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Episode Number:17


Original Air Date: March 6, 2008

: Toni Graphia
Daniel T. Thomsen

Director: Jeff Woolnough

Special Guest(s):Stephanie Jacobsen as Jesse
Mackenzie Smith as Savannah
Gregg Perrie as Aaron
Leslie Thurston as Nurse
Alex Carter as Ko Samuels
Tina Casciani as Working Girl
Alison Martin as Molly Malloy

Episode Synopsis

The return of Cameron's glitch results in regrettable consequences for everyone, and Riley fears Cameron has discovered her secret.

Plot Danglers

Cameron watches a pigeon flying around the house, and tries to convince it to leave. After it slams against the window, she catches it and brings it outside. As she tells the bird to fly away, her hand squeezes and crushes the bird to death instead. She looks down at her hand and the pigeon's body with an air of melancholy

in the garage, Cameron cuts her own wrist open with a razor and proceeds to pull open the skin of her arm, revealing mechanical parts underneath. She uses a screwdriver to test out the grip reflexes on her arm. As Cameron continues poking around with her arm, Riley comes back to the house to collect her bike and spots her actions through the window, and the fact she is a machine. She hastily rides away, but Cameron hears the sound. She goes out

Later, Cameron resumes diagnostics on her arm. John enters and she tells him that she killed a bird when holding it, due to some involuntary movement with her fingers. John observes some pretty deep damage in her arm when she moves her fingers. Cameron doesn't know when her arm malfunctioned and John tells her that she must have damaged it while in her fights with other machines. He examines her arm closely and thinks he can whip up some spare parts to fix it.

Cameron goes and carries one of the boxes in the garage out. John looks through the box and finds some endoskeleton parts. He angrily tells her that she was supposed to burn all the endos. Cameron answers not everything, as ordered by the future John. John doesn't seem convinced by her explanation so Cameron tells him that now he has the parts to fix her. As John takes out the parts from the box, Cameron tells him that future John has better information than he does.

John manages to fix Cameron's arm. He asks her if she feels different and she replies yes, but she doesn't know if she's fixed. She asks John if he has anything on his schedule and he asks what this is all about. Cameron tells him he still has a lot to learn.

Cameron brings Riley into the garage, and tells the girl that this is her fault, as she's the reason that person is here. Riley notices Cameron's twitching fingers and tells her that she can't keep her here as she's John's "sister". Cameron replies that Sarah and John don't know the way that she does things.

As the two wait in the garage, Cameron asks Riley what she's going to do to her. Riley doesn't understand what she means. Cameron asks her if she made a complaint to the Dept of Child and Family Services. Riley tells her that she never told them anything. Cameron says that she doesn't belong here and John is not right for her and vice-versa. Riley looks at Cameron's twitching fingers as she says that John can't see that, as the machine approaches her. Riley tells her that she's freaking her out. Cameron tells her that she's unreliable and she doesn't know what she does. Riley says she's just John's girlfriend but Cameron says she can't be his girlfriend as she's a threat. She tells Riley that she can't stay here anymore, but she can't allow her to leave.

Cameron approaches close to her and asks Riley once again what she's going to do to her. Riley tells her to do nothing as she's John's sister. John enters the garage and finds both of them silent. He tells Riley to come with him and she immediately hugs John. John looks over at Cameron and knows that she did something to Riley. He tells Riley to go outside first. After she leaves, John asks Cameron if she was intending to kill her. Cameron says that she doesn't know what she's going to do.

Cameron pokes around with a pocket watch, while John tells her that he can't find Riley. Cameron says that she eventually does. John intends to ask Cameron if she had done something to Riley but she tells him that she didn't.

He asks her what she's been doing for hours in the garage. Cameron presents him with the pocket watch, and tells him that he didn't manage to fix her. As she is incapable of self-termination, Cameron states that he can, but John asks her why he would want to kill her. Cameron says that he might have to someday, and the pocket watch contains a detonator to demolish her chip, using a small explosive she installed in her skull. Cameron places the watch over his neck and tells him that all he has to do is push the switch. He asks her what future John would do now, to which she replies that he doesn't live here, but John does. John silently accepts the watch and leaves. While walking down the road from his house, he finds a dead bird in the bushes, understanding what Cameron means.

Best Quotes

Cameron: You've been distracted.
: I was kidnapped!
: Which is distracting

Cameron: They don't always like the way I do things
Cameron: You can't be John's girlfriend. You're a threat. You can't stay here any more. But I can't let you leave.

Episode Trivia

Cameron used the same exact phrase "What am I going to do with you?" to the bird she crushed and to Riley whom she did not kill. Instead John rescued her.






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