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Movie : SLEEPOVER (2004)

In Sleepover, Summer Glau has a small role as a ticket girl at the entrance of a high school party.
With Steve Carell, Summer Glau, and Jane Lynch why wouldn't Sleepover be a great movie?
With Steve Carell, Summer Glau,
and Jane Lynch why wouldn't
Sleepover be a great movie?
Plot summary: Sleepover revolves around one of the hallmarks of female friendship: the all-important slumber party. In hopes of shedding their not-so-cool reputations during the summer before their freshman year, best friends Julie, Hannah, Yancy, and Farrah decide to host the sleepover of their lives. Far from a mere pillow-fight-laden girl talk-fest, this sleepover includes an intense scavenger hunt against the most simultaneously loathed and envied young women they know: the infamous "popular" clique. Along the way, the girls manage to hijack a car, sneak into clubs, engage in a first kiss, and learn more than a little bit about themselves and their capabilities -- all while evading the watchful eyes of Julie's mother.
Director : Joe Nussbaum
Writer : Elisa Bell
Release date : July 09, 2004 (USA)
Genre : Comedy
Production credits :  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Landscape Entertainment, Weinstock Productions
Cast : 
Alexa Vega: Julie
Mika Boorem: Hannah
Yancy: Kallie Flynn Childress
Scout Taylor-Compton: Farrah
Jane Lynch: Gabby
Steve Carell: Sherman
Sean Faris: Steve
Summer Glau: Shelly (Ticket Girl)

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Summer Glau as the ticket girl
Summer Glau as Shelly (ticket girl).

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Summer Glau's scene in Sleepover


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