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Starfest Convention: Summer Glau panel report 

Summer Glau is soft-spoken, quiet and reserved.  She spoke about her three (Firefly, The   Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse) and the differences in the characters.  The character that she relates to the most was River in Firefly, as she was a teenager at the time and brought the angst and insecurities to her role.  She stated that Joss Whedon has been a big influence in her career and helped her progress as an actor by expanding River’s role in the movie Serenity.  He had her train rigorously in the martial arts for that role.  Summer gave an insight into Joss’s personality when she revealed that Joss NEVER allowed them to stray from his script.  There was absolutely NO ad-libbing on Firefly!  The panel was only half over when the fire alarm went off, and everyone had to evacuate.  Summer and a couple hundred people sat with confused looks on their faces until it was announced that we had to evacuate.  Unfortunately, we did not finish the panel…I feel bad for Summer!

[Editor’s Note: After the fire department gave us the all-clear, we let everyone back into the room and Summer answered questions for another 1/2 hour, her appearance was not cut short, although it would seem our blogger moved on to other activities after the fire alarm.]

Summer Glau at StarFest Convention - Denver, 17 April 2010Summer Glau at StarFest Convention - Denver, 17 April 2010Summer Glau at StarFest Convention - Denver, 17 April 2010