Strange Things Happen At The One Two Point

Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point

Episode Number:10


Original Air Date: November 24, 2008

: Ashley Miller
Zack Stentz

Director: Scott Peters

Special Guest(s):


Episode Synopsis

Sarah's quest to find the meaning behind the "three dots" leads to a technology firm seeking an advanced microchip. Dr. Sherman is killed while working with Catherine Weaver's A.I. computer, and Jesse comes clean about her mission.

Plot Danglers

The episode begins with Cameron (fruitlessly, as we know) searching Ellison's yard for Cromartie's body.

Sarah and Cameron meet with Alex and Xander Akagi, the father and son team behind Dakara, finding out they need $1 million and have two weeks to get their A.I. (named Emma after the son/creator's deceased mother) ready for an Air Force deadline.

Cameron tells Sarah she doesn't think Dakara's A.I. is The Turk because the creator doesn't play chess, instead preferring the ancient Chinese game Go. Sarah thinks Dakara may still be part of the puzzle and is convinced the company will somehow meet the military deadline since "it's written in blood on my basement wall."

Thought she admits to Cameron she's not "certain," Sarah decides to pool together all of their cash and diamonds to help buy the chip for Dakara. After hearing it is sophisticated enough to power the consciousness in a human being, Sarah, Cameron and the Dakara duo purchase from a Japanese man over over sushi and Sake.

Back at Dakara with Sarah and Cameron looking on, Alex and his son discover the Japanese representative who sold them the chip ripped them off. The chip was an older model design made to look more sophisticated. Alex tells Sarah the man who sold them the chip is connected to the Yakuza (Japanese organized crime).

Derek, Sarah and Cameron bust in on the man who sold them the chip with guns drawn. They find out that he was merely an actor, paid by Alex to help steal their money. "You got played, it happens. Welcome to the human race," Derek tells Sarah.

Sarah and Cameron return to the Dakara offices, roughing up Alex who tells Sarah there was never any chip and he was simply trying to get money to provide for his (somewhat retarded?) son. Alex claims the three dots associated with the Dakara logo have no deeper meaning.

Best Moments

Cameron looking for Cromartie's chassis by sounding Ellison's yard with a rebar rod

Best Quotes

Cameron: Cromartie's body is not in Ellison's yard.

Cameron: It's not the Turk. I told you, Xander doesn't play chess.

Sarah: But it could be a piece of the puzzle. We've seen that before.

Cameron: Strange things happen at the one-two point. It's a Go proverb.
It means the usual rules don't always apply.

Cameron: It's 40 nanometers, not 12. This chip is an older design,
disguised to appear more advanced.


Episode Trivia

Cameron's admittance that the hair is hardest to get right refers to Allison from Palmdale, when she was copying Allison