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Episode Number:1
Original Air Date: 1/13/2008
Writer: Josh Friedman
Director: David Nutter
Special Guest(s):Owain Yeoman

Episode Synopsis
In 1999, after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Sarah Connor and her son, John Connor, are fugitives from the police and FBI. In the series opener, Sarah and John move to a small town in New Mexico; a Terminator named Cromartie attacks John's school; a reprogrammed Terminator named Cameron transports Sarah and John to the year 2007 where they will battle Skynet. Meanwhile, FBI Agent James Ellison becomes obsessed with finding Sarah.

Plot Danglers
John starts his first day at a new school. Cameron, a pretty girl, introduces herself to John.

A substitute teacher enters the Classroom and say Mr. Ferguson Is Ill Today The teacher, Cromartie, is a Terminator. when John answers after his name has been called. Cromartie pulls a gun from his leg. He fires, and Cameron takes the bullets in the chest. John escapes out the window. Cromarite chases John into the parking lot. Cromartie tracks John, and is about to make his kill. A pick-up truck plows him down. Cameron, behind the wheel, kicks open the door. John jumps in. John realizes Cameron is a Terminator also.

Later at the house, John walks in. Cromartie who is waiting for him fires his gun. When he goes to see the body, it's actually Cameron. She springs up and battles Cromartie. The two demolish the house. Cameron uses an electrical line to short circuit Cromarite and the three escape. While John sleeps, Sarah asks Cameron about the future. Someone else builds Skynet. Cameron is there to protect John. Sarah, John and Cameron start with the widow of Miles Dyson, Theresa. Outside, Cromartie closes in. Sarah races out of the garage, backing over Cromartie. Cromartie returns machine gun fire. They escape, but Sarah was hit by gunfire.

The next morning Cameron leads them into a bank. Cameron draws a gun, a teller sounds the alarm. Another teller takes them to the safety deposit vault, and locks them in. Cameron has John and Sarah open several boxes, all with odd pieces in them. Cameron assembles the pieces into a large gun. Cromartie arrives and begins to tear the vault door down. Cameron scrambles and reveals a secret time machine. Cameron activates the machine, Sarah holds the gun towards the door. Cameron activates the time machine, and Sarah fires as Cromarite enters.

The three arrive naked on a busy freeway eight years in the future. After retrieving some clothes, the three set out to stop Skynet.

Best Moments
Cameron smashing the T-888 with the pick up truck seconds before its about to Terminate John and saying, "Come with me if you want to live

Best Quotes
Cameron: Come with me if you want to live.
Cameron:We're back.

Episode Trivia
As Cameron left John after their first meeting she passed a school counselor's poster that said "Don't Go it Alone"