Pilot : 'Scent of the Missing'
TNT ordered the pilot in Summer 2011 and it was filmed in Hammond, Louisiana in Winter 2011. TNT ultimately passed on the series.
Plot summary : Based on the book of the same name by Susannah Charleson, 'Scent of the Missing' centers on Allison, a tenacious, strong-willed K-9 Search and Rescue officer (played by Tricia Helfer), who braves the harshest conditions with an equally determined partner — her mischievous golden retriever, Rocket. Summer Glau plays Sedona, a new member of the K-9 Search and Rescue team who is beautiful and very wealthy but much tougher than she looks. Daryl Mitchell plays a wheelchair-bound former military sergeant who serves as the communications technician for the team. 
Director : 
Writer : 
Release date : not ordered to series
Genre : Drama
Production credits : CBS Television Studios, and executive producers Barry Josephson and Carol Mendelsohn and producers Diane Nabatoff  and Shelly Glasser.
Cast : 
Tricia Helfer : Allison
Eric Winter : Jake
Summer Glau : Sedona
Gerald McRaney : Jerry
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Summer Glau and Tricia Helfer on set of 'Scent of the Missing'

On set