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Episode Number: 05


Original Air Date: February 11, 2008

: Natalie Chaidez

Director:Matt Earl Beesley

Special Guest(s):
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Episode Synopsis

When Sarah's friend Andy reveals that he reprogrammed his chess-playing prototype and is going to submit it into a chess competition, she worries about the computer's capabilities and comes face-to-face with the man who's been following her. Cameron gets called into grief counseling. John makes a new friend in shop class. Cromartie poses as FBI agent Robert Kester, and Agent Ellison finds a terminator hand.

Plot Danglers

Students place objects and notes around a memorial for Jordan at the highschool. John explains to Cameron why people write notes to the dead, to deal with the sadness.

At school, one of the counselors asks to see Cameron. The counselor asks Cameron what Jordan told her before she died. She repeats the conversation and the counselor knows Jordan was talking about the graffiti. The counselor looks concerned, and lets Cameron go.

Morris John new friend takes a liking to Cameron after making small talk. Sarah then picks them up, they have a mission.rescue
In the transport van, Derek pinches one end of his barcode tattoo, forcing a tiny piece of metal from under his skin. He uses it to free himself from the shackles. Sarah's car races up behind the transport. Cameron jumps on the transport and pulls the guards out of the cab. When the transport stops, Cameron and Sarah climb in the cab. Sarah sees the Terminator running to the transport in the rear view mirror and tells Cameron to take care of him. The Terminator jumps on the back of the truck, and tears the door open. Cameron pushes the man through the side, and holds him down as Sarah edges the transport near a flatbed truck. The Termintor's hand is cut off by a piece of the flatbed. John, Derek and Sarah race back to Sarah's truck. The Terminator forces Cameron out the back and is dominating the fight. Sarah fires a pistol to distract the Terminator. The Terminator takes Cameron's gun and fires, the bullet strikes Derek as Cameron strikes the Terminator with a metal pipe. Cameron quickly takes the Terminator down and calls for the tool box. She grabs several tools and quickly removes the Terminator's chip from its head.

Sarah and John carry Derek into the house, he's bleeding badly. They place him on a table, but Derek doesn't want Cameron to touch him. Cameron analyzes Derek and tells Sarah she can't fix it. Sarah plans to kidnap a doctor and they have to save him. John tries to talk her out of it and Sarah reveals to John that Derek is his uncle. John runs out the front door without saying a word.

Best Moments

Cameron mimicking Jordan and freaking out the counselor
Cameron writing a note

Best Quotes

Cameron: We're programmed to repair ourselves.
Cameron: We're programmed to blend in.
Cameron: I'm busy doing John's homework.
Cameron: But I thought people cried when they were sad.
Cameron: He could still be a threat.
Cameron: It could still become Skynet.
Sarah: It could also become Pong.

Episode Trivia

When Cameron was with the school counselor she started into inquisition mode which foreshadowed her inquisition of Jody during Allison from Palmdale.