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When Vince on duty to protect the new Police Chief of Palm City.The chief is assassinated with an unknown explosive chemical. After barely surviving himself, Vince accepts an offer from his old partner Marty Voyt (Dorian Missick) to become part of the privatized police force of the ARK Corporation. He soon meets his new boss, Peter Fleming (James Frain), who welcomes him to the his team. Life is good until the mysterious cyberblogger Orwell contacts Vince and tells him about his new boss the shipping of illegal chemicals.

While confronting Marty Voyt Vince is knocked out. When he wakes up, Vince is face to face with Chess, who unmasks and reveals himself to be Peter Fleming. Chess staples his mask to Vince's head and sends him on his way with the police in pursuit. Nearby helicopter cameramen catch Vince taking off the mask on TV (which his family sees live), shortly before he ducks into a tunnel beneath a fuel train which ignites... knocking him unconscious and leading the world to believe that he is dead.


At a press conference, Peter announces that ARK is taking over the entire police department of Palm City after successfully eliminating Chess. When Vince wakes up, he finds himself a prisoner of Max Malini (Keith David) and his gang Carnival of Crime . To save his life, Vince trades them access to ARK's security codes, which allows the Carnival to go on a crime spree and steal ARK's money.

Max and the carnival will teach him all of their tricks so he can become a hero for the city.

On his first trip out as The Cape, Vince is soundly beaten by Scales (Vinnie Jones)  then stumbles upon mysterious Orwell (Summer Glau) they form a partnership, to bring justice back to the city they love.