to be an animal, she’d be a pony.

… if she wasn’t acting, she would go back to theater.

… spent 9 month preparing for Serenity (6 month of fight training & 3 month in a fightcamp).

… hurt herself on the arm while performing a stunt in Serenity.

… blew a line at the end of a particularly long and difficult scene on the TV series Firefly and as a result, the cast made a running gag of shouting her name if they forgot their lines during a scene (this continued while they were shooting Serenity).

… is a huge fan of Salsa music.

… injured herself by staying to close to shooting range while shooting-practicing for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, earning herself a small scar on her face that is showing on the serie.

… appeared on-screen with her then real-life boyfriend Daniel Wisler on The Unit.

… was supposed to play the part of Lilly Moore on The 4400, but had to cancel because of conflicting schedules with Serenity.

… has a gun permit, but does not possess a weapon.

… auditionned for the pink Power Ranger (that was her first big audition).

… auditionned for the role of Kitty Pride in X-Men 3 (but the role went to Ellen Page).

… had never danced the part of Giselle before doing it on Angel.

… is very shy around other celebrities, and often gets her boyfriend to go up to them.

… her favourite costume to wear in Firefly was the pink dress and shawl in Objects in Space, and her least favourite was the body suit in Serenity. She had campaigned Joss to get her to wear something else, but he had nothing of it.

… and Fran Kranz got into a bit of trouble while working on the Dollhouse set- they seemed to get up to a bit of mischief!

… has a dog named Stanley.

… describes herself as a terrible baker.

… is afraid of Whales.

… her spiritual animal would be a horse.

… met her fiancé Val on the set of Hawaii Five-O when filming for Season 3 Episode 16 'Kekoa'.

… wore her own clothes in the music video for Long Hot Summer (it was a last minute job).

… Summer Glau almost played Hiro’s love interest in NBC’s sci-fi drama Heroes.