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Episode Number:1


Original Air Date: September 8, 2008

: Josh Friedman

Director:David Nutter

Special Guest(s):
Dean Winters as Charley Dixon
Sandra Purpuro as Agent Norgaard
Marcus Chait as Justin Tuck
James Urbaniak as Sarkissian
Shane Edelman as Matt Murch
Carlos Sanz as Minister
Robert Guenveur Smith as Sac Federici
Noemi Amarilla as TV Field Reporter
Max Perlich as Walsh

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Episode Synopsis

Rocketed by the Jeep explosion, John's 16th birthday forces him to confront the reality of his destiny alone.
Meanwhile, Agent Ellison faces off with his faith and the Feds in the aftermath of Cromartie's massacre, and a new player is introduced, Catherine Weaver (T-1001) who is CEO of a high-tech corporation.

Plot Danglers

After a recap of the previous episodes, Cameron is shown lying damaged in the jeep while she replays the events leading up to the explosion.

In the house, having heard the explosion, Sarah and John attempt to flee only to be cut of by Sarkissian and one of his men pointing their guns at the Connors. Meanwhile, Cameron reactivates, and, after rerouting power, climbs out of the Jeep and begins to hobble towards the house. As Sarah and John are dragged up the stars and bound, it is revealed that Cameron's chip is damaged.

Sarkissian beats Sarah while his man ransacks the house looking for a hard drive, and John tries to free himself. When Cameron enters the house she knocks the man out and takes his gun, then climbs the stairs leaving a burning lighter to ignite spilled kerosene. When she reaches the room the Connors are in John has freed himself and Sarkissian is dead; Cameron identifies John Connor and a Terminate command flashes in her vision. When she raises her gun the stairs collapse under her and the Connors flee through the window.

Sarah and Connor speed down the road in a minivan while Sarah asks her son if he is alright crashing into a car. They stumble out of the van and begin to run despite John being injured and bleeding from the leg. Cameron limps down the sidewalk after the Connors

Cameron enters a store and cleans herself up then staples her face back together

The Connors enter a church where a baptism is in progress and ask for sanctuary, insisting the family leaves as the Priest leads them to a place they can hide.

Sarah presses John to talk about what happened, but when he refuses she turns the subject towards Cameron. They decide that she must be destroyed since she knows everything about them, their contingency plans, bank accounts, where they will go.

Cameron follows a trail of blood to the Church the Connors are hiding in and asks the priest about the Connors being told no one is there. She walks up to the the baptismal pool where the Connors electrocute her. John tries to get the chip out of Cameron's head but can't get the cap off in time and the Connors are forced to run stealing an SUV. They drive down a cramped spillway only to be flipped into a canal by Cameron.

John flees the wreck as Sarah drags herself out and Cameron tries to get her to call for John eventually stepping on her wounds. When John keeps running Sarah Tells Cameron that John won't come back; Cameron affirms this and begins to follow John knocking Sarah down when she tries to get up.

John runs into a warehouse to find a vehicle followed by Cameron who searches for his body heat. John Tries to hot-wire a truck but ends up only drawing Cameron's attention who walks towards the truck with a pipe wrench. As John starts the truck Cameron throws the wrench at his head which he dodges.

When John looks back up, Sarah comes racing up in a large truck pinning Cameron between it and the truck John is in. John scrambles to take the chip out of Cameron's head and she begins pleading, claiming that she was just running a test and is fixed now. She apologizes and claims she loves John before he pulls her chip out.

When the group tries to destroy Cameron John asks for a flare, but after taking one last look at Cameron he apologizes and puts Cameron's chip back in. Seeing John pointing a gun at her, Cameron asks if John is here to kill her, and John counters by asking if she is there to kill him. When she says "no" he asks her to promise and gives her his gun. Cameron overrides the terminate order then she promises to John and hands the gun back.

Best Moments

John works on the damaged chip.
Cameron stuck between the trucks with John Conner taking her chip out. She is unsucessfull in telling him to stop. "I love you, John and you love me.

Best Quotes

Cameron: I'm going to look around. It's life or death.
Cameron: I love you! I love you, please. I love you, John, and you love me.
Cameron: Don't let him do that again. If I ever go bad again... Don't let him bring me back.

Episode Trivia

Cameron was overlayed with Executive Producers credits. Most of the episode centered around her and it was revealed that she has free will. She also had to power to override her "Terminate" programming






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